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Denis Ten Has an Infection


On the Ice
Nov 5, 2010
Was watching some NBC coverage and it was mentioned that Denis had an infection from his skates earlier this season? I was aware he had some sort of infection, but hadn't heard it was from his skates before. Couldn't find any articles saying this. Does any one know how it could have been from his skates? Or was this mis quoted?


Record Breaker
Oct 13, 2009
In some place I read that indeed it were his skates the problem, but I imagined it was a wound infected.:confused:


Nov 25, 2006
Denis went throught many health problems last year and unfortunately this year as well.
We had to withdraw from Skate America thanks to infection which started on his feet, then the infection went to his jaw, the wisdom tooth had to be extracted. Althought a doctor advised him not to train a few days, Denis went immediately on the ice next day. Then he skated at Cup of China (with back problems once again).
At B-competition in Austria he broke his skate and had to look for another pair a boots, now he has one made of leather and one from a different material. Then he went to Universiade where he sprained his left ankle. He started to train at 25th of December.

It is also a miracle that with such problems he came at the Olympics and showed such skating…and brought first Olympic Figure Skating medal for Kazakhstan. He is such fighter!
...something mentioned there.