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2018 JGP Ostrava Pairs Short Program


Final Flight
Jan 1, 2007
Entertaining short programmes. I would have A/K in first, I’m really shocked that the judges have K/I ahead on PCS. I really like the Instellar programme from A/K. I really liked their death spiral, this was improved for me from their first JGP. K/I have great tricks but I find them a bit sloppy at times. It’s practically a tie for first so anyone can win in the free.

P/S had a bit of a struggle today but they held on for 3rd. I love her landing positions for the throws, she is a bit on the tall side but I like her as a skater. Very impressed by the Americans in 4th, they really attacked the programme and got a big seasons best. A little dissapointping for L/P but they are very nicely positioned to qualify for the JGPF.

I also enjoyed the couples from Austria, Slovakia and Belarus. Not the most difficult of skates but nice to,watch and see them happy to be competing. Nice to see a big field again, I was a bit worried at the first JGP but the field have picked since.


On the Ice
Dec 24, 2015
What a great event it was! So many talanted pairs and awesome programs! I liked all of them. Well, maybe with the exception of Yihang HUANG. Let's say he was not ready for this competition. Or for any other competition. It's such a shame, his has such a good partner.
In other words, I dare to say that pairs future looks bright to me.