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2020-21 Russian Men's figure skating


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Nov 21, 2015
Yay indeed for Vetlugin's first win at a Russian Cup stage :D Pity about today's falls, yesterday's SP was beautiful. I kind of wish he had all Level 4s in his FP too (not worth that much extra but is a real statement of quality in Junior men, especially on the a step sequence), but maybe he has to conserve his energy for those jumps.

Also happy for Zonov, he has a classic aura to him - smooth edges and nice lines, Chebotareva really teaches good basic skating skills!

You don't mean Kirill S do you, Lariko?

(I think it's ok as long as we don't go into specifics on the scores and stuff... and anyway the folks on Ladies thread get away with more...)

I'm so into Chebotareva's packaging, they take their times with the elements, no rush to include the big ones immediately, and rather work on quality of jumps, skating (ballet training i bet too), spins. They have a good choreographer too, cause i remember even Konstantinova and Kolyada old programs were always very unique.


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Jan 5, 2019
Studio-38 probably keeps their streams archeived in their VK archives

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Sep 22, 2019
Had a peep at Kutovoi and Mozalev's SP from Panin Memorial. Made my mediocre day just a bit brighter.
Little Andrei landed a beauty of a 3A and got all Level 4s with great GOE! Skating to Apologise is almost forgiveable...
As for slightly bigger Andrei, pity about the 4F but relieved that that his costume has no obvious reference to sadism. In fact it's quite spiffy (I'm partial to jackets). He's also one to hit his levels.


Jan 31, 2019
Had a peep at Kutovoi and Mozalev's SP from Panin Memorial. Made my mediocre day just a bit brighter.
Little Andrei landed a beauty of a 3A and got all Level 4s with great GOE! Skating to Apologise is almost forgiveable...
As for slightly bigger Andrei, pity about the 4F but relieved that that his costume has no obvious reference to sadism. In fact it's quite spiffy (I'm partial to jackets). He's also one to hit his levels.
Oh, now you’ve made my day, with Kutovoy landing 3A in competition. Fingers crossed it’s the first of many!


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Dec 28, 2005
Fairly large post. Google translation, I think we all get the gist 🤷‍♀️ Original links provided...

Cup II SP interviews

Evgeny Semenenko: "I think the debut in the masters was a success"
Evgeny Semenenko leads after the short program at the second stage of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom in Moscow.

- This is the first time I skated in this Megasport arena, such a large skating rink, and even in public. Other starts this season were held without spectators. In St. Petersburg I have already competed in masters, but these competitions are of a completely different level for me. I was a little worried, of course, but in general, I tried to do everything. At this stage there were two small mistakes, but I think the debut was a success.

For me, it doesn't make much difference whether to compete at an adult level or at a junior level, in any case, you have to do your own thing. The main thing is that I have a desire to compete, prove and show what I can do.

I like the program that I skate this season. I myself insisted that they take the music from “Gangster Petersburg”, to which Evgeni Plushenko once performed. I dedicated this program to Zhenya, a student of Alexei Nikolaevich and Tatyana Nikolaevna Mishin. I'm not afraid that Zhenya and I will be compared in this program, since it is set to the same music. As I said, I want to show decent skating and compete with rivals, - commented Evgeny Semenenko.

Artem Kovalev: "At the beginning of the skating I got stuck, and I think this influenced skating and grades"
Artem Kovalev takes second place after the short program at the second stage of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom in Moscow. In Syzran, at the first tournament, Kovalev won and started at Megasport for the second stage in a row:

- I have been fruitfully preparing for this stage. In the first week, we slightly reduced the load, then we began to gain shape. I did a lot of ligaments, skated the program, trained spins, jumps ...

Here, at the beginning of the skate, I squeezed, and I think it influenced skating and grades. I skated a little worse now than in Syzran, but this only means that there is something to work on.

Alexander Samarin: “Until the last moment we were deciding whether I could perform in Moscow”
Alexander Samarin is fourth after the short program at the second stage of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom in Moscow. Sasha missed the previous scheduled start due to injury and until the last moment the question was being decided whether he would be able to perform now:

- Until the last moment, the coaches and I did not know if I could play in Moscow. The first stage in Syzran had to be missed due to injury. Immediately after the test runs, I had "clamps" in my back, and until this week I was treated and recovered. I went on the ice, one might say, 4 days ago, about some two quads in the short program, even one did not have to talk about, I planned to go with triples. It was my initiative to try a quadruple.

Thank you very much to my team, which insisted that I still perform in Moscow, because it is necessary, without it nowhere. Now I am gradually recovering, it is difficult to say anything more concrete about a full recovery, plans. We will see. In any case, we will continue to work, - said Alexander Samarin.

Petr Gumennik: "In this program, the image of the Demon is closer to me, although the coaches and I have not decided yet"

Winner of the Junior World Championship Petr Gumennik takes fifth place after the short program at the second stage of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom in Moscow. After the performance, the athlete commented on his rental:

- In principle, I'm not upset, I skated with pleasure. I did not show everything he could, but it was not a shameful rental, but with a quadruple salchow. I fell on the salchow, because the last two days this jump was not working for me. Other jumps are in place, and I think that the reason for the unsuccessful execution was the mistakes that I want in the free program and will try to fix it.

This program is new for me, it is gradually rolling. But we haven’t fully decided on the images. The coaches see me in the form of the Petrel, and the choreographer we work with believes that this is Lermontov's Demon. The Demon is closer to me personally.

In any case, in order to express ideas and images on the ice, you need to skate the program cleanly. This is not working yet. Everyone knows what the preparation for the season was, but I do not want to blame my shortcomings on this, as well as the fact that I grew up. I think we need to work harder, achieve stability, and then everything will work out, - said Petr Gumennik.

Matvei Vetlugin: "I would rate my short program at a four"

Matvey Vetlugin leads after the short program in the junior men's singles skating competition at the second stage of the Russian Cup - Rostelecom in Moscow. Andrey Anisimov is in the second position, Kirill Sarnovsky is in the third.

After the performance, Matvey Vetlugin assessed his rental as follows:

- I would rate my rental of a short program as a four. In the beginning, I did not feel so confident, I squeezed, so I stumbled at the very beginning of the program. I think it affected the components, the second grade. But, in principle, all the jumps were successful, there were small mistakes, one could get more advantages. Already on the steps and on the last spins, I completely let go of myself, relaxed and skated well, with emotions ...

After the test skates, I had a short break before the Moscow championship, then a little "took a break" - a little bit reduced the training volume. Now there will be cyclical work in a row: there has already been one start, exactly two weeks later, now, the second stage of the National Cup and two weeks later the third stage in Sochi. Work, I think, is enough. You need to keep yourself at the peak so that the entire volume does not disappear, - commented Matvey Vetlugin.

Cup II FP interviews

Artem Kovalev - the winner of the second stage of the Russian Cup, Alexander Samarin won silver, Pyotr Gumennik - bronze


Thanking for the congratulations on the victory, Artem Kovalev commented on his performance at the Moscow start:

- Of course, I was very nervous, although it was the second stage for me. Unfortunately, not everything worked out. There was a slight nerve, but in general, I think I managed it. In the short and free program I had mistakes, and I understand that you cannot lose points on this.

I was pleased that the audience supported me throughout the free skate. These are indescribable sensations that everyone needs to experience! Two victories at the stages of the Russian Cup, of course, do not relax me. I know what to work on. Over new quadruples, sliding, spins, tracks in order to get more points, more pluses ... Work on a quadruple toeloop, because if in the free I can jump a quadruple salchow twice, then in the short I cannot repeat the same jump, thereby I gain less than those people who jump two quads ...

Of course, I'm tired now and after this start you can breathe out a little. But you shouldn't relax. The season is not easy, because at the skates I skated in juniors, and at these starts I compete in seniors. After the skates, I immediately began to prepare a master program. I skated the Moscow championship and that's it - I immediately began to prepare a program for the masters, add a quadruple to the short program and a choreographic steps to the free. Initially, after the skates, we were sure that in the season we would go to the masters, because the juniors are no longer the same, I am 17 years old, we need to move on. Only to be selected for the championship of Russia is already a little childish ...

Did you expect yourself to win two stages of the Russian Cup? As Evgeny Viktorovich (Plushenko - approx.) and Alexander Sergeevich (Volkov - approx.) said: just do your job. Yes, I skated better in training, but I hope I will show my successful skates again ...

Of course, preparation for the season was difficult ... Especially at first, at the training camp in Kislovodsk. Probably, for a month and a half I did not understand how you can skate at all ... Imagine, for me it was an incomprehensible feeling. You seem to know how to skate, but you do an elementary jump - a triple toeloop and you rip off ... I didn't understand why, how ... But when I returned to Moscow, everything gradually recovered.

Quarantine, of course, affected preparation. But during these months I never even had a thought, and if suddenly, what to do? I knew one thing: I needed to train and train. What else? How else? We were all in such conditions, - commented Artem Kovalev.

European Championship medalist Alexander Samarin skated a version of the free program without quads, the athlete did not fully recover from a back injury:

- It was hard to skate. Mixed feelings: there is satisfaction that I have passed exactly, but still the level of triple jumps is somehow awkward ... In any case, thank you all for your support, for the opportunity to speak here, first of all to the doctors who work with me. We will now continue the treatment. I will not say anything about further plans yet, the main thing now is health ...

We have prepared programs for the season. The music for the free, if you remember, was changed at the end of last season, I managed to skate this variation at the tournament in Tallinn. Short is new. After the rentals, we made a new costume so that there would be no associations with the marine theme. But in general, both costumes, both blue and red, were taken from the ensemble of Igor Moiseev, so there can be no questions ...

Now I will be treated. I'm not going to guess anything. We must save ourselves. A more important season is ahead, ”explained Alexander Samarin.

Petr Gumennik won the bronze medal, skating the program with a quadruple salchow and triple axels, not counting the rest of the elements.

- At these competitions I was going to perform two quadruple salchows and two triple axels. But, as I said yesterday, Salchow did not go very well, and the coach and I decided to play it safe, to skate free with one quad. Not everything was calculated, but in principle, the rental was good. I did everything, except for one triple axel. I overdid it a little, added one step for beauty, drove into the side, I had to change the drawing, bend it a little and the jump itself eventually bent ...

For the future, I would like to add emotions, improve gliding, but the main thing is to increase the number of quadruple jumps. In principle, I can do lutz, toeloop and salchow in training, and if you count, then you can do five quads in the program. But it must be rolled in and done. This is what I want to learn ...

And I also have a dream to enter the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Moscow State University. I generally want to be a doctor. People always need doctors, I will not be left without work. It is very interesting. My mom is a doctor - a pediatric neurologist. And I also decided to study as a neurologist, and the best university for this is Moscow State University. I became interested in all the faculties that are there, how everything goes, got inspired and decided that I really wanted to do it, but not now. Now figure skating is a priority for me.

The Faculty of Fundant Medicine deals with both science and practice. From the fourth year, I read, students begin to do operations.

You can stay in science. This side attracts me. But I am afraid that a scientist may not be useful, that his development will not be appreciated, and a doctor is always needed, there is always work, people always need help. The profession of a doctor is difficult but interesting. And if you like it, then it's not so difficult. But studying to be a doctor for 8 years. And this is still in perspective. My parents supported me. But they support me in everything, - admitted Peter Gumennik.

The leader after the short program Evgeny Semenenko finished the competition in fourth place:

- At the test skates, the quad toeloop did not work and there was a error on the axel. I did a quadruple Salchow, I think I coped with everything else. After the short program, the gaps were small, everyone could get around the other, the price was one mistake ...

I went to the free program calmly, with a cool head, but as long as I still lack competitive experience, I have to roll and roll programs, everything will come.

I really like the programs. Both are new. Thanks to Nikita Mikhailov ... Never mind, we will continue to work, - said Evgeny Semenenko.

Video interviews of Matvei Vetlugin, Vsevolod Knyazev, Fyodor Zonov, Mark Lukin

Pre Cup III interviews

Rukavitsyn: skater Aliev is preparing for the Russian Cup in Sochi as usual

The skater was forced to undergo examination and treatment in Germany due to increased pain in the lower back, passing into the right hip joint.
“Everything is fine, we are preparing for the stage of the Russian Cup in Sochi as usual,” Rukavitsyn said.

In a big interview with "Sport Day by Day", Honored Coach of Russia Tatyana Mishina raised many different topics: (relevant topics only)
- After the test skates in Moscow, absolutely everyone applauded Misha Kolyada, rejoicing at his return. A little less than three weeks pass, and we learn that at the test skates in St. Petersburg he has a fall, a "butterfly", a step-out and a lag from Andrei Mozalev more than 20 points. How did the coaching staff react to such a difference?
- You have to understand that so far he has inserted only one quadruple jump into the programs - a toeloop. In training, he also jumps Salchow, but all this needs to be combined in programs. At the skates in St. Petersburg, of course, he did not go to the start to lose. But it turned out that way. The saddest thing is when they make a butterfly.

- What is it connected with in the first place: lack of physical fitness or psychological problems?
- Probably, he still has psychological problems. "Butterflies" periodically slip. But he himself understands everything perfectly. Now he is working on two toeloop and two axels. But Salchow is also needed to have at least three quadruple jumps in the free program.

- What happened to Zhenya Semenenko, who was the first after the short program at the Cup stage in Moscow, and in the end became only the fourth?
- Fell on the toeloop (smiles). I was worried, of course, but on the whole I was ready. In St. Petersburg he rolled it cleanly with two quads different, with two axels. After all, he never made a single mistake in training before the stage in Moscow. But nothing. We did not focus on the bad. It was still his first start among adults. He [Alexander] Samarin in general, probably for the first time saw next to him on the ice. And the reviews were positive. We focused more on positive things. We realized that Zhenya is competitive. With [Artem] Kovalev, who won in Moscow, he had competed and beat him before. [Petr] Gumennik is a prize-winner of the junior world championship, he also had certain advantages. The fact that Zhenya competed with them on equal terms is a good result. Further more.

- Will he not perform in Sochi?
- No. After training in Novogorsk, he will return to St. Petersburg. His next stage is in Kazan. This was planned in advance.

- What to expect from Gleb Lutfullin?
- He will not perform in Sochi. He has a back injury and is still recovering. Rapid growth, so he must be allowed to recover so that the problems do not go somewhere far. The guy is capable, talented - he must be given time. In Novogorsk, he skates programs with Tatiana Nikolaevna Prokofieva, does what is possible with back problems. Still working.

-Will he miss the stages of the Russian Cup?
- We hope that we may be ready for Kazan. Skipping a season is very bad. We must look for opportunities to perform.

Post Panin Memorial

Coach Mozalev: "Three quads in a free program is not the limit"

“I don’t like to make hasty conclusions. Andrei and I must carefully analyze the performance. But I can say that such not the most successful skates should also happen sometimes. Despite the fact that the competition was held at our home rink, there were no indulgences. This tournament is the same as everyone else.

We tried a quad flip last year. Andrey made good attempts. He also tried quadruple lutz. After returning to the ice, they rolled both the flip and the lutz, but over time the flip became better, so we decided to skate with him for now. During the quarantine, we did not sit on the couch for two months. Yes, we did not have ice, but there were parks and forests.

So far, Mozalev does a flip with varying success: he does it in some performances, and falls in others. Therefore, this jump is in the stabilization stage. It is clear that he does it in training. Not with the stability that the toeloop, of course. But we are working in this direction.

Three quads in a free program is not the limit. As they say in business: many situations are dictated by the market. Can you see what's going on in men's skating? If some time ago with one quadruple you could be at the top, now with one quadruple, by and large, there is nothing to catch. I am a proponent of progress, so we will not dwell on this content. I'm not talking about this season now. But we are preparing other quads as well. We are moving towards this gradually, step by step. Otherwise, you can overload the program so that the athlete will not take anything out.”

Mozalev: “There was a goal - to perform this season with three quads. We tried different ones, but we decided that the flip would be better "

“I can say that today was a training session before the stages of the Russian Cup. I analyzed the skate with a coach and realized what I was missing. I will work on it.

I have not had such a thing before that I did three quads in one program. You just need to spend a little more energy on such a performance. And so everything is the same. Probably, today I didn't have enough strength.

I had a goal - to perform this season with three quads. I tried different quads, but decided that the flip would be better. I put it in and started skating. It took me about one or two training sessions to start landing it.”
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On the Ice
Sep 22, 2019
Yay, lots of Russian Mens' news! Thank you RemyRose :D

Side note: Would anyone know what 'ligaments' and 'squeeze' mean, since they appear quite frequently in Google-translated Russian?
I'm also curious to know what Matvei was saying in his video interview, since he won without the greatest skate...
This program is new for me, it is gradually rolling. But we haven’t fully decided on the images. The coaches see me in the form of the Petrel, and the choreographer we work with believes that this is Lermontov's Demon. The Demon is closer to me personally.
You can stay in science. This side attracts me. But I am afraid that a scientist may not be useful, that his development will not be appreciated, and a doctor is always needed, there is always work, people always need help.
As a scientist I say: Come to the dark side, Petr :devil: (But not too soon, maybe after the next Olympics!)


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Apr 9, 2016
I'm so into Chebotareva's packaging, they take their times with the elements, no rush to include the big ones immediately, and rather work on quality of jumps, skating (ballet training i bet too), spins. They have a good choreographer too, cause i remember even Konstantinova and Kolyada old programs were always very unique.
Chebotareva is best known for Kolyada who she trained from the start, but actually she often takes skaters from the provinces who are a bit behind their peers in Moscow and St. Petersburg and need to catch up. Zonov is on of those, he's been skating with her from 2018-2019. Also when left to her own devices she generally avoids putting unstable jumps into programs. With Kolyada there was a lot of Fed pressure but nobody cares about what Zonov does. As for ballet and dance training it's very stringent in her group and skaters are not allowed to slack off, none of that "I just want to jump" stuff goes with Klyushnichenko (their choreographer).


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Jan 5, 2019
Inna Goncharenko: Kolyada prepared programs at Hanyu's level



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Jan 5, 2019
Nice interview with Artur Danielyan



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Dec 28, 2005
Nice interview with Artur Danielyan

I'll post this out like the ones above. There is an interview with Buyanova also plus an interview with Lezheev that I will post in a few hrs.

Danielian'S FP is to Scheherazade.


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Dec 28, 2005

Artur Danielian: German doctors have revealed the real cause of my problem

The vice-champion of Russia and Europe in men's figure skating last season, 16-year-old Artur Danielian, told Anatoly Samokhvalov about a successful operation in Germany for ankle problems and shared his optimism about his imminent return to the ice.

- Artur, as far as I understand, the operation in Germany was successful?
- Yes, that is right. I would not say that I feel relieved, but I am glad that the doctors identified the true cause of my ankle problem, because before that I had gone through a sufficient number of doctors, their opinions either converged or diverged, but, thanks to our federation, I was sent for a consultation at Munich. Thank you for helping with visas and flights as well. I flew through Turkey , but they didn’t want to let me into Germany for a long time. It was very difficult and funny to overcome passport control at the same time, demanded one paper after another, called the clinic. It was already physically difficult to return, since my leg was in a cast, but my sister and I, who flew with me, were lucky - we got three seats on the plane for two and I was able to comfortably position my leg. Now all that remains is to recover.

- You started the season almost as planned. Something went wrong?
- I already got in shape, everything was fine, I was preparing for the test skates, they put on a new free program, the short one was left the same. The leg bothered me, of course, but not so much that I paid much attention to it. But the loads were all the same reduced, then they were removed completely, again gained momentum. I trained in jumps, and at some point there was severe pain. They began to find out what's what.

- Did the Germans immediately understand what was the matter?
- Yes. Initially, our federation sent them my MRI scans, they looked and said that they understand this problem, that they need to come and, perhaps, they need surgery. We flew to Munich promptly, I was examined by Dr. Schneider , they made me a new MRI and sent me to a specialist who deals directly with operations and who operated on many football players and other athletes. He quickly figured out the specifics of my problem and literally in four days I had an operation. I lay in the hospital for a couple of days and was released.

- How is the rehabilitation going?
- Starting next week, it will be necessary to remove one part that fixes the ankle, and I will begin to gently stretch my leg so that it returns to normal. We coordinate all actions with German doctors, we receive their recommendations, there is no point in speeding up the training process. Of course, I would like to start working on the ice faster.

- Do doctors give forecasts for recovery and how serious is the problem now?
- They said that the problem was solved, it remains to adhere to the recommendations, and then everything will be fine. There are no specific forecasts yet, it all depends on how soon the leg will be developed.

- Does the situation threaten your sports career?
- No longer, everything is fine. The coaches asked me if I was ready for the operation or not, I answered without hesitation that yes. After all, I am only 16 years old, my whole career is ahead, I want to please and delight all my fans. And even before the visit to Germany there was no critical state of affairs, it was just necessary to do something.

- Is there a chance that you can compete this season?
- I hope so because I want to show a new free program, new elements that I would like to restore as soon as possible. In general, I hope for the best and I am sure that everything will be fine. I am always in touch with the coaches, they support me and are waiting for me to resume work.

- Many skaters miss the stages of the Russian Cup for various reasons, apparently, the selection for the Russian Championship will not be very strict. Do you dream to recover by December?
- I will do my best on my own, my coaches, my doctors, as well as German doctors will help me in this, and my leg, which, I hope, will go through a quick rehabilitation without problems.

- Tell us about the new free program.
This is "Scheherazade" staged by Nikita Mikhailov, the program includes three musical parts. The music is very cool, the program is pompous, the costume is awesome! It remains only to go to the start and show it.

- Do you follow figure skating of the current season?
- I follow everyone, sometimes even with tears.

- Even so?
- Little. I shed two tears before the September skates, at which I was as a spectator, because I was preparing for them as an athlete, I was ready to perform, but a couple of weeks before them my leg gave out, and I had to withdraw. Then he decided that the situation was not the end of the world, there was no need for tears, everything would be fine.

- Who do you admire this season?
- I am very happy for Misha Kolyada , he returned and skated both of his excellent programs very cool. The rest of the guys also made progress, they all grew up. Good luck to everyone and get along without injuries! The girls have such a struggle now that it is even impossible to single out someone, and not everyone has performed at the starts yet. We must wait for the Russian championship, when everyone is at their peak and can show their maximum.

- Is it surprising that the skaters managed to recover so quickly, despite the pause due to the coronavirus pandemic?
- No, it’s not surprising, after all, we all did every day, carried out several trainings a day, albeit not on ice. I managed to keep in shape, and then it was only a small matter - to roll out the skates, achieve proper coordination and enter the competition. In the meantime, I want to say thank you to all my fans - for their support, for waiting for me. I hope that after this interview the situation will become clearer to them and they will not worry about me so much. I would like to thank my coaches - Elena Germanovna (Buyanova), Marina Leonidovna (Selitskaya), Uspensky Alexander Sergeevich, Zavozin Maxim Igorevich, Irina Anvarovna (Tagaeva), our federation for their experiences, for their help and everyone, everyone, everyone. Time is very precious now, everything must be done quickly.

Buyanova: Danielian showed a steely character, deciding on an operation

“I was pleasantly surprised by Artur's steely character, who was very focused and firm beyond his years in his decisions, realizing that we need to do everything possible so that the leg recovers. We, as a whole team, hope that all problems will finally pass us because I don't want the athlete to be constantly accompanied by pain. I understand that Artur is very tired of this and, thank God, that there have been dramatic changes, "Buyanova said by phone.

"I am very glad that he has such a core and a desire to return to the ice as soon as possible. Our team will make every effort to make Artur delight the audience again. Because he has been staged a very successful free program, and last year's short program has not yet exhausted itself. This season he a little different, God grant him patience and health ", - added the specialist.

“I remember we were running with a carriage from the crowd that was going to destroy the cafe.” Crazy stories from skater Lezheev

One of the most unusual figure skaters in the country Artem Lezheev skates to the "Witcher" and makes a "wheel" at the end of the free program.

In men's single skating behind a group of recognized stars - Aliyev, Samarin and Kolyada - there are a great many interesting personalities. The Russian Cup in the current format reveals many. Here is Artem Lezheev (emphasis on the first syllable) - not a very famous skater, but he makes very unusual programs. At the Cup stage in Moscow, he was third in the short program, then took bronze at the Panin-Kolomenkin memorial. His program includes gymnastic tricks, an arbitrary staged on an arrangement he himself created, and at the age of nine he saw with his own eyes the riots in his hometown.

The SE correspondent talked to a 24-year-old figure skater from Karelia who trains at the St. Petersburg School of Sports with Yulia Kulibanova.

- Artem, are you going to the Cup stage in Sochi soon? Some kind of kamikaze mode.

- Yes, three tournaments in two weeks, six rentals. Normally, while you can still perform, you need to collect all the medals - and you can go back home, relax in self-isolation. (Laughs.)

- You have an unusual free program - The Witcher, the "wheel" in the ending ...

- In general, with the "wheel" I wanted to close my eyes after what happened at the Cup stage in Moscow, where the skate slipped. I had to come up with a story to stop this from happening again. There is simply not enough time for acrobatic training. And I myself chose The Witcher and mixed the music. The last part, in which the "wheel", in rhythm resembles a battle, a war.

- The main meme from there is the song "Pay the Witcher with a minted coin", did you want to insert it?

- Yes, but it didn't work out. There was a lot of time in quarantine, I listened to a lot of music. I took something from the games, something from the series. The idea was - a dynamic first part, and then that very song of the bard. With this coin it would go awesome for everyone. I brought it under the rules, everything, but my personal censor did not miss this version.

- So, do you have a choreographer?

- Of course I have. I showed him the idea and approved. As they wrote on Twitter, he made the program himself, a witcher for himself, paid himself with a minted coin. Shouted for a long time when I saw this joke.

- What's the goal with this program? You were third after the short program in Moscow. Is it realistic to get into the top three at the Russian Championship?

- The competition we have now, of course, is crazy. But if I do everything cleanly with a quadruple, then good prospects open up. And there is a quadruple, salchow, I just do not have time to test it - the competitions go on in a row. Physically difficult. The goal is to refine the program, insert a quad and combine that with good skating.

- But do you want to continue performing for a long time?

- This is a story about a high. While you catch him, you want to continue. I'm catching and I'm not going to finish.

- How did a person from the 30-thousandth Kondopoga break into the national level?

“It’s the coolest ice rink in the world, marble floors.

- Did the marble help you achieve results?

- Rather, the infrastructure and the desire of the leadership of the local pulp and paper mill to develop figure skating. We have a single-industry town. Thanks to his leadership, the organ was built, the fourth largest in Russia, and a lot of things were done. They called a coach from St. Petersburg to assemble a group of children from scratch. Five years later, we could already qualify for the All-Russian children's competitions. For the region, this is a wild achievement.

- Honestly, I have only one association with Kondopoga - 2006. (Riots took place in the city after the conflict on interethnic grounds. - Approx. "SE")

- My house was 50 meters from the restaurant where it all began. As it stands now in the eyes: I helped my mother carry the stroller - I have three younger brothers, and we fled from the crowd when she went to destroy the cafe. It was tough. Then I watched from the window as the whole thing was dispersed.

- Did you pass those events through yourself later?

- Recently I watched Leonid Parfenov's “Namedni” issue about 2006, I was able to discuss with my parents why and how it happened. Before that, I only had a moment in my memory - a large building was blazing right next to it. Then, of course, I didn't understand anything.

- Can you formulate your opinion - why and how it happened?

- Interethnic conflicts are a very complex topic. It is clear that in Kondopoga the majority is the Russian population, but in that story, the interests of different nations were affected. And since the militia was inactive, it came to lynching. And when the law works, everyone lives peacefully, as it should be.

- You mentioned jokes on Twitter. Is there a hate in social networks?

- Oh, I pass by this cash register.

- Many top skaters speak very cautiously because they are afraid of reactions on social networks.

- Their audience is wider. But if we abstract from the audience of VKontakte and some sites, then everything is fine. In this sense, Twitter is great - it brought the people you need to the feed and read. Or Telegram . What you need to do is refine your channel.

- Let's expand it this way - do you need any tournaments of a new format to promote figure skating? Jumping, for example.

- ABOUT! A very good famous skater told the guys here - forget about the programs, I'm tired, I want to come to training and jump. And there were even ideas to hang up the camera and put on a show, but ...

- This will not work without a federation.

- Yes, many are tied to the federation. Although the federation is fun in America, they made an online tournament, even with a prize pool! Our boys, if the federation had made such a tournament, they would have strained themselves a little. ( Laughs .) Everyone realizes that skating in one tournament is a bit of a dead-end branch. It is necessary to develop near figure skating, that which is around the sport itself. Russia has all the possibilities in terms of media and popularity. So we discussed - you just need to start the broadcast on Twitch, and that's it. And collect donations. But somehow there is not enough time.

- We need to work out the "wheels".

- Not only. Performances for children - while you mix the music, while you train ...

- Are you already a coach?

- Sometimes I come to my hometown, consult, yes.

- And do you earn it?

- In principle, yes, you can live.

- Do you have time to rest? Go to the bar on the famous St. Petersburg Rubinstein Street.

- After the competition - a must. ( Laughs. ) Seriously, a glass of dry red after the competition is fine. I can advise you a bar too.
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