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2021 Skate America: Men's Free Skate


Feb 18, 2014
For some reason, men's competitions are always so fun to watch. I think it's because there's such huge depth, variety and range among the men. The men are all very different, and they bring different flavors and creative innovation to the ice, while the ladies just don't.

There are very few interesting and unique ladies, among whom I would include Wakaba Higuchi, Loena Hendrickx, Amber Glenn, and Olga Mikutina. I also enjoy watching Karen Chen, Kaori Sakamoto, Bradie Tennell at her best, the resurgent Alysa Liu, Liza Tuk makes me proud, Kailani Crane is so gorgeous and moves like an ice dancer, and Trusova is really interesting, but too often confounding. I can do without Scherbakova and the rest of the Russians.
Agree totally. I don't understand why there are pages and pages of comments on this site about the ladies' events. I often skip the early groups of the ladies (unless it's Olympics!) but I like to watch ALL the men. Somehow, even the lower placed ones are interesting to watch.

I remember at Lombardia 2019 Kazuki Tomono's SP was so unusual and cleverly choreographed, it grabbed my attention, even though he fell at least twice! Happily, he skated it better at Skate America and the crowd went wild!

And it's funny - in your last para you seem to have picked my favourites and encapsulated my thoughts on the current ladies generally. I will only add that I always enjoy watching the Korean ladies as well.