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Jan 5, 2019
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Gorbachyova, Alina Dmitriyeva (Горбачёва, Алина Дмитриева)

Date of Birth: July 23, 2007
Former Clubs: Sports School, Tver
Former Trainers: -
Current Club: Akademy " Triumph ", Moscow
Current Trainers: Fedchenko, Sof'ya; Proklova, Aleksandra
Current Choreographers: Mikhailov, Nikita
Current Rank: Candidate Master of Sports
Dress designed by: Olga Ryabenko
Boots and Blades: Edea Ice Fly - Matrix Supreme

Current season program music:

* Short Program:
* Free Program:


2020/21 Season

Russian Cup 4th Stage 3rd - 193.68
*Short Program 4th - 64.91 : 2A, 3Lz, FCSp4, 3S+3T (+10%), CCoSp3, StSq3, LSp4 (BV 30.75, GOE 6.72, PCS 28.44, Pen -1.00 late start)
*Free Program 2nd - 128.77 : 3F, 3Lz+2T, 2A+3T, 2A, FCCoSp4, 3Lz (+10%), 3lo+1Eu+3S (+10%), 3Lo (+10%), LSp4, StSq3, CCoSp4 (BV 58.85, GOE 9.48, PCS 59.44)

2019/20 Season


Russian Championships in the Juniors

Russian Cup Finals

5th Stage of Russian Cup

2nd Stage of Russian Cup

Selected Media

Full length interview with Alina:

Can you start with figure skating at age 7?
How to get into the National Team of Russia?
The influence of parents on your sports career?
Who sews the best dresses for figure skaters?
How to show the proper edge in your Lutz's?
and other secrets of Alina Gorbachyova ....

Newest routines with Alina

2020 Russian Cup 4th Stage Short Program

2020 Russian Cup 4th Stage Free Program

2020 Russian Cup 4th Stage Medalist Interview

2020 Winter Spartakiad Final Short Program

2020 Winter Spartakiad Final Free Program

Selected photographs with Alina








Alina the Bronze Medalist of the 4th Stage of Russian Cup​

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Горбачева Алина Дмитриевна

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Jan 5, 2019
some photos with Alina from the 4th Stage of Russian Cup

some photos with Alina from the 5th Stage of Russian Cup.

Unfortunately, she injured herself and now is resting to heal a metatarsal. So no pictures with Alina in her bright 'firebird' free program dress.
Both her dresses are designed and made by Olga Ryabenko.
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