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Ursula Gumennik
Feb 28, 2012
Alexandra Nikolayevna STEPANOVA (Russian: Александра Николаевна Степанова), born August 19, 1995, in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Ivan Andreyevich BUKIN (Russian: Иван Андреевич Букин), born September 16, 1993, in Moscow, Russia, compete in ice dance for Russia. They are the 2013 World Junior Champions, and the 2015 and 2018 and 2020 European bronze medalists, and the 2019 European silver medalists. Alexandra and Ivan are also the 2018 Grand Prix of Helsinki champions, the 2018 Rostelecom Cup champions, and are the 2021 Russian national champions and six-time Russian national medalists (2017–2020 silver, 2015–2016 bronze). In addition, they have won three Finlandia Trophy titles.

They are currently coached by Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin.

Biographical Information

Their ISU Biography:


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Ivan' s rinkresults:

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Alexandra's biography, archived July 23, 2019:
Ivan's biography, archived July 23, 2019:

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Alexandra's Instagram (@ aleksandrastepanova)
Ivan's Instagram (@ ivan_bukin_)

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Personal Best Total Score213.20ISU European Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Rhythm Dance86.45ISU European Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Dance127.64ISU European Championships 2020

ISU personal best scores (historical), prior to the 2018-19 season:

Total184.86ISU European Championships 2018
SD/RD75.38ISU European Championships 2018
SD/RD Technical39.47ISU World Championships 2018
SD/RD Component36.25ISU European Championships 2018
FD109.51ISU World Championships 2018
FD Technical55.71ISU World Championships 2018
FD Component55.11ISU European Championships 2018
H - Historic Record achieved before 2018/2019 season


RD: Blues: Monster by Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber; Hip Hop: Everybody by Backstreet Boys (Apashe, Oski, Lennon Unofficial Remix)
FD: We Have A Map of the Piano by Mum; A Time For Us (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Nino Rota, performed by Sarah Alainn

RD: Quickstep: Sparkling Diamonds (from "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack) performed by Nicole Kidman, The Show Must Go On (from "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack); choreo by Aliona Samarskaia
FD: "Primavera" by Ludovico Einaudi and "Cry Me a River," performed by Justin Timberlake; choreo by Aliona Samarskaia

RD: Quickstep: "Sparkling Diamonds" (from the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack) performed by Nicole Kidman; Blues: "Your Song" (from the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack) performed by Ewan McGregor; "Sparkling Diamonds" from the movie Moulin Rouge; choreo by Aliona Samarskaia
FD: "Primavera" by Ludovico Einaudi and "Cry Me a River," performed by Justin Timberlake; choreo by Aliona Samarskaia

RD: Paso Doble: "Malaguena" performed by Blast; Tango: "Tango Suite Part III" by Al Di Meola; Tango: "Carmen's Story" performed by Edith Piaf; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia, Petr Tchernyshev
FD: "Am I The One" by Beth Hart; choreo by Petr Tchernyshev

SD: Rumba: "Espérame en el Cielo" by Mayte Martin, Samba: "L'Ombelico Del Mondo" by Jovanotti, Rumba: "Chandelier (Dj Maksy Rumba Remix)" by Sia , Samba: "Samba Do Brasil by Bellini;" choreo by Aliona Samarskaia, Petr Tchernyshev
FD: "Love Story Theme," "Love's Dream" by Rick Wakeman, "Liebestraum No. 3 in A-Flat Minor, S. 541" by Franz Lizst, performed by Martin Jones; choreo by Aliona Samarskaia, Petr Tchernyshev

SD: Blues: "At Last" , Hip-hop: "I Got Bills," by LunchMoney Lewis; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia
FD: Tango medley: Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by E. Runge, J. Ammon, Verano Porteno by Astor Piazzolla, Estaciones Porteñas by Astor Piazzolla, Libertango by Astor Piazzolla; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia

SD: Waltz: The Stunt Man (soundtrack), Foxtrot: The Stunt Man (soundtrack); choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia
FD: Rachmaninov's Revenge by Freddie Mercury, Montserrat Caballe; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia

SD: Paso doble: "España Cañi," performed by Erich Kunzel
FD: "Eleanor Rigby" performed by Joshua Bell and Frankie Moreno

SD: Quickstep: "I Can't Touch It," Foxtrot: "Sixteen Tons," and Quickstep: "Big and Bad"
FD: "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters soundtrack" by Atli Örvarsson

SD: Swing: "Swing, Swing, Swing" and Blues: "Boogie All Night Long;" choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia
FD: "Flamenco Boléro" by Gustavo Montesano; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Aliona Samarskaia

SD: Cha Cha: "Caramelio;" Samba: "La Collegiala;" choreo by Irina Zhuk, Igor Pivorovich
FD: "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Igor Pivorovich

SD: Waltz: "Faust Waltz" by F. Liszt; Tango: Tanguera by Sexteto Mayor; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Igor Pivorovich
FD: The Pink Panther soundtrack by Henry Mancini; choreo by Irina Zhuk, Igor Pivorovich

SD: "Porushka-Paranya" by Bering Strait
FD: Latin Medley: "Tequila" by Azucar Moreno, "Kiss of Fire" by Caterina Valente, "Oaeo" by Reina Saba

Competitive History

VIDEO LINKS in results

Galas under Total Scores

Season 2023-2024
2024 Russian Nationals1
2023 Russian Cup Stage VI1
2023 Russian Cup Stage III1
Season 2021-2022
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)6 (205.07)
2022 European Championships2 (213.20)
2022 Russian Nationals1 (223.37)
2021 Internationaux de France3 (200.29)
2021 Gran Premio D'Italia3 (202.18)
Season 2020-2021
2021 World Championships5 (208.77)
2021 Channel One Trophy2 TEAM
2021 Russian Nationals1 (220.16)
Season 2019-2020
2020 European Championships3 (211.29)
2019-20 Russian Championships2 (219.72)
2019-20 Grand Prix Final4 (204.88)
2019 NHK Trophy2 (208.81)
2019 Skate America2 (206.57)
Season 2018-2019​
2019 World Championships4 (208.52)
2019 European Championships2 (206.41)
2019 Russian Championships2 (208.49)
2018-19 Grand Prix Final4 (196.72)
2018 Rostelecom Cup1 (199.43)
2018 GP Finland1 (200.09)
2018 Finlandia Trophy1 (200.78)
Season 2017-2018​
2018 World Championships7 (184.01)
2018 European Championships3 (184.86)
2018 Russian Nationals2 (188.28)
2017 Internationaux de France3 (177.24)
2017 Rostelecom Cup3 (179.35)
2017 Finlandia Trophy2 (166.88)
Season 2016-2017​
2017 World Championships10 (174.70)
2017 European Championships5 (166.93)
2017 Russian Nationals2 (189.54)
2016 Cup of China3 (177.41)
2016 Skate Canada5 (168.10)
2016 Finlandia Trophy2 (172.83)
Season 2015-2016​
2016 Worlds Championships11 (163.30)
2016 European Championships5 (165.55)
2015-2016 Russian Nationals3 (170.26)
2015 NHK Trophy4 (160.64)
2015 Trophée Bompard3 (60.64)
2015 3rd Stage Russian Cup1 (181.68)
Season 2014-2015​
2015 World Championships9 (156.95)
2015 European Championships3 (160.95)
2015 Russian Championships3 (166.19)
2014 Rostelecom Cup5 (143.51)
2014 Skate America3 (143.87)
2014 Finlandia Trophy1 (152.82)
Season 2013-2014​
2014 Junior Bavarian OpenAS (59.05)
2014 Russian Junior National Championships1 (164.31)
2014 Russian National Championships6 (151.90)
2013 Winter Universiade5 (139.28)
2013 Skate Canada8 (133.12)
2013 2nd Stage Russian Cup3 (151.84)
Season 2012-2013​
2013 World Junior Championships1 (150.17)
2013 Junior Grand Prix Final1 (149.57)
2012 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter1 (147.10)
2012 JGP Bosphorus1 (147.73)
Season 2011-2012​
2012 Spartakiade of Russian Youth1 (157.93)
2012 World Junior Championships2 (147.74)
2012 Russian Junior National Championships2 (155.72)
2012 Junior Grand Prix Final3 (135.17)
2011 JGP Trofeo Walter Lombardi1 (149.98)
2011 JGP Brasov Cup1 (134.29)
Season 2010-2011​
2011 Spartakiade of Students1 (139.36)
2011 Russian Junior National Championships4 (139.57)
2011 Junior Grand Prix Final3 (129.94)
2010 Junior Pavel Roman Memorial1 (140.31)
2010 Junior Russia Cup IV1 (130.51)
2010 JGP SBC Cup1 (130.08)
2010 JGP Courchevel1 (117.60)
Season 2009-2010​
2010 Russian Junior National Championships7 (149.92)
3rd stage of the Russian Cup 2009 (Jun)6 (141.91))
NRW Ice Dance Trophy 2009 (Jun)2 (149.92)
2nd stage of the Cup of St. Petersburg 2009 (Jun)1 (146.81)
1st stage of the Russian Cup 2009 (Jun)4 (145.28)
Season 2008-2009​
Moscow Open Championship 2009 (Jun)WD (69.00)
2009 Russian National Championships (older age)6 (134.90)
Moscow Championship (Older Age) 2009 (Jun)4 (130.12)
Memorial N.A. Panin 2008 (Jun)1 (148.47)
3rd stage of the Cup of Russia 2008 (Jun)14 (114.56)
1st stage of the Russian Cup 2008 (Jun)9 (115.46)


Golden Skate Threads and Articles



Other Articles and Media

OP by Totentanz, December 2014:​

I really enjoyed their FD this season (2014-15) and have a feeling that this team is going to achieve much more things in future.:cheer2:

FD at Russian Nationals:

Their reaction after seeing the scores was amazing!!:popcorn:
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Record Breaker
Sep 25, 2013
I've liked them for a while now, and thanks for starting the thread. :) I think they are very promising and I look forward to them improving. :yes:
And on a non-skating note: They are simply gorgeous.


Ursula Gumennik
Feb 28, 2012
And on a non-skating note: They are simply gorgeous.

Agree! I saw them in person during JGP Bosphorus Cup 2012 and they were like Hollywood stars fascinating people around their way when they walk!!


Record Breaker
Apr 16, 2014
I had no idea who they were before this season, but they really caught my eye during Skate America: the sit twizzles, the million-position lifts, and her oh-so-diva hands at the end of the SD. :biggrin: Tanith Belbin (or was it Carol Lane? My memory... :hopelessness:) said that in every lift, twizzle, and combination spin, this team is always adding some form of innovation. They've received some flak for their SS and TAT's overhype, but I really appreciate how different they try to be.

Their FD took a while to click with me, but I suddenly "got it" at Nationals. And they were, of course, very cute in the K&C.


Record Breaker
Jun 27, 2012
Welcome S/B!!!!!! You are one of my favorites team. You reminded me of the old great Russian ice dancers.:yes:
Feb 13, 2014
Eep!!! So excited to see someone has started a fanfest thread for them!!! :points:

I really like their FD this year; and hope they continue to be successful!! :dance: Now, if they'd just get on SM! ;)
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Sep 25, 2013
Just wanted to revive this thread to say congratulations for their first Euro medal!


#EmpressAirlines #SinKatsapologist
Record Breaker
Feb 19, 2015
so decided to search something new going into WC & found the interview with Sasha where she says nothing significant but for the bumping of the thread of the couple I like it will do:)

She says that the changes in the program are minimal
After the successful result of the Euros it pushed them to work more & be better. Now they dont go back to these memories & ready for more. The training & preparation for WC goes steady & surprisingly without any pressure & no difference from the preparation to any other comp.

Good luck my loves!:love:
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#EmpressAirlines #SinKatsapologist
Record Breaker
Feb 19, 2015
so now as I feel that after Worlds it became so fashionable to hate on them I feel like I need to support them 10 fold now:think:
I cant make TAT or other people in their so called 'team' (how can those people call it 'support' of S/B is beyond me:scratch:) shut up, mind their own business & stop taking **** about other teams but what can I do:confused2:

Combining with the pretty meh result at worlds I still kinda hopeful that next season they will be somewhat successful even if they potentially can move down to #4-5 in the team

Sasha said that the fail @ worlds can be stimulating for them. The medals at Euros gave them false sense of security.

Vanya calls the season successful even with all the fails & losses. Sasha is sad because they failed the team in SD.

Rubleva too says that they looked very nervous & that the Euro result (& *cough cough* overhype) took its tall on them in SD while in FD they didnt feel the pressure.

Looked like movie stars at the Worlds Banquet:love:
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Jan 28, 2015
Don' t forget, skating is in Ivan's blood cause he is Andrei Bukin's son joined with Bestemianova were one of the greatest ice dancers in the history.


Record Breaker
Apr 16, 2014
Another person who supports them. :) I really like the changes in tempo of their FD, and how the choreography highlighted that. It was nice to see them move into the Top 10. Too bad about the SD, but it's hard to blame Alexandra with her bleeding knee after seeing (apparently uninjured) teams also fall over.


Jan 13, 2015
Let me join you! Actually, this is my first post.
I am rather optimistic about their result at Worlds. Even in SD, they have gained quite decent scores for other elements, and I'm glad they managed to pull themselves together in FD.
Considering last season, they made a great leap forward. Also, they have improved a lot since the beginning of the season. I think it has been a pretty successful season for them, and hope they continue to work hard and develop themselves!


Record Breaker
May 2, 2015
Any news about their new programs?
I really like that they are fresh and creative in their programs. Ivan has charisma and Alexandra seems to have the mental strength of a champion. Hope she will develop her technique this year.