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2014 NHK Trophy Ladies Free Skate 11/29


Record Breaker
Feb 26, 2014
I think we can all agree that athletes have at least the right to cry, be sad, smile, enjoy etc. ;)


Oct 28, 2007
Congrats to Gracie for winning, she was much improved from skate American-I thought she should have won due to more transitions, overall better skating . it was more fluid and flowed better not much in telegraphing.
I thought the judges had it right.

I can see why some thought satoko should have won, but no , her overall presentation isn't their yet. and she stumble a bit on some of other jumps, she will get there with presentation, it will come with age.

Alena skate well but mess up on few jumps , however her program didn't flow from one element to the next. didn't seem connected. but she skated well. she fought to maintain her position not win.

satoko skated well, yes points could have been a couple higher to 120 like alena to 120 but overall gracie earned that win.

kanako too bad for fall and one combination in jump to many. you did well.

polina improved from cup of china, like Christina improved .
polina I saw more peter pan. Christina improved.
riona sorry just saw on tv. but great job. keep improving

to me I saw the ladies fight to maintain position not win. overall improvement and not the level in the short.
I think that what people was expecting for long, unfortunately didn't happen because it shows the level, skill and talent of all ladies and how hard it is to stay up on top or in top 5-6 at their own nationalions let alone worlds.


Oct 28, 2007
I forgot to add that when the skaters are unsure of their jumps it comes across on their projections to public, and tv.
why when polina, satoko ur's their jumps you could sense, see their hestitation, but when they are sure of their jumps
they come across as see I can do it, see how easy it is. it projects to fans and across tv., and so does their artistry.
when I meant to say gracie in long skate with whole package of jumps, artistry, spins, sureness, fluidity, flow , no hesitations,
satoko, alena had hestiations unsureness in jumps,telegraphy , flow etc.

but all skated well