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List of Winners on Home Ice


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Jan 13, 2014
Hi guys. I just thought of a nice discussion topic. Let's make a list of all winners who won World or Olympic titles (solo events only, no team events) on home ice! I'll start:

1. Mao Asada 2014 Worlds (Saitama)
2. Yuzuru Hanyu 2014 Worlds (Saitama)
3. Adelina Sotnikova 2014 Olympics (Sochi)
4. Patrick Chan 2013 Worlds (Ontario)
5. Miki Ando 2007 Worlds (Tokyo)
6. Michelle Kwan 2003 Worlds (Washington, DC)
7. Irina Slutskaya 2005 Worlds (Moscow)
8. Navka/Kostomarov 2005 Worlds (Moscow)
9. Totmianina/Marinin 2005 Worlds (Moscow)
10. Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps 2024 (Montreal)
11. Shoma Uno 2023 Worlds (Saitama)
12. Kaori Sakamoto 2023 Worlds (Saitama)
13. Miura/Kihara 2023 Worlds (Saitama)
14. Sui/Han 2022 Olympics (Beijing)
15. Trankov/Volosozhar 2014 Olympics (Sochi)
16. Virtue/Moir 2010 Olympics (Vancouver)
17. Sarah Hughes 2002 Olympics (Salt Lake)
Jun 21, 2003
Over the years it has happened quite a lot. Here are some men world champions from back in the day:

Ulrich Salchow 1901 Stackholm
Ulrich Salchow, 1905 Stockholm
Ulrich Salchow, , 1909, Stockholm
Franz Kachler, 1913, Vienna
Gillis Graftstrom, 1922, Stockholm
Willy Bockl, 1925, Vienna
Felix Kaspar, 1937, Vienna
David Jenkins, 1957. Colorado Springs
David Jenkins, , 1959, Colorado Springs
Manfred Shnekkendorfer, Dortmund
Emmerich Danzer, 1967, Vienna
Tim Wood, , 1969, Volotado Springs
Ondrej Nepela, 1973, Bratislava
Jan Hoffmann, 1974, Munich
Jan Hoffmann, 1980, Dortmund
Scott Hamilton, 1981, Hartford

Also Evan Lysacek, 2009, Los Angeles
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Jun 21, 2003
Here is the aptly named Emmerich Danzer from 1967 Worlds, skating not only in his home country but at his home rink. In this clip he is entertaining the audience while the judges are tallying up the marks for the ladies (Peggy Fleming won).

By the way, if you let the video run, next up is the despicable Wolfgang Schwarz (he was sentenced to prison twice for kidnapping and sex traficking). Danzer was the favorite over Schwarz at the 1968 Olympics, but he had a disastrous mistake on one of his compulsory figures and only got silver, despite winning the free skate.

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Diana Delafield

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Oct 22, 2022
Not Olympic champions, but in 1988 the Garossinos of Calgary were disappointed when they competed in their home arena, and to compound the lack of "the Olympics experience", their mother insisted they remain at home and not move into the athlete's village. Rod told me the only time anybody paid any attention to him was when he was in a bar with his brother and a friendly tourist noticed his Canadian team jacket. Asked him if he was an athlete and what sport? Rod slid down in his seat out of embarrassment as his brother pointed silently up at the TV set over the bar, which was replaying his event of the day. There he was, sparkles and all, dancing across the screen with his sister.


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Jan 3, 2007
Kristi Yamaguchi 1992 Oakland
Yuma Sato 1994 Chiba
Michelle Kwan 1998 Minneapolis
Gabiella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron 2022 Montpelier