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2015-2016 Russian Nationals Mens SP


Apr 28, 2011
Even though Kovtun is skating to something that suits his rather sloppy style, why was he in first with a mistake? Favorite status? Plus Kolyada must be skating to music that's prohibited on Youtube, since the audio is muted. It wasn't muted for him at Cup of Russia, as I recall.

As far as future of Russian men, sorry to hear things thus far have not worked out for Gachinski in eligible ranks. I wish him success with shows. I think for sure Kolyada and Pitkeev have bright futures as gifted all-around skaters. Kovtun is primarily a sloppy jumper with political scoring in his favor (he's an attractive young man, but no aesthetic skills to speak of). Aliev is primarily a jumper at this point too, but still young and he might develop further. Petrov is very skilled technically and fairly consistent but he still needs to develop artistically. I'm sad for Menshov, as I have sentimental feelings for what he has been through and how hard he has worked at an older age to still do what he does, plus he has improved a bit in smoothing out his skating. Voronov has tried but I don't find his lines and ability on the ice at all pleasing.