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2024 Four Continents Free Dance


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
I agree but the judges didn't think so. GP scored pretty low in both portions.. CB at their best would beat the Canadians by over ten points. Really the top two teams here were phenomenal. And then you had three Americans and a Canadian team fighting it out for bronze. I don't know what to say about the US dance teams after Chock and Bates. CP seem to have no. 2 spot wrapped up though many find their skating ho hum. Anthony and Christina are not in the same league as his parents who won Gold, silver and bronze at three olympics along with world titles..
This is the seasons' best score.

CB are 2 points ahead of Piper and Paul... not 10

amanda b

Nov 10, 2022
Keep watching P and P's free dance - just love it. When they are on form they are glorious. I just wish I could engage with their RD - C and B are top dogs for me with the RD this year, its just so sassy and entertaining and they have developed a very sharp style. Which rightly or wrongly gets the marks. Also a F and G fan (being a Brit) but always watch them with some trepidation - not as sure of themselves perhaps?


On the Ice
Dec 20, 2019
Was watching a part of the FD (until appeared a message " video blocked in your country because author rights violation grounds") ☹️

There is a Japanese couple that drew my attention Azusa Tanaka & Shingo Nishiyama because is true challenge their FD based on a ballet Giselle knowing that music chosen (from 1st act.) Is hard to interpret emotionally (who loves ballet knows why) , but is nice their FD and Azusa like Giselle and Shingo as Albrecht role are cute and is one of my favorites, they did it great.

always watch them with some trepidation - not as sure of themselves perhaps?
Maybe they are being more careful on every move .

Also I think Piper & Paul FD costume color is inspired in Agatha Christie's novel , I don't remember what novel of her does mention to a pink satin dress


Feb 18, 2014
I'm sorry, but I found that incredibly snoozy. I hated the music, especially the voiceovers - very one-note and lacking in dynamic contrast. They skated reasonably well, but I think that they will drop in the standings.
Glad I wasn't the only one who thought KoKo's was a snooze-fest. :sleep: