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Alexandra Trusova


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Photos of her SP.

Edit: Also, an interview with Tatiana Tarasova, where she praises Sasha.

Google translation below:

Tatyana Tarasova commented on the mistakes in the jumps of Alexandra Trusova at the start of the season.

- Let's start with the fact that she is a unique girl, outstanding. There is no such figure skater in the world, never was, and it is not a fact that she will appear in our century, - said Tarasova.

- It doesn't work that way. In figure skating, even those who do not make difficult jumps at all fall. Take the leading male singles: not all of them will jump in an arbitrary three quads, but we are talking about five. Of course, you need to understand that Sasha goes to the absolute maximum in the Olympic season. It seems to me, as I said, that the jumps in her program are located very well, and this is the main thing. So this free one just needs to be rolled. And so that the rest of the rivals, going on the same ice with Sasha, understand that they can only fight for the second place,

- Did you like Trusova's Olympic programs?

- Yes, and both. I like the choice of music, I like the emphasis on what the athlete does best in the world. Sasha began to spin better, and this can be seen with the naked eye. She skates not only well, but very well. But most importantly, I remember both of her programs. What I can’t say about many other productions. Somehow they didn't stay in my head, which is very strange.
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