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Dai and Chan now skate with speed, attack, good choreography. These two are the class of the field. If Javi goes clean, he is far more the complete skater than Hanyu, who is often out of ceontrol. He wins, as did Pat before and now by getting a big lead in SP. If Javier gets his quads consistent, he's as good as anyone-total package skater. World's I hope will not go the way of rep judging.
I just registered today and became a new member, but I'm shocked by this poster. How is Javier going to be a total package skater? I've seen him skating live, and his skating skills are really awful and his spins are awful too. He only has jumps, and his jumps are also somewhat small. How can anyone think he has total package?

Also, having seen Daisuke live, his skating skills are also very overrated. Some of his fans post as if his skating skills and transitions are as good as Chan, but that's just not true. When I saw Daisuke, he was much slower than Hanyu, and both Kozuka and Hanyu had deeper edges than Daisuke. Hanyu also had really good ice coverage in the sp-almost as good as Chan-but not so in the lp-maybe due to his stamina, but Dai's ice coverage was not good in both programs. The only thing Daisuke is superior is the footwork, he had really nice footwork! but this season Dai's programs also have fewer transitions and generic choreography. I think the PCS Daisuke is getting is quite high compared to what he put on ice. It's already based on rep judging.

Just my two cents after seeing some live competitions.