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2023 JGPF Women: Thoughts?


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003

So happy for Shimada! What a great performance with a solid triple Axel and quad toe! It wasn't perfect, but it was enough.

Shin has really improved and I'm looking forward to seeing her grow more.

Uezono should be extremely proud as well!

Nakai is so young and I hope that her back injury doesn't continue to plague her. She is still growing.

Were there any surprises for you? Which were your favorite programs in this event?


On the Ice
Nov 30, 2023
I don't keep up with juniors a lot, so I was very unfamiliar with this years programs, so everything was a bit of a surprise!
My favorite was Minsol Kwon, she is such an amazing performer and I think she could be a artistic powerhouse once she hits seniors!
Ami Nakai was wonderful all around! Such good musicality and nice jumps.
I loved to see Mao Shimada do a 3A and a 4T! It was unexpected but very well done, it didn't feel clunky considering how big the jumps are.
All of the junior women were wonderful at the JGPF! Like, I might start keeping up with women's juniors skating now lol. Such a fun event!!


Jan 12, 2018
Despite me missing Russians here it was a surprisingly enjoyable event. Short programs were a bit boring for me but I enjoyed free programs a lot. Lots of beautiful clean performances and thankfully listenable music.. ;)


On the Ice
Nov 1, 2022
Rena Uezono was a pleasant discovery. It was nice to see someone who presents as a contemporary dancer rather than an 'ice princess', which can be a bit boring if there are too many of them. It would be interesting to watch her compete against Mao Shimada and Jia Shin in the next few years.


On the Ice
Oct 22, 2019
My favourite event after the senior men’s event!

The junior women are all so so so good!!!!!

Mao is wonderful! Love that she can thrill me with her 3A and 4T. And that spiral!!!! I adore that spiral! I hope she always has it in any future programs.

Jia is just spectacular. One of those skaters who is making me understand PCS. She’s so elegant on ice and simply flies into her jumps.

Now I just hope that they all stay healthy.