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Denis Ten Update from Facebook


On the Ice
Apr 26, 2012
I think that Denis Ten is a wonderful skater with amazing musicality, but he struggled so much at Rostelecom Cup. I was worried, and wondered what had happened to his jumps. Earlier today, he posted a very nice message to his friends and fans on facebook that explaned it (sorry if this has already been posted somewhere else):

Hi everyone! I would like to thank all of you for an incredible support throughout the Grand-Prix series! Of course it could have gone better but I've earned a huge experience going through some adventures at this time :)
Frankly saying, I got my ankle injured practicing quad toe too much just a day before leaving to Windsor. And since then jumping any toeloops became a nightmare for me.
Staying in Toronto after Skate Canada I got a chance to work with a sport therapist and according to his diagnose I needed to stop any activities for 3 weeks.
I had a long discussion with my coaches afterwards, we were trying to find out whether I want/need to compete at Rostelecom Cup with injury and without proper trainings or not. Personally I just don't like withdrawing... There were many times when I had to compete being injured. And so we decided to go to Russia to see what we can do.

I wouldn't say that I was very-very disappointed after my short program. Mostly no one knows but right after the 6 min warm-up I realized that my left blade completely came off the boot. I was lucky to be skating last in a group and have some time to fix the skate but unfortunately I was unable to do it. The sole of my boot was damaged and wouldn't hold the blade anymore. I tried a few ways to tighten up the screws but all of them were done unsuccessfully. Going to compete and having right ankle injured & left blade unstable - I didn't know what to expect. Honestly I was just hoping not to break my skate. I'm glad it didn't happen.

I do not regret about my decision to compete even though I had problems at both of my grand-prix. What happened to me - could happen to any of us and as you know professional sport is traumatic and it's something every athlete accepts as a part of our sport-life. I positively look forward to get back on ice soon and be much better at all of the upcoming events.

Once again, thank you for support. And also thank you for your reviews of my programs. I truly love the concept of 2 programs being connected and I am very pleased if you enjoy them even though there are still many things to work on.

I just arrived in Kazakhstan to have my foot examined and finally see my family after 5 months of being away.
Wishing you lots of luck and love. Stay Healthy! and Warm. This winter can be cold. :)
See you soon!

I wish a quick recovery to Denis!
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Final Flight
Aug 27, 2003
Hope his recovery goes well!! I like Denis and was a bit worried by his early season results. This explains a lot, and hopefully he can come back strong for 4CC/Worlds.


Record Breaker
Sep 10, 2012
Finally some explanation! I was :jaw: after watching his CoR FS, now I can understand the reasons for his mistakes! I wish him a speedy recovery!


On the Ice
Apr 18, 2012
This is a skater to really watch in the next few years. I saw him skate at Windsor, and even though he had a lot of problems in his long program, one could still tell he has that specialness that can put him into the elite grouping of men's skaters. All the best, Denis! I hope to see you skate in Canada again.