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Daniel Grassl

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Jul 11, 2018
I'm still hoping for Italy to get that Team Olympic medal in figure skating. They've been so close, twice now. Maybe Daniel can help make that happen (and I'm sure Matteo will have his part to play).

Thanks @flanker for explaining the sheepskin coat thing. I'm never going to forget - it'll be helpful whenever I read google translated Russian interviews and I happen to read quite a few of those.

Contrary to most of my compatriots I have no idea about football, so I'll not interfere in that discussion!
i don't know that much about football either, but being Italian it's in my DNA as Pizza or Pasta :LOL: ah! i can tell off sides! ( really, i just watch the national team). to be back on topic (sort of) i'd like to see an italian team medal, but we're too weak in women and pairs don't look very strong andDella Monica/Guarise had a rough couple of years who knows in what shape they are.


Jun 26, 2012
You don't have to be the absolute best in all disciplines: excellent Dancers, a good pair (yes, Della Monica and Guarise had a rough couple of years, but they are still a very good pair), not so good women (much as I like them) and wonderful men (of which Daniel certainly is one). The Italians got two 4th places with good dancers, good pairs (two of them in 2018), not so good men (Matteo was still on the rise in 2018), and an excellent woman (the incredible Carolina) in 2014 and 2018 . Their chances are as good as anyone with the current composition! Go Daniel!


Jan 31, 2019
I am so happy for Grassl, and it was truly amazing to see Lz, F and Lo together! 🙀😻❤️🙌🤩

Edit: also saw that he is now #1 in worlds rankings, and peeps poking gentle fun at that, but I think it’s awesome anyway 🙌🌟
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