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2021 Asian Open: Women's Short Program


Record Breaker
Mar 11, 2016
Mai Mihara is taking the ice. She wants to show that her fall (the first in 10 years) two weeks ago was a fluke. She's in a great shape.
Wilson equal to himself gave her sleeping music but she's doing well.
Crossovers, crossovers, little steps, nice 3lz-3T!!
Good camel spin.
Nice 2A!! Not big but so airy.
Nice 3F even if she will get an ! on it.

A little fairy, as usual.

67 points. Not surprising.


Happy Olympic Season!
Record Breaker
Dec 8, 2020
This is reminding me of the Japanese domestic comps. They air those on FujiTV On Demand, but I'm cheap and refuse to pay for them, so I just refresh the start page and pray. This will be good practice for Sectionals (y)


Final Flight
May 16, 2020
I found this picture on twitter, so I'm happy for now lol