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2022 MK John Wilson Trophy Women's Short Program


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Feb 22, 2014
Hello! Here to watch the ladies!

First thought...I like Bradie's dress...except for the belt...or sash or whatever around her waist...it looks really weird!

Looking forward to Gabby! I hope she can have just a good a SP here as she did in Skate Canada.

Good luck in front of your home crowd, Natasha!

Julia's green dress!

OK here we go! Bradie starting with 🔥 Eek, a fall on the combo! Lovely 2A though :) and nice illusion exit from the spin - I must say when done well that looks really nice :laugh:

This music sounds oddly familiar though at the same time, I'm sure I've never heard it before. 🤔

But she really sold the program! It'll be really something clean. The crowd is appreciative too.

Oh wait I just realised where I've heard this music before...a Russian skater is using it this year...can't remember which one though LOL. Aww, she's got a penguin stuffie!

Onto Gabby! This program is great! Love the audience getting into it :) shame about the lutz fall, the 3T-3T is always amazing though! I didn't know she'd be in a car crash this summer though. Poor Gabby, glad she's recovering well!

LOL replaying Bradie's music over Gabby's slow-mo, it almost fits :p

Homegirl Natasha! I keep forgetting to check what music the skaters are skating too, this totally sounds like "sealion" though :laugh2: Ripper skate though! And wow she only got her triples at 19, that's so cool :biggrin:

Julia: Another GP debutante! And I love This Shirt, I've been known to play it on YouTube twice in a row!

Wow, this starts right off with the lyrics, you usually don't get that. Gulp, is she going to try and do her combo last or take the point hit?! I guess you gotta YOLO? She did it! :clap:

That music cut tho...even my tin ear caught that one! Still much love for the green dress.

Alexia! She looks so different?! Wasn't she blonde before? Anyway, I'm gonna say it...I like her fingerless gloves even if they are pretty useless in an ice rink :laugh:

Sure is a lot of breaking glass in this though. Shame about the spins. Spins are hard man.

Gabriella Izzo - Her dress is very interesting! Are those pearls? Looks kinda 20s inspired, although the music certainly isn't!

Wow great program, she was in the zone! And also multi-talented what with the pre-law and her own company! Time to feel lazy and inadequate everyone :p

She goes into first! :cheer:

I'll update later with my Group 2 impressions.


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Mar 22, 2018
Or Isabeau got higher pcs than what she deserved or Mai was underscored but for me there shouldn't be that short of a difference between both in that area


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Feb 22, 2014
Group 2, lovely costumes for all!

We start with Nastya G, good to see her again! Although um...the sound effects might not be the best...especially for Gabby D! Such lovely skating though!

Hey it's the Georgian lady...makes me feel bad for Moris again... :( And the ugly Christmas sweater penguin is the best! She goes into the lead, hooray!

Nicole Schott, I like the red details on her costume! If you're gonna go black at least have some points of interest there. Ooo costume change! :biggrin: Who doesn't love a costume change! (Quiet everyone :p ;) ) Sham about the downgraded combo but still a good score.

Katia K! :love2: Oops double toe, nice lutz though.

Ha ha love the last half, especially the step sequence, Katia's selling it like a boss!

Whoa for a second there I thought someone had thrown her a stuffie that had a butt, but I don't think so, or at least...I hope! No it's a bird. And OMG the reindeer one is so cute! It looks so squishy!

Some GOE loss, but hooray into second!

Mai - what a beautiful program! Imagine coming back from juvenile arthritis! Aww she's so happy. That was super lovely skating and I read a bit ahead so I see she's into first and with a +70! Nice!

Isabeau! Love her dress and the flower in her hair. She does slow down going into the jumps, but the combo was still pretty good! She goes in behind Mai.

Young You! I can't remember if I put her first in my predictions :scratch2: Either way, love me a good tango! 💃 She looks pretty puffed and a little down, hope she's OK. I didn't know her coach wasn't a Korean guy though!

Everyone seems to be struggling with their combos a bit though! The step sequences are definitely a highlight though, which pleases me, I love a good step sequence!

Gasp 6th! Ouch!

Well, that was fun! Didn't expect Mai in first, but go her!

In other news it's so humid in my apartment right now...dang, I'm half-tempted to turn my air-conditioner's dehumidifier but I'm a bit worried about the energy bill.

Maybe I'll pop out and buy some cheese from the supermarket.