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Anna-Flora Colmor Jepsen


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Oct 25, 2012
Coupe Du Printemps Junior Ladies FS: Results; Protocols
Coupe Du Printemps Junior Ladies: Results

No video uploaded yet 😞

Anna-Flora finished 7th out of 27 in the FS, with a score of 77.98. This meant that she dropped to 10th position overall, with a score of 117.04.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the Coupe Du Printemps.


Anna-Flora finished the Free Skate 5.75 points behind 6th position, Lena CUSAK (HRV), and 1.79 points ahead of 8th position, Nela ŠNEBERGEROVÁ (CZE). Anna-Flora was the top skater in a group of 5 skaters covered by 4.64 points, stretching down to Charlotte JENNES (BEL) in 11th position.

Overall, Anna-Flora finished 1.39 points behind 9th position, Šnebergerová, and 6.23 points ahead of 11th position, Jolien JENNES (BEL). Anna-Flora was the bottom skater in a group of 4 skaters covered by 5.34 points, stretching up to Charlotte Jennes in 7th position.

This is a strange one to summarise. In terms of the individual segments, she is unlikely to have finished any higher if she didn't have any issues. HOWEVER, if she had been able to complete the combination at the start of her Short Programme, she would probably have finished considerably higher in the overall results.

Anna-Flora's FS and overall scores in Luxembourg were her second highest scores of the season, only behind what she scored at her sole Junior GP appearance in Budapest at the start of the season. Her SP score was her third highest of the season.

These scores may not be close to the heights that she achieved last season, but hopefully they are a sign that she is heading in the right direction, and that things will go better next season.

I'm not sure if Anna-Flora is planning to do any more events this season. But, if she is and she continues in the upwards trajectory, it could provide a boost going into the off-season.

:cheer: WELL DONE ANNA-FLORA!!! :cheer: