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2024 U.S. Nationals: Ice Dance thoughts?


Final Flight
Aug 27, 2003
Here's an article about surprise bronze medalists Emily Bratti & Ian Somerville. All about their programs & what they've been working on this season.



May 1, 2022
Bratti and Sommerville are a team that I haven't paid that much attention to prior to now. The US field is so deep, I'd pigeonholed them into the sort of bottom-of-the-middle group of dancers, and my attention span rarely holds up to follow that group closely. I love it when athletes show me something I didn't know they had!

I've been hopeful for Carreira/Ponomarenko for years, but I had started to despair just a bit, so I'm happy for them.

Green and Parsons need to get it together very quickly. When USFSA decides to dump you, they dump HARD. I fear that's coming.

Ironically, on the cusp of what many expect will be their retirement announcement... Hawayek and Baker could have won this.

Wishing Chock and Bates a speedy recovery.
Just found my log in after months, so SOOOO late, but I attended Worlds in Montreal and I have to say, Carreira/Ponomarenko in person are very compelling and intense. They have won my heart. Also, Christina caught the plushie I threw so I had my little fan moment! I just hope they can challenge C&B for real. My heart broke for Bratti and Sommerville, but they are quite exciting as well. So so fast and sharp. I think Ian's incredible energy got a bit out of control. He is also truly amazing to see in person, if he can skate in control I think he will drive that team toward higher scores.