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I went to his twitter and read it... I'm still not seeing what he said that was offensive, but to each their own. I guess we can all add extra meaning to the, what 120 allotted character, posts. Kurt's a very levelheaded guy, and isn't looking to tick people off. His twitter - when he remembers to use it - is actually one of the better skater twitters to follow. Hopefully he doesn't get "gun shy" over something so ridiculous.
I read your tweets, it was easy to identify you. But I have few questions:

Why has Plush many "fan"atic, if he is only a jumper? They are blind in outside of N-Am(sorry Bluebonnet, I don't know any other way to determine the location ) ??
You are an old FS fan, you really don't know that nobody can't win only with his jumps? If Plushy would be only jumper he could win many-many titles and golds? Kevin Van Der Perren could land in those jumps like Plush, and didn't win...These are the reasons, why Plushy's fans are so angry. And we didn't talk about the facts, Plushy got 70 6.0 scores for his presentation, and he was only 16, when he got the first.
Plushy fans understand, that doesn't like everybody Plushy's skating. But they need to say "I don't like his skating style". But that is more than ridiculous, when anybody says Plush isn't artistry or he is only a jumper.