10 Performances in 10 Years


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Dec 13, 2014
Trying not to put only ID performance and not only P/C performance.
So there it is all the performance i still remember : the shock , goosebumps and i can’t stop watching again and again.

1. Papadakis/Cizeron Worlds FD 2017. Funny thing : it’s not my favorite P/C program but that performance was everything.
2. Papadakis/Cizeron Worlds FD 2016.
3. Savchencko/Massot OG FS 2018.
4. Yuzuru hanyu GPF LP 2015.
5. Sui/Han Worlds FS 2019.
6. The shibutanis Nationals FD 2016.
7. Papadakis/Cizeron Euro FD 2015.
8. Virtue/Moir OG FD 2010.
9. Satoko Miyahara GPF FS 2016 (saw it live, she is amazing).
10. Péchalat/ bourzat Worlds FD 2014.

Special mention for Gilles/Poirier SC fd 2018.


Dec 1, 2015
I 100% would add one of the best FS ever performed by a man (to me, tied in first with Yuzu’s 2015 GPF FS):

Javi Fernández 2016 Worlds FS

Javi was right outside of my top 10--so many great performances that he gave us but this was certainly the best, one of the best of all times.


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Jun 22, 2015
I 100% would add one of the best FS ever performed by a man (to me, tied in first with Yuzu’s 2015 GPF FS):

Javi Fernández 2016 Worlds FS

I was there in the TD Garden watching it live... and it was crazy electric! It felt that Javi was projecting to the crowd in a way that got everyone in a sudden state of euphoria... and the whole arena went wild!

The treatment and support given to Javi by the Boston crowd that day was astounding. I personally thought that kind of display could only occur when local skaters have the skate of their life at a home worlds. Besides, for the sake of comparison, I estimate the crowd’s reaction intensity level to Ashley’s Moulin Rouge was about 30% of Javi’s.

Seriously, people started the standing ovation about 35 seconds before he even finished the program (I don’t know if that was noticeable through TV).

And last but not least, I might say that in my opinion, Javi’s Guys and Dolls and Yuzu’s Seimei were the very first instances of the perfect marriage between technical proficiency and superior artistry in men’s skating. Definitely a milestone after years of splat fests once quads became a common element in men’s programs.

That performance almost made my list too. I was in the arena also and the atmosphere was indeed electric.


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Dec 25, 2012
A journey into the last 10 years of watching skating these programs lasted in my memory in chronological order.
1. 2012 Nice World Championships LP Yuzuru Hanyu Romeo and Juliet
2. 2013 US Nationals Jason Brown LP River Dance
3. 2014 Olympics Team event LP Julia Lipnitskaya
4. 2014 Olympics LP Mao Asada
5. 2014 Japan Nationals LP Io Cisaro Takahiko Kozuka
6. 2015 GPF Yuzuru Hanyu SEIMEI
7. 2016 Worlds LP Guys and Dolls Javier Fenandez
8. 2017 Worlds LP Hope and Legacy Yuzuru Hanyu
9. 2018 Olympics LP Alyona and Bruno
10.2018 Olmpics SP Chopin Yuzuru Hanyu

I left out way too many 'best' programs.
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Mar 23, 2018
Wonderful first post, welcome!

WOW, I could not agree more with you about Javi, felt exactly the same while watching that performance on tv. 100 %!!!

Welcome AduCarr. Post long and post often!

Well that's another 2016 Worlds program on my top ten list, along with Grant.:clap: If people keep posting, I won't even need to do my list :biggrin:

(Although a certain 2014 US Nats performance also already mentioned will be number one, of course. I love skates that bring down the house;) )

Thank you very much for your welcoming messages ;)

I’ve been reading you guys for a long time. It was about time that I started contributing myself!


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Final Flight
Oct 14, 2017
10. Davis/White 2010 Olympics Original Dance
9. Yuzuru Hanyu 2014 Olympics Short Program
8. Mao Asada 2015 Cup of China Short Program
7. Savchenko/Massot 2018 Olympics Free Skate
6. Mirai Nagasu 2018 Olympics Free Skate (Team Event)
5. Jason Brown 2016 Skate America Free Skate
4. Satoko Miyahara 2018 Olympics Free Skate
3. Yuna Kim 2013 World Championships Free Skate
2. Adam Rippon 2016 Tropheé de France Free Skate
1. Ashley Wagner 2016 World Championships Free Skate


Mar 31, 2018
A journey into the last 10 years of watching skating these programs lasted in my memory in chronological order.
1. 2012 Nice World Championships LP Yuzuru Hanyu Romeo and Juliet
2. 2013 US Nationals Jason Brown LP River Dance
3. 2014 Olympics Team event LP Julia Lipnitskaya
4. 2014 Olympics LP Mao Asada
5. 2014 Japan Nationals LP Io Cisaro Takahiko Kozuka
6. 2015 GPF Yuzuru Hanyu SEIMEI
7. 2016 Worlds LP Guys and Dolls Javier Fenandez
8. 2017 Worlds LP Hope and Legacy Yuzuru Hanyu
9. 2018 Olympics LP Alyona and Bruno
10.2018 Olmpics SP Chopin Yuzuru Hanyu

I left out way too many 'best' programs.

I very much approve of this list! Especially that Yuzu performance form world's 2012. That one is just electric everytiem i watch it (and believe me, i watch it a couple of times a month at least, still!).

I would make my own but i'm one of those people that can't choose and rank these kind of things for the life of me. Besides, probably 7/10 would be Yuzuru performances sprinkled with Javi at Boston worlds, Tessa and Scott PC free and Julia Lipnitskaya's free at the Sochi team event.


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Mar 5, 2004
I wish I could include Davis & White's Samson & Delilah free dance from 2009 Worlds! Podium worthy, IMHO!

Standouts for me (in no particular order)
*Jason Brown - Riverdance 2014 US Nationals
*Javi Fernandez - Guys & Dolls 2016 Worlds
Aliona & Bruno - La Terre Vue du Ciel - 2018 Olympics (so thrilled we got to see this program @ 2017 Skate America)
Aliona & Bruno - La Terre Vue du Ciel - 2018 Worlds
*Ashley Wagner - free skate - 2016 Worlds
Yuzu Hanyu - Hope & Legacy - 2017 Worlds
Kaetlyn Osmond - 2018 Worlds
The Shibs - Fix You 2018 US Nationals
*Sean Rabbitt - East of Eden short program @ 2019 US Nationals
James & Cipres - free skate - 2019 Europeans

* = We were lucky enough to be there to see the performance in person!

Honorable mention - watching Satoko skate, anytime! I want her to return to "The Planets!" :luv17:


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Feb 22, 2014
Only in the last ten years? Dang that means I can't include my favourite program of all...but I'm game!

Kinda in order of how much I love each performance, but some are interchangeable.

10. Plushy's SP at the 2010 Euros - https://youtu.be/wVttluHZRGg (Watch out FS skating world the King has returned!)

9. T/M SP Euros 2016 - https://youtu.be/FCp90AGWqbI (I love this program! Costumes and step sequence on point!)

8. Plushy's Euros 2012 - https://youtu.be/dBJtNXvyWbg (The King returns again! The commentary is kind of hilarious, who are these dudes? That's not Scott Hamilton is it?)

7. Peng/Jin 2016 SP - https://youtu.be/si5ggJPPVWo (This program is so charming! It made me a giant fan of this pair! Love 'em!)

6. Yuzu's FS at 2019 World's - https://youtu.be/acfGnbb8lbQ (NGL, I thought there was no way this could be beaten. That 4T-3A sequence didn't get enough respect, honestly. Also a sneaky way to get my fave program music into this post :p and you can't beat a good Poohvalanche!)

5. Morgan and Vanessa FS 2017 Euros -https://youtu.be/1PEaTNQUDqA (Those lifts! The one at the end was nuts! The crowd was so into it. Also love that entry into the Death Spiral!)

4. Liza's FS at World Team Trophy 2018 - https://youtu.be/DLEDiHd6odk (This was so boss, what an Empress - that's sticking it to the Russian Figure Skating Fed :p)

3. Plushy's Olympic Team event FS- https://youtu.be/BeMoig-AJzk (Look at that quad technique, dang! Way to bring it to the home crowd! Even the last few jumps...well, I'd watch Plushy pop jumps all day :laugh:)

2. Tessa and Scott 2018 Olympic FD - https://youtu.be/pI4mCrgKOS4 (This.was.epic! I was glued to every moment)

1. Tarasova/Morozov 2019 SP at World's - https://youtu.be/sx1-9JHrZZ0 (This was utterly stunning! Even now I think about that throw jump, took my breath away!)

Sorry not sorry for the number of Tango de Roxannes in my list ;)


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Apr 23, 2018
With the caveats that I'm a latecomer, I'm mainly for the men with a bit of pairs, and given it's favourites I'm going to be unblushingly biased (I could easily do 10 of Yuzu and Javi, you know... but not today). In date order, my 2010-2019...

Yuzuru Hanyu, 2012 Worlds Romeo and Juliet (everything that was to come is foreshadowed right there...)
Jason Brown, 2014 Nationals, Riverdance
Joshua Ferris, 2014 4CC, Schindler's List (of all the Schindlers, this is the one for me)
Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov, 2014 Olympics, Masquerade Waltz (the video that caught my eye and made me look again at skating, and so here I am...)
Javier Fernandez, 2016 Worlds, Guys and Dolls (he made me like Sinatra for four and a half minutes, folks)
Javier Fernandez, 2017 Worlds, Malaguena
Wenjing Sui & Cong Han, 2017 Worlds Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Yuzuru Hanyu, 2017 Worlds, Hope and Legacy
Aljona Savchenko & Bruno Massot, 2018 Olympics, La terre vue du ciel
Yuzuru Hanyu, 2018 Olympics, Seimei (just pipped 2015 GPF, the latter was more brilliant and perfect but the emotional impact of the Oly skate is undeniable)


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Nov 3, 2012
A couple people listed Patrick Chan's 2013 TEB LP, but (if I had to pick ONE) I think his greatest LP EVER was 2016 4CC. He was so into it, the crowd was so into it, he hit all the elements and choreography right on the musical accents as intended (that 3S, for example :luv17::yes2:). This program was complete perfection in every way!!! :hap85:


Now, I'm leaving this thread because I need to get off the internet and if I responded more thoroughly, I could be here all night. Happy reminiscing to you all! :)


Jun 26, 2012
As is known here (and for the new posters, it will become known soon) I favour the Pairs discipline. So there's many of those in my list. Also, my list tomorrow, except for the top 3. might be different. My toppers change a lot. I still managed to cheat though, I always do with these kinds of lists.

1. and 2.: Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot. La Terre vue du Ciel at Olympics and Worlds 2018 (I love both performances, not sure which is best even though Worlds got more points).
3. Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot. Lighthouse at Europeans 2017.
4. Pang Qing and Tong Lian Free skate at 2010 Olympics.
5. Yuzuru Hanyu, 2019 Worlds Free Skate.
6. Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Bollywood Original Dance at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
7. Shen Xue and Zao Hongbo Free skate at 2010 Olympics.
8. Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, Free Skate at the 2014 Olympics
9. Carolina Kostner's Free skate in the 2013/2014 season, especially at the Olympics/Kaetlyn Osmond's Free Skate at the 2018 Olympics.
10/ Javier Fernandez' La Mancha FS at 2018 Europeans


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Nov 21, 2015
10) Patrick Chan - 2016 GPF SP
9) Shoma Uno - 2017 Worlds FS
8) Mao Asada 2014 - Olympics FS
7) Akiko Suzuki - 2014 Worlds SP
6) Denis Ten - 2013 Worlds 2013 FS
5) Stolbova / Klimov - 2014 Olympics FS
4) Yulia Lipnitskaya - 2014 Euro FS
3) Ilinykh / Katsalapov - 2014 Olympics FD
2) Carolina Kostner - 2012 Worlds FS
1) Mao Asada - 2014 Worlds SP

It has been more a struggle than a joy to choose only 10 performances, but here we are.

The metric i used is a mix of programs i really like (Shoma's Piazzolla free skate), amazing performances delivered at key emotional events (like Mao's SP at Worlds where she set the world record, Denis Ten's free in Canada or Yulia's at the Europeans where she became the youngest european champion), and programs where you can see the skater not just performing but also living it. (Carolina or Akiko's performances)

Looking at the years, i guess 2013-14 was perhaps the peak of figure skating for me in this decade: so many memorable performances those years, obviously the Olympics with all the drama and controversies around, played a big role but also Worlds in Saitama, with probably the best crowd i've ever seen in a Figure Skating event.

Originally there were like 4-5 programs for Asada and Suzuki i wanted to pick, it was soo hard to choose, and it was also painful t not include a Shae-Lynn Bourne choreography in there, she has done many great programs in the past few years.

There are some underappreciated programs in there too. Patrick Chan Beatles SP is rarely mentioned as one of his best programs (probably because it wasn't his most successful season), but i loved it: the choreography fits so well with the music and you can see him skating it with such ease and freedom.

The other is Stolbova/Klimov's FS at the Sochi Games. I've always loved this couple for the speed, skating skills and unison they always have, but in many of their programs, the eyes are always on Stolbova: she's clearly the star. However in this particularly program they both have their times to shine, and the performance was great and very entertaining: everything was delivered beautifully, the throw 3 salchow at the very end of the program is soo effective, they should have won the free skate there in my opinion.


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Mar 29, 2013
10 performances that moved me the most in last 10 years:

1. Yuzuru Hanyu - Worlds 2012 FS - Romeo&Juliet - I've been his fan since 2011 and seeing him getting bronze at his first Worlds is going to stay deep in my heart for many years to come.
2. Mao Asada - Olympics 2014 FS - Piano Concerto No. 2 - THAT step sequence at the end gives me chills every time.
3. Yuzuru Hanyu - GPF 2015 FS - Seimei - PERFECTION.
4. Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE - GPF 2014 FD - The Four Seasons - I was there at the arena...it was beautiful and I cried.
5. Yuna Kim - Worlds 2013 FS - Les Miserables - my favourite program from her.
6. Elena ILINYKH / Nikita KATSALAPOV - Olympics 2014 FD - Swan Lake - full Russian-drama mode. Love it.
7. Daisuke Takahashi - Worlds 2012 FS - Blues for Klook - just a pleasure to watch.
8. Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov - Olympics 2014 FS - The Adams family
9. Gabriella PAPADAKIS & Guillaume CIZERON - Worlds 2014 FD - Run boy run by Woodkid - my favourite program from them.
10. Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker - 4CC 2015 FD - Romeo & Juliet - I love music and program.


Final Flight
Apr 10, 2018
1. Tessa/scott 2010 olympic FD tied with their 2018 FD
2. Tessa/scott 2010 olympic OD
3. Yuzuru hanyu 2018 olympic FS
4. Sui/han 2019 worlds FS
5. Mao asada 2010 worlds FS
6. Wakaba higuchi 2018 worlds FS
7. Yuzuru hanyu 2012 worlds FS
8.Denis ten 2013 worlds FS (rip)
9. Yuzuru hanyu 2018 olympic SP
10. Jason brown 2019 worlds SP

Hounorable mentions: I/K 2014 sochi FD, Yuzuru hanyu 2017 worlds FS, S/H 2016 worlds SP, S/H 2015 worlds FS, Tatsuki machida 2014 worlds SP, Yuzuru hanyu 2015 GPF FS, Tessa/scott 2011 worlds SD, Tessa/scott 2013 worlds FD, Yuna kim 2010 olympic SP and FS, Mao asada 2014 olympic FS, Mao asada 2014 worlds SP, V/T 2012 worlds FS, Ashley wagner Worlds 2016 FS, Javis 2015 worlds SP, Yulias 2014 team event FS, kaetlyn osmonds 2018 olympic SP, G/P 2019 nationals freeskate and kostners 2014 olympic SP.

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Jan 26, 2014
The only criteria here being that I love them:
(In no particular order)

Shen & Zhao-Who Wants to Live Forever-2010 Olympics

Pang & Tong-The Impossible Dream-2010 Olympics

Denis Ten-Caruso-2015 4CCs

The Shibs-Fix You-2016 U.S. Nationals

The Shibs-Paradise-2018 Olympics

Nathan Chen-Ironically, I am going to select the 2015 JGP in Colorado Springs. I cannot select which program. It was just one of those moments when you know someone has the goods, and a year later the rest of the World started to get the same drift; but I always find myself thinking back to those two clean performances in that particular competition.

Mao Asada-Madame Butterfly-2016 Worlds. Mao has had many higher finishing performances, but this one I saw live and there was magic in that performance in the arena that night regardless of the judges' scores.

Sasha Cohen-Swan Lake-2003 Skate Canada. (Sometimes I feel strongly that world political events were spectacularly orchestrated so that Tarasova could choreograph Sasha Cohen).

Sui & Han-Rain, In Your Black Eyes-2019 Worlds

Sui & Han-Blues for Klook-2017 4CCs


Nov 4, 2019
I've been mulling this list for a few days now because it was really hard to pick. I finally chose the performances that had the most impact on me personally (so this list is going to be strange to most). Disclaimer: I didn't watch much during the 2010-2014 years. I was really more of a casual till the 2014 Olympics.

In chronological order:

1. Mirai Nagasu - Carmen Fantaisie - 2010 Olympics FS
There is just something about being 16 you're fearless and the future is bright. Skating last at your first Olympics, after Yuna, Mao, and Joannie, the loud cheers even before she took the ice... the smile, the pure joy she felt performing this program...these are things I really haven't seen from Mirai since. I always wonder what could have been. (I love her 2010 Worlds SP for the same reasons). Mirai holds a special place in my heart because I was living in Japan at the time teaching English. On the day of the 2010 Olympics, all of us teachers gathered in the teacher's room to watch - Mao vs. Yuna was the event of the century. Then Mirai comes on. Her name is in kanji next to the American Flag. Except for the Japanese and Chinese skaters, no one else had their names in kanji. My Japanese teachers were super confused. "She's Japanese...but she's American?!....no but she's Japanese..." They were even more confused when she was interviewed in Japanese later. And so I got a chance to explain to my teachers the difference between "ethnicity" and "nationality." The "yes she is ethnically Japanese but she was born in America, lives in America, so therefore she is American." Thanks Mirai for that moment!)

2. Jason Brown - Riverdance - 2014 Nationals FS
As I said, I was more of a casual figure skating fan...until I saw Jason's Riverdance. This performance really brought me back to figure skating. (Bonus: I have a friend whose knowledge of figure skating was basically "Yuri on Ice." I showed her this performance and now she's been to more live competitions than I have and we're going to Worlds together! :))

3. Mao Asada - Piano Concerto No. 2 - 2014 Olympics FS
What a redemptive performance! After the heartbreak of the SP to come back and skate lights out. Such an easy-breezy 3A and the beautiful footwork sequence at the end.

4. ShibSibs - Fix You - 2016 Nationals FD
It was a toss-up between "Fix You" and "Paradise" but I think "Fix You" had a much bigger emotional impact for me, especially seeing their reaction in the kiss n' cry. And no one twizzles like the ShibSibs (and really, who else would throw in extra twizzles just for fun?)
Honorable mention: Mambo No. 5 (because it's just so fun!)

5. Ashley Wagner - Moulin Rouge - 2016 Worlds FS
This may have been Ashley's best performance ever. She was so completely into the program and lost in the moment. The cheers for every jump she landed and the roar of the hometown crowd before she entered her final spin was incredible.

6. Shoma Uno - Buenos Aires Hora Cero - 2016 GPF FS
I think this performance is what really made me take notice of Shoma. Sharp movements, passionate skating, love the 3A right on the music! I guess you can say I got "shoomed"! (This whole GPF was actually really poignant because to me it represented the "changing of the guard").

7. Nathan Chen - Le Corsaire - 2017 4CC SP
It was hard to choose a favorite Nathan program but I finally decided on this one. His reaction after falling out of the ending pose was just hilarious. This moment marked the beginning of (what I hope is) a long and beautiful rivalry. Although my favorite moment from this competition was actually the green room during Nathan's free skate. Patrick is saying to Yuzu "He's 17!" Yuzu himself is burning in kuyashii, and Shoma doesn't know what to do so he just copies Yuzu. XD

8. Yuzuru Hanyu - Hope and Legacy - 2017 Words FS
Again a toss-up between this and GPF 2015. Although the GPF performances were perfection, the 2017 Worlds performance was more emotional. Sitting in 5th place, to lay it all out there... "Never underestimate Mr. Hanyu!"

9. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Moulin Rouge - 2018 Olympics FD
Ice dance has never been so sexy. After this my live stream kept freezing so I just determined that Tessa and Scott were so hot they must have broke my internet.

10. Weijing Sui and Con Han - Rain in Your Black Eyes - 2019 Worlds FS
I've only watched it 27521246 times.

10 is so hard! I had to leave a lot of my other favorite performances out.


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Dec 7, 2018
10 Performances in 10 Years:

All Pairs and Dance, my two preferred disciplines.
Programs listed roughly in order of preference, but, if I wrote this tomorrow, although the same programs would probably feature, they may well be in a different order!

  1. Meagan Duhamel /Eric Radford 2016 Worlds Free Program - hands down my favourite pairs program ever, this is probably the best they ever skated in their career, not many people thought they'd defend their world title and they went out and skated like this!

  2. Charlène Guignard / Marco Fabbri 2019 Free Dance - my favourite dance program this season, and headed towards my favourite ever. They are (IMO) underrated. They have the emotion, the connection to each other and the technical ability and this program shows it all off. I cannot wait to see it once his hand is fully recovered and they can skate their best.

  3. Anna Cappellini / Luca Lanotte 2014 Worlds Short Dance - this is really the program that won them their world title and is exactly how the Finnstep should be skated.

  4. Alexandra Stepanova/ Ivan Bukin 2018 Worlds Rhythm Dance - my favourite Tango Romantica from last season, one I re-watch quite frequently, I just wish they could've snuck onto the overall podium, but at least they got a small medal!

  5. Nicole Della Monica / Matteo Guarise 2018 Olympic Short Program - I love these two and seeing them do their short program clean at the Olympics was great. Also, I love it when she does a spread eagle out of their throws.

  6. Aljona Savchenko / Bruno Massot 2018 Olympic Free Program - absolute pairs perfection.

  7. Piper Gilles / Paul Porier 2018 Free Dance - before I saw this for the first time, I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype, I was proven wrong, and now it's one I re-watch often!

  8. Meryl Davis / Charlie White 2014 Olympic Free Dance - showcases the very best of their technical ability and speed, also their reaction to finding out they won is wonderful.

  9. Miriam Ziegler / Severin Kiefer 2018 Europeans Short Program - the program that made me a big fan of them, I keep hoping they might be able to sneak on to the podium during the GPs, fingers crossed for next season!

  10. Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron 2018 Olympic Free Dance - so beautiful and elegant, I'm so glad they won the free dance portion with this skate, even if they didn't win Gold.


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Jul 26, 2003
These are programs I love and remember fondly from the 10 seasons past. I make no claims that they are the best ever either technically or artistically. I just love them. I almost never watch ladies, so there are very few ladies programs I even remember, let alone remember fondly. OTOH,there are a lot of men's and dance programs I like a lot that I have left out.

In no particular order:

1. James/Cipres 2018 Skate Canada, FS "Wicked Game," choreo by Charlie White

2. Savchenko/Massot 2018 Olympics FS, "La terre vue de ciel," by Armand Amar, edited by Maxime Rodriguez; choreo by Christopher Dean, John Kerr, Sylvia Fontana, Martin Skotnicky

3. Jason Brown 2019, Worlds SP, SP: "Love is a ******" by Two Feet; choreo by Rohene Ward

4. Jason Brown 2014 , US Nationals FS, "Riverdance," choreo by Rohene Ward

5. Davis & White Polka SD 2012 Skate America, "March from "Giselle" by Adolphe Adam; Waltz from "Giselle" by Adolphe Adam; Polka from "Giselle" by Adolphe Adam," choreo by Marina Zueva, Oleg Epstein

6. Chock & Bates, 2019 Cup of China , FD: "Yearning" by Raul Ferrando, "Sahara Nights" by DJ Quincy and "Layali Al-Sharq" by Al-Ahram Orchestra; choreo by Marie France Dubreuil, Sam Chouinard [Snake Dance]

I liked China a bit better, but it is IdF that NBC put on youtube :laugh:

7. Gilles & Poirier, 2019 4CC FD: FD: “Vincent - Starry, Starry Night” by Don McLean (cover by Govardo); choreo by Carol Lane, Juris Razguliaevs

8. Daisuke Takahashi 2012 Worlds FS, "Blues for Klook," by Eddy Louiss,choreo. by Pasquale Camerlengo

9. Julia Lipnikskaya, 2014 Team Event Olympics FS, Schindler's List soundtrack by John Williams, choreo by Ilya Averbukh

10. Zhiganshina & Gaszi, Two From the Grave, 2013 Europens, FD, "Tore My Heart" by Oona; "Et Maintenant" by Jean-Marc Zelwer; "Rama Lama" by Roisin Murphy; choreo by Ilya Averbukh

(A tough call between Z&G and Jimmy Ma's Turn Down For What SP 2018 US Nationals,( sorry Jimmy)
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Nov 8, 2014
1. Kim 2014 Olympics SP
2. Kim 2014 Olympics FS
3. Mao 2014 Olympics FS
4. Kostner 2018 Euros FS
5. Zagitova 2018 Olympics FS
6. Kostner 2014 Olympics FS
7. Daisuke 2012 Worlds FS
8. Lipnitskaya 2014 Olympics Team FS
9. Savchenko and Massot 2018 Olympics FS
10. Mao 2010 Olympics SP