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Are fire , passion, heart, desire, whatever you call it supposed to make up for, flutzing, underrotated jumps, and other technical mistakes?
Don't you understand?

"Kerrigan skated with a stiff, almost arrogant demeanor, and she doubled her first planned triple jump. Her artistry was manufactured, and it did not come from her heart.....Oksana Baiul skated her heart and soul out at Lillehammar, and that made the difference.....Annet's short and long programs at Lake Placid were uninspiring, but they did the job....Had Fratianne skated with more fire in the long program, she might have won.....Hoffman's artistry was, well, pretty non-existent. ...Cousin's was a marvelously artistic skater ...Had Sumners skated ALL of her triples in her long program, she would have won a narrow victory over Witt. Sumners gave that title away."

It clearly states in the rule book:

section 134.69 "If you skate your heart out, you deserve to win, unless you have no artestry to speak of, than the more artistic skater should win, unless, you give two uninspiring programs, than you win fair and square and the silver medalsit should have just skated with more fire.

section 165.33 "If the skater doubles a planned triple, she should not win if she is from the US or you just don't like her. If the skater is an orphan from the former USSR, than doubled jumps should get top technical marks."

section 123.45 "If one skater performes a difficult program with difficult triple jumps, than he/she should lose to a more artistic skater with far less technical difficulty, unless the skater skates a less difficult program but lands 3 simple triples to the more artistic skater's 2 triples of the same difficulty, than whatever we just said doesn't apply, and the more srtistic skater just gave the title away. "