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2023 Golden Spin of Zagreb Women's Free Skate


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Jul 9, 2014
I agree 100%.....Other than Isabeau, there are no clear #2 or #3 Ladies. Let them fight their way to Worlds at Nationals.
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Jan 17, 2022
If I was the fed I'd wait for Nationals to decide, because at this point there are no clear leaders. Every decision right now feels somehow wrong because it's random.
For Worlds, that is certainly what they will do, but 4CC is literally the week after Nationals this year, so it's really not an option there. Apart from the skaters who made the GPF (Isabeau) or competed at Cup of China (Audrey Shin), all US women have to apply for visas first, and it does take a bit for those applications to be processed, plus plane tickets usually aren't transferable either.