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Thread: Pushing for inside edges - Pre Prelim

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    Question Pushing for inside edges - Pre Prelim


    Does anyone else have students that are having some trouble pushing for the inside edges on the PrePrelim (or adult prebronze) test? She gets that you need to pigeon toe for the push, and she's bending her knees, but getting absolutely no power. Any advice? Thanks!


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    Does she have this problem with the outside edges? It sounds like she isn't using the free leg to push with.

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    A lot of people have this trouble, & I think it mainly has to do w/ learning how to transfer the weight, & when.

    If she can do back power pulls, that's a good exercise-- and/or I'd have her do a continuous BI edge on a circle, pushing over & over w/ the free leg, like a skateboarder, so eventually she'll start to feel where the push comes from & how to stay over her skating foot. Also focus on having her arms placed correctly as she does this, keeping them still & strong.

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