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Chock & Bates move training base to Montreal


Record Breaker
Jul 26, 2003
Even if all three of the dominant U.S. ice dance teams stay in, there's no guarantee that they will remain the top three teams in the next four years. Ice dance has seen some shake ups and some mobility in ways that we haven't seen before and we know the USFS and the international judges are willing to not abide by any perceived set hierarchy when it comes to the U.S. teams. The younger teams are hungry and capable and nothing says they are ready for big scores than overtaking any one of the dominant three teams from the previous Olympic cycle. I mean they are all really young. Madison and Zach had to wait one or even two Olympic cycles (if we count the 2009-2010 season) before they were able to compete at the Olympics, but in the meantime they built themselves up after 2014 and became a true medal threat for 2018 after having to fight tooth and nail to fight off teams under them and to overtake teams above them. Same with the Shibs. It seemed like they were destined to spend 2014-2018 playing second fiddle to Chock/Bates or even lose ground to Hubbell/Donohue; Hawayek/Baker; and even some other teams like Aldridge/Eaton, etc. as some were predicting after the 2013-2014 season. They fought to be National champions and international medalists. So any of the young teams who may be feeling frustrated in the logjam only have to look at the past Olympic cycle to see that it can be done. It just won't be easy. It also won't be easy for the current top teams either as they know they have to be on their A-game almost all of the time to stave off the tough competition. I think it definitely affected all three U.S. teams by 2018 as they always had that pressure to perform since all three teams were neck-in-neck.