I also don't get I/K, it's not that they're not good skaters, but I find them overrated and not that much big of a deal yet.They actually remind me of some 90's team, which is not bad but I can't see why everyone is so crazy about them yet.
I liked R/T, although he wasn't as sharp as he was at Russian Nationals.This is a beautiful waltz.
F/S made me really sad...They were slow and tentative and looked strange even without the fall skating after B/S
I like B/S, I liked it more than Delilah although I was singing Delilah along it.It was sharper and it actually had some shadows which Delilah absolutely lacked.I'm afraid he's gonna strangle her for real at Worlds if he gets so emotional again Again, I can't get why the hate around the net, they're great technicians,they are very elegant..I guess people that hate D/W and V/M probably hate these two as well.
The Kerrs were great,they were solid,and I enjoyed them a lot.
P/B bore me, I like them but they bore me, but they deserve a medal and I hope they get it at last.