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Otherwise, it is hard to evaluate the choreography, because in the only performance we have seen so far, she missed every jump except the first and last. This robbed the program of its drama. Plus, when you double an intended triple, that throws the pacing off for the rest of the program. Land the jumps, land the jumps, land the jumps. I think it will be fine.
I agree with this prescription. If she can nail her technical elements, she is going to contend. On the other hand, if she doesn't nail her elements, most critically her jumps, then any improvements she can realistically make in her artistic components and packaging in the run-up to Nationals and (presumably) Sochi are not going to be significant enough to save her.

In my view, that was the lesson to be drawn from SLC. Unlike Yuna/Caro/Mao, Gracie cannot, at this point in her development and career, expect her chestnuts to be pulled out of the fire by a dominant cushion in PCS if she has a bad jumping day.

IMHO, Gracie's improvement plan needs to address both aspects, of course, but it also needs to have a very strong sense of priorities.