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Brian Joubert


On the Ice
Nov 6, 2014
01 Danse Contemporaine - What is this? Why aren't they wearing shoes?

In the french version, there are no shoes and no shirt (for the men) for the contemporary dance often.

- I guess this is a final dance-off, I don't know what's happening but it's fabulous!
It was a battle and the juges gave their scores after. The 3 finalists danced their first dance, danced this megamix and then danced their second dance.

I was tired to see Brian dancing a jive ! When they said it was Katrina’s choice during the final, I was thinking : "they lie". It’s an obvious fact that he had difficulties with the jive. I wanted a flamenco.
I hope Brian will be on the tour this year. Katrina was the first eliminated this season (I must translate an interview of her contestant, he talked about Brian in a documentary)