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2022 ISU Skating Awards


It's not over till it's over
Nov 13, 2020
The ISU Skating Awards will be held again this year!

I'll link the full press release below if you're interested, but here's the gist:

- This year's awards will be dedicated to the 2021/22 Season

The seven award categories from 2020 will return (Best Newcomer, Most Entertaining Program, Most Valuable Skater, Best Costume, Best Coach, Best Choreographer, and the Lifetime Achievement Award)

- There will be more performances + other fun stuff (The ISU is partnering with Art on Ice, like they have been for the past two years)

- It will be held virtually and "presented by two star-guests" (does not specify who)

- We'll be able to vote again this year. The official announcement says that a form will come up sometime in the spring. (I'll link it here when it's available)


Announcement | Press Release

I'll update this post as more information is released