Brian Joubert


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Nov 13, 2012
Happy birthday, Brian! And good luck with all your endeavours - whether performing or coaching - in the coming year.:)


All Hail the Queen
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Oct 31, 2014
Happy Birthday to Brian! Wishing you a day filled with happy moments and joy. :cheer:


Making rhinestone vest and tie combos cool
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Feb 22, 2014
Danse avec les stars just uploaded Brian and Nathalie's dances!

Oh wow this is too cool! My thoughts while I was watching...

01 Danse Contemporaine - What is this? Why aren't they wearing shoes?

02 Tango - Love the intro with the skating, but the rest of it was just...what?

03 Danse Classique - So elegant! Dance with me, Brian!

04 Jive - Loving the jive legs, Brian

05 Samba - I say, that's rather saucy! Also Brian would make a great mechanic LOL!

06 Rumba - These openings are both hysterical and rather cool.

07 American Smooth with Corneille - This is so cute, seriously.
07 Samba-Charleston - No, wait this is the cutest! I love the bowtie!!
07 Elimination Round - Jive - More jive legs, work it Brian!

08 Valse - Never heard of this dance, but smoooth
08 Tango Argentin - Oh yeah, those Argentine flicks, niiiice.

09 Paso Doble - This is nothing like any paso doble I've ever seen, but let's roll with it! Brian you lady killer you.
09 Foxtrot - So classy, Brian!
09 Elimination Round - Jive - Obviously, the French are mad for jive!

10 Jive - So much jiving, but jiving Brian is having fun Brian!
10 Rumba - Such a small area to dance in!
10 Un megamix avec Brian Joubert, Rayane Bensetti et Nathalie Péchalat - I guess this is a final dance-off, I don't know what's happening but it's fabulous!

Thanks for posting all these links! :dance:


On the Ice
Mar 4, 2012
That show was so much fun! You should see the outtakes and behind-the-scenes stuff. Brian's so cute in them. You don't even need to know French to enjoy those vids. I think the English subbed videos are still in Katrina Patchett's FB, and of course LMDJ's channel. His Russian fans are so devoted to him. I have the links if anyone wants them.

BTW, Nathalie was also awesome.