I would have Patrick in my personal Top 20 (although not that high, to be honest), but you are giving him a little too much credit...

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At his best, he produces some of the best performances of all time (like 2011 Worlds), and he has the world records for the highest SP, the highest FS, and the highest total score.
Which means absolutly nothing. What exactly does it mean for the Chan Yagudin comparison that Chan received the highest (arguably inflated) scores in a system that Yagudin didnt skate under?

He also elevated the overall level of competition by incorporating quads after 2010 and forcing all the other men to attempt quads to keep up with him - the same way Yu Na spurred on a higher level of competition.
Really? I don't think all of those guys are just doing quads because Chan started to do them too. Look at his main competitors: Takahashi did quads, long, long before Chan did. He even tried them after his injury and with a bolt in his knee. Even at the Olympics when he could have played it safe. Fernandez was doing the 4T too before Chan started training them. And Hanyu? He's a quad-maniac, thanKs to his love for Plush. You can argue that Chan plays a part in teh return of the 4T - but the main reason was raising it's base value, and then there would have been enough talented jumpers to go for it if Chan does so or not. Let alone the japanese men would have to have the upper hand in the battle against each other (Kozuka was doing quads too before Chan did).

With his lack of consistency, he's arguably not worthy of the top 10, but certainly in the top 20...
Oh, not really. Takahashi is an inconsistent skater too, but I don't think that keeps people from adding him to their lists. Or think of Lambiel. But for Chan inconsistent isn't even the right word - it's more that he's consistently making mistakes. If I call someone one of the greatest of all time I'd at least want to be able to find some clean performances of them without having to search for hours. And yes, being able to skate clean is a huge part in the greatest of all time for quite a few people, me included.