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Cheers for Team Italy!


You Know I'm a FS Fan...
Record Breaker
Jan 10, 2014
Ok so perhaps the Italians didn't manage to get on the podium this year. However, I think we can be proud of Carolina, who won a small gold medal for her best SP performance and C/L, who skated their hearts out to win a small bronze medal in the FD. And let's not forget the the top 5 finish of D-M/G and top 10 finish of M/H (who had 3 skates of their lives in Pyeongchang). This Italian team put in a solid fight for team bronze at OG too.

I really will miss the maturity and speed Carolina brings in her skating and the entertaining programs of C/L. They were the faces of the sport for their country these past two quads and I hope they can continue to develop FS in Italy.

Carolina and C/L may be retiring but each still have a World Champion title to their names and to consistently place top 5 in their 30's are great achievements. They will be missed :thank:.


Final Flight
Mar 2, 2012
My heart broke a little for Team Italy here. Three possibilities of winning a World medal but it was not to be. I'm most sad for Anna and Luca, as they have been one of my favorite teams over the years and are retiring.

But yes! Congrats on Team Italy's strong showing. D-M/G in the top five was the biggest surprise IMO.


Feb 14, 2018
The real gold medal goes to... the audience ;) So full, so supportive and encouraging of everyone's efforts. It would have been so nice to have had this crowd for JW :drama: