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2022 Grand Prix Espoo Women's Short Program


Record Breaker
Oct 12, 2015
Mai's sp, my favourite of the season.

Loena, good skating, but this program isn't a favourite of mine. I find myself not interested. Her consistency has improved so much the last couple of years, she delivers every time now!

It's nice to see these 2 ladies doing well. They both seem stronger and are getting rewarded.


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Loena is having a great start to this season! She's so confident in her skating, her jumps look comfortable, her spins are great - that final layback was incredibly fast. Her axel landing was awesome, picking up speed through the transition. She looks like she's having fun when she skates, and sparkles as a performer. (I thought about saying luminous but that might have been too bad a pun.)


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
so having seen only the last 3... and now seeing the scores, it seems the biggest loser from this SP is gubanova... Japanese skaters did very well and Madeline came up again with a decent short...(her issues this season have been with the LP)


Nov 3, 2013
nicely done by Mai. I know this will not make me very popular :) but will say it anyways, her skating is refined and detailed but it is small. Having seen her live gave me that impression which now i cannot unsee.
I have to agree on some point. She was much stronger before she hospitalized few years back. She looks still fragile and haven't got back the spring & speed she used to have.
Even though, she has been always one of my favorites along with her link mate Kaori. They always bring happiness on the ice, in very different way.