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Yuna Kim has competed in 31 international competitions in her competitive skating career. She medaled in all of them. And she won the vast majority of them, with 22 gold medals. She also won all 6 South Korean nationals she entered. I don't really have a point. Just throwing those facts out there while gaping at them.
Even more astonishing (at least to me) is that she won SP or FS of each and every competition in her entire senior career. In other words, in 21 international competitions Yuna has participated, no one has ever been able to dominate a single competition. No matter how she was injured or not, she has never been completely defeated by the rest of skaters. I think this record is harder to break than 100% podium result. If Junior results are included Yuna lost twice to Mao in both SP and FS on 2004-2005 season (JGPF and Worlds).