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Thread: WTT Free Dance

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    deedee, the future of the WTT is a fine place for it. And I will place a copy in the closed thread as well, for the archive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    deedee, the future of the WTT is a fine place for it. And I will place a copy in the closed thread as well, for the archive.
    Thanks a lot, doris. I will!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deedee1 View Post
    Can we stop now, please?

    After having had such a great time over the weekend, I hate to say...but I do not like it at all when some people believe/say WTT is a joke.

    I can understand Scott saying 'I hate this event', if it's true (and if so I want to believe these words were directed only to Tessa). I am sure there must be other skaters who also hated this event besides him. They must have been dead tired right after the worlds and such a long season. Not only skaters; coaches and feds people, too, in fear for a potential injury of their skaters.
    Should there need a lot of consideration and amendments prior to the actual Team event at Sochi Olympics in 2014? Yes, I agree.
    Is it a good idea to hold another WTT two years in a row in the pre-Olympic season? NO, not the least, by any means!, I would say.

    But they must have decided to get participated in this event, feeling privileged honor of and with pride in representing thier own country, and most of all, feeling obliged to present themselves as the top skaters for the sake for their sport.

    In this regard, and on behalf of the entire audience who got to thoroughly enjoy the whole event for the last 4 days, when someone calls it a joke, I would rather take it as an insult to all skaters, coaches, feds people, judges and technical panel, ISU officials, backstage staff and all the others; every one of those who played an important role of this event and did their best, in their own way, to make it very successful. Period.

    I will come back later to report my impression on Free Dance.
    Deedee, I'll finally have time to read your review of the Free Dance, and I'm looking forward to it.

    Don't let the naysayers get you down. You know from comments here that many of us think this competition is wonderful: it's different from all other events, it's fun, and it obviously has great potential to draw out the best in skaters. Like Doris, I'm also grateful to Japanese fans for being so supportive of all the skaters.

    This event is Japan's unique contribution to world skating, and I'm eager to see how it moves into the future. Part of me hopes that it remains in Japan, but another part of me wants to spread the fun around a bit. Either way, it's something I'm glad I've had the chance to enjoy, on YouTube and from the eyewitness reports of fans who were there, including you.

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