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Feb 16, 2014
A few articles from the past couple days. He apparently had food poisoning before his SP, luckily it was taken care of by the Russian team doctors.

I'm sure he would have rather won silver with a better performance, but all the men had major issues, so at least he wasn't alone. And they all seemed to have fun together afterward.


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Feb 16, 2014
Some recent pics from his VK. I won't post them all, just a few notable ones.

With his family during the holidays

With Alisa

Missing Alisa ;)

Childhood pic, covered in medals

Draw at Russian Nationals

With Yuzuru at the GPF banquet

And another pic of young Dmitri with Yagudin

His next competition is Russian Junior Nats, Jan. 19-24. I think the only one who might be able to give him a run for his money (if he is not clean) is Alexander Samarin. Of course, I'm rooting for Dmitri to do his best and win!


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Feb 16, 2014

A new interview.

Dmitry Aliyev: I skate for Russia, not St. Petersburg or Ukhta

In an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda" skater she told why not in favor of the Komi Republic, I met the New Year, and have given him a quarter-jumping is best
Dmitry Aliev confidently entrenched in leading positions in the junior national team of Russia in figure skating. Until 2012, the athlete skated on the ice in the yard normal Youth Ukhta, and today it competes with the strongest skaters World Ice Arena. Recall that in the final of the world Grand Prix in Barcelona our countryman took second place among juniors and the championship of Russia in Yekaterinburg was the sixth among adult athletes.

In the New Year's holiday, Dmitry spent several days in his native Ukhta and took time for an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

- Dmitry, for any sportsman New Year's holidays - is a rare opportunity to go home and relax with your family. As Aliyev met in 2016?
- As usual, laid the table, my mother had prepared various goodies, talked a lot and joked. Some special traditions of our family there. Yes, they do not need! We are going all together - this is important. I have not seen their parents for 7 months. It missed his family, friends, so was happy to spend a few days in Ukhta
- At national competitions you are as an athlete from St. Petersburg. However, you Ukhtinskaya residence, and you remain a disciple of the school of Ukhta. Paradox?
- Before the championship in Yekaterinburg, Russia had to sign an agreement on competition between the two regions, that is in competition to the country my glasses were divided equally between St. Petersburg and Komi. I do not know the reason why the document is not signed. Perhaps just did not bring in Ekaterinburg before the start of the championship.
- And he whom you yourself feel: uhtintsem or Petersburger?
- I am speaking for Russia, not St. Petersburg or Ukhta. For me, as a figure skater, is more important to raise the level of their skills, to work out the maximum quality program. At the international ice for you - the whole of Russia, not a particular city.

- Even in 2012 you rode in open ice, trained in Youth. How did you get in professional sport?
- It was in 2012 or '13, right now I do not remember. We, the skaters from the Komi Republic, were taken to the camp in St. Petersburg. I then trained under the Lydia Konstantinovna Rodionova. In St. Petersburg we were all trained under the guidance of Olga Grigorieva. After returning to Ukhta he called me Olga Grigorieva: "Urgent ready, you go to St. Petersburg to watch a Rukavitsin."
- How was your relationship with Evgeny?
- At first, easy, but in this I find guilt: training without desire, little did not understand why I do it. I miss my family and friends. And on the first Christmas vacation homes I recall the famous phrase: "If you do not risknesh once, you will never be happy." Then I realize that we have to work, train and not feel sorry for yourself.
- I know that you play in training four quads. Impressive!
- Four quad - loudly. One day in training I tried a quad Lutz and I have it turned out. Best of all gives me a quadruple toe loop - a basic jump, which I perform compulsory in all competitions. Quadruple Salchow and rittberger - is jumping, I'm working on a daily basis. They were obtained at me before, but now I was a little difficult to follow them.
To date, the world figure skating four quads is active only in the Chinese skater Boyang Jin. Maxim Kovtun (three-time champion of Russia) in his long program includes three quads - coat and two salhova.

- Tatiana Tarasova, commenting on your performance in the championship of Russia, summed up: "Good boy, he was 16 years old, he still has time to all." Explain, please.
- The figure skating, there is a specificity: the older the athlete, the more difficult it are new elements. Therefore skaters try at a young age - 14, 15 and 16 years old - to learn and to consolidate complex jumps and cascades. Now the main thing - do not miss the time to create a reserve jump elements, fasten them to muscle memory.
- Who is your goal - Olympic champion. You will act with the same programs?
- Oh sure. I will be working on the same program and is ready to start with full dedication.


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Feb 16, 2014
Here is the article:

Dmitry Aliyev: Alisa will not throw, but someone else - I can!

They have all the makings to become the future stars of Russian figure skating. 16-year-old Dmitry Aliev - the only Russian single skater, speaking in the final of the Junior "Grand Prix" of the season and won the silver there. In the adult championship of Russia he entered the top six. 13-year-old Alice Fedichkin also performed in the final "Grand Prix" junior where was the fourth. And the adult championship of Russia, perhaps the strongest composition ever, she crept close to the top ten.

And they have a coach Eugene Rukavitsin, under which the Academy of figure skating St. Petersburg Dima, four years ago to ride on the open ice in his native Ukhta, and Alice, Rostovite moved into the northern capital in 2014, storming athletic heights. The closest would be the height of the junior championship of Russia in Chelyabinsk, where both skaters will compete for a ticket to the World Championships in his age category.

And they do not hide their friendship from strangers - so we decided to talk with Alice and Dima together. Especially because in a short while sporting career Fedichkin and Aliyev was curious episode when Rukavitsin due to the fact that designed the Canadian visa, late in the day arrived for the tournament in Nice, Dimitri made his debut as a coach and led Alice to the short program.

- Dima, that feel when you were coach of Alice?
Dmitry Aliev: It was very unusual and difficult. Worry about Alice was harder to ride than to himself. Basically, she knew and was able to, I just had to control everything. But when he stood at the boards, still took heart in the heel. As a result, the stress I experienced as if the two events held - first as a coach, then as an athlete. Heavy coaching share.

- And you, Alice, was strange to see in the role of Eugene V. Dima?
Fedichkin Alice: Yes, but if I left without a coach and without Dima, I would have been, of course, difficult. And then I knew that for the rim is a person who believes in me and supports me. So I am less worried. But Dima saw that he was very upset.

- In normal tournaments where just in the stands for each other sick, make eye contact before starting the program?
DA: We used to wish each other good luck before the warm-up, try to meet somewhere in the corridor. And then when he went to the ice, of course, from all disabled. Full concentration on his work.
AF: When I go out on the ice, I do not hear nothing, do not see self-absorbed.

- And do not shout to each other?
DA: I scream. And in general I try to transfer their energy to a maximum of Alice.
AF: I feel that for me Dima is undergoing. But I do not hear it (smiles).

"We need to start a new life"
- Both of you were in December in the final "Grand Prix". We understand that hit the smallest World Cup?
DA: Well, of course I thought about it: in Barcelona, ​​gathered all those who have been selected through the stages of "Grand Prix", in fact, the strongest six Junior World Championship. This is the kind of experience we know how to fight in the future. Let us know your opponents know how they ride.
AF: Of course, I have attended the excitement and emotion was greater than at the stages of "Grand Prix".

- All adult singles match was struck, and world records Yuzuru Hanyu.
DA: I live this fantastic spectacle never seen before. Yuzuru - cosmic man. I looked at him and lit skating more.

- Really so ever learn to ride?
- I want to pull myself together and start a new life stage. Rebuild yourself to learn something new. In general, I think that if work hard, you can achieve the same results.

- Alice, and you as the best solo performer of the world?
DA: I live in Barcelona for the first time saw the Ashley Wagner ride, Mao Asada. I really liked them, and especially what they are fighting for each element. I will strive to do the same.

- What you need first of all to pull to get closer to the top level?
- All. Gliding, rotating, jumping. Should develop on all sides. I also want to start a new life.

- Alice, two years ago, when trained in Rostov-on-Don, imagined that so soon get to the final "Grand Prix"?
- No, not at all represented. Of course, the dream of world championships and the Olympics all, but I have even thought about the final "Grand Prix" was not.

- What happened in this period?
- Well, in the beginning of the season everything gets. In the first stage of "Grand Prix" was the fourth, gave a chance to perform in the second stage. A little bit not enough to win it and get into the finals directly, had to wait for the final performances of rivals tournament "Grand Prix". Very worried, but lucky - I got to the final.

- About the Junior World Championships dream?
- Of course. But there have to be selected. I will try to do this work and prepare.

- Xenia Fedor Klimov pole and, many say, now showing exemplary pair skating. Do you like it in Barcelona?
DA: It is. I think they are now the best in the world pair skating. What is energy from Susie as she leaves the emissions - is fantastic. I do this level of performance pair watched live for the first time, really enjoyed.

- Can you imagine yourself in the pairs figure skating? How do you, for example, Alice four turns throwing.
- Alice is not thrown away, but someone else - I can! Maybe you try it and you can, but I have not thought about it. I would like to express themselves in a different direction. Although emissions and support I have tried to do. With someone out, someone did not work ... People do not mind, those emissions are obtained (laughs).

- Wow! And if you're being thrown out?
- And I just threw out! So I was in the role of partner. A little bit scary, to be honest.

- Dima, you have come to St. Petersburg from Ukhta, and you, Alice, from Rostov. The new city has become a mother?
AF: Peter is very beautiful, I start to get used to it, but I miss relatives. I Rostov two sisters, grandmother, father, dog ... It's hard without family, but coping.
DA: I'm getting used to the climate of the Petersburg for a long time. But now I loved this city. And I take root, and a lot of what I know, and guided. And new friends, many friends. Ukhta remained mother, father, brother and friends, and there are almost none. So Peter was closer.

- In St. Petersburg you have a favorite place?
DA: If you have free time, sit down in the subway, we reach from the Academy in a straight line to the "Admiralty" - and the Palace Square, the Neva embankment. There is pulling the most.

- In Barcelona, ​​at the final "Grand Prix", by the way, a number of Russian fans had a flag with the inscription "Ukhta".
- Yeah, they came to me, gave gifts, took pictures. It was nice to fans of the hometown meet. They have told us how hard it is getting to Barcelona, ​​so I was very impressed.

- And you, as a fan, might at some leaving to drive?
- In women's volleyball. It is like the way our team played.


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Feb 16, 2014
Congratulations to Dima, the new junior men's champion :)

This is unbelievable! :laugh2:

Dmitry Aliyev: "unbuttoned suit after the second toe loop '

January 22, 2016

Dmitry Aliev won the first championship of Russia after the free program commented on his performance in Chelyabinsk.

- I do not know how to evaluate its performance. I am while in prostration. He unbuttoned his suit after the second toe loop, and thought that ride naked. I wanted already to take 5 minutes to button. This distracted me mad, especially when he went to the axel. But then I realized: beggar, beggar so. We have to go through. But the whole situation is crazy I was hit. I thought that I was going with a bare ***. But then they told me that it feels good.

- This has happened before?

-- No. Now a costume change. Just five days before launch. The suit was heavy. And when I elaborated, sweating, it becomes even harder. We have removed the gray interior of the inserts to make it easier. But do not err. I have the side buttons. They moved. And I was really knocked. In training, I tried to ride in a suit, but did not promise. And then ... This, of course, great distracted. You go, you realize that behind all battened down and think: "How people look?". Thoughts appear foreign, and they knock. In the future, everything must be forged.

- How to assess the overall performance?

- Not for the better. Short program at all immaculately turned out for me. The errors are present, they need to work on. Of course, I want to skate two clean programs. We've been talking about that. But you have to find a middle ground to be collected on both the emotional program.

- What was the mood today?

- Emotionally was now well prepared. Warm-up went perfectly. All made clear, the control, the first time, as planned. Maybe it says what unbuttoned suit. But it can not pass the buck. There were times when people get off the broken shoes ... We have to work. Collect. There is a failure between the short and long program, it is necessary to learn to internally collect himself.

But in general, I am in positive emotions, because for the first time won the junior national championship. Last year was the third. So today's achievement - for me it's very nice. Congratulations to the guys with the end of the competition. I wish you continued success in the competition for which they are selected.

Lovely photo of Team Rukavitsyn:


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Feb 16, 2014
Another interview. I just love his attitude, what a great kid :)

Dmitry Aliyev: I decided that even with a bare a$$, but it is necessary to jump

The skater from St. Petersburg Dmitry Aliev confidently won the championship of Russia among juniors. For the first time in his career performing two quads in the free program, 16-year-old athlete won a trip to the Youth Olympic Games and the World Junior Championships. And for the first time in his career, Dmitry rode with the feeling that he is on the ice ... naked.

- During the rental problem with suit - said Aliyev. - After the second quadruple jump I unbuttoned button, and I thought that he was naked. For the first time this happened I have!

- That is like without pants?

- You could say that. Climbed some extra thought - that I was going naked, everyone is looking at me and laughing. When the second half of the program, tried to disconnect from it. I decided that even with a bare ***, but it is necessary to jump. And more or less coped with difficult jumps. Although with pomarochkami. Honestly, I shoot down - thought, Well, now another button otstegnet, and everything zaderet up.

- The new suit was?

- Yes, we are literally five days before the start of his slightly changed. It was a tough part of the inside easier, but not err additional belt. But the training we rolled it did, it was all right. And here was this ... There are four buttons, two parted. I think it look ridiculous!

- By the Youth Olympic Games is necessary to insure that there are no pants not to be!

- That's for sure. And it is in any framework does not climb. But the Olympics if I approve of the exact, prepare yourself for all items will check. In terms of costumes, music, software, jumps - of everything.

- By the way, here in the free skate and music still jammed a little, it seemed.

- Yes, I heard at the very beginning that it is "damped" and then again began to play loudly. But this I did not pay attention. When you ride, how loudly or softly the music, do not you think. But when the suit unbuttoned, I, frankly, lost. Just I do not know what to do. But on the whole satisfied with the competition - to have won, that was selected.

"You mentioned the Olympics - and I have goosebumps"
- It was the most nervous start to the season? Here you are really fighting for the Youth Olympics and the Junior World Championships.

- Burden of responsibility I feel. I understood that I can get to these tournaments. And when you realize that you can, you just have to do everything. But the excitement is still there was something extraordinary. Yes, a little nervous trembling - and all.

- It helped that played at this year's major competitions - the Grand Prix finals, the adult championship of Russia?

- Highly. By the way, I did not expect that in Chelyabinsk will be so many people in the stands. Past Russian championship was held in Yoshkar-Ola, so there is the audience, mostly composed of athletes and parents. And there are a lot of people there. It's nice that in Chelyabinsk came to cheer for skaters.

- Returning to the Olympics - the five rings for any athlete magical symbol. There is a feeling that the dream becomes a little closer?

- Here you are told it is and I have goose bumps ... It's nice that the sly, small steps approaching. This, though not adult Olympics, but still, even I can not find words how important it is.

- What you remember the very first Olympics, which looked on TV?

- Torino 2006, where Evgeni Plushenko won. But my favorite is the Olympics, I revisited many times - is Salt Lake City. Duel Alexei Yagudin and Evgeny Plushenko. As they fought for each millimeter of its program - words can not convey.

- And how to be in a duel, I had to feel?

- That, perhaps, was now a little. We Sasha Samarin significantly detached from the guys in the short program. Maybe a little duel with Yagudin, Plushenko our rivalry was a little bit similar. But Sasha is my good friend, we communicate with him. And all I'm good friends with. On the ice, the opponents, and in the lives of friends, always support each other.

- I think in 2002 it was not. And it is possible, because there were no social networks. And now everything is so intertwined internet ...

- I agree. Often the words of support can write the person from whom you did not expect. And it's very nice. But I really appreciated any support. I want to know that there are people who get sick of me. Today, I have written to an arbitrary group of guys. Insanely nice.

- You are first performed two quads in a program ...

- Pleased with this piece of the first half of any program. What I showed two quadruple toe loop. In training, I did, but lately a quadruple toe loop I lost a little bit. I tried for a short time to restore his championship of Russia. And rolled-two quads in a program.

- In the warm-up before you hire has fallen from one quad.

- Yes, the whole warm-up went well, I did a quad, but the other fell. My coach Evgeny Rukavitsin taught in such cases to think like this: I will mobilize any hindrance. In the warm-up before the Grand Prix in Austria and Latvia I have this already, what does not toe. And I was going to the competition did. So do not worry if the warm-up that something is coming.

- In addition to the Olympics, you have this season, will now have to address at the Junior World Championships ...

- Yes, I'm ready. They need to raise their level. The short program is executed even clearer that each transition was coordinated. The elements I have received here, but they should be even more honed. And any program it is necessary to roll out. At least two quadruple. Least.

- And if the pants unbuttoned, so it is also mobilized.

- That's right (laughs)!


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Feb 19, 2015
OMG! Sugarpova, look! :love: A Match TV report about the "21st century Romeo and Juliet," Dima and Alisa! I certainly hope their story doesn't end like R&J :drama:
hahah finally they realised how to get more viewers!:laugh:
Not only showing V/T!

I like when Dima is in charge! it was so great to see him so responsible & serios in that comp where she was alone! The real man!:clap:


Nov 10, 2014
I am sure he will become one of the best in the world very soon. There is something special about his skating.
Today was not the best day for Dmitry, only 5th in the short program, wishing him luck in the LP !


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Feb 19, 2015
ugh Im sooooooooooo sad! After the ladies disaster he added insult to the injury:sad21:

he better redeem himself in FS!


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Feb 19, 2015
Btw I just watched Katia's periscope & Sopot said that apparently they forced Dima to take off his costume b/c there was a cross on it & they didnt need religion there:bang:
What a load of BS!
tolerant Europe! (I bet if he had a rainbow flag on his outfit it would be hailed to the skies:rolleye:)

maybe he should have taken off his personal cross off his chest as well not to offend the sensitive public.:palmf:
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May 2, 2015
Btw I just watched Katia's periscope & Sopot said that apparently they forced Dima to take off his costume b/c there was a cross on it & they didnt need religion there:bang:
What a load of BS!
tolerant Europe! (I bet if he had a rainbow flag on his outfit it would be hailed to the skies:rolleye:)

maybe he should have taken off his personal cross off his chest as well not to offend the sensitive public.:palmf:

I have no words. I would have file a complain or something. It's outrageous, there is not such a rule so they did not have a right to force Dima to take off his costume! Norway flag has a cross on it too, shopuld they take it down also? :disapp:


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Feb 27, 2014
Btw I just watched Katia's periscope & Sopot said that apparently they forced Dima to take off his costume b/c there was a cross on it & they didnt need religion there:bang:
What a load of BS!
tolerant Europe! (I bet if he had a rainbow flag on his outfit it would be hailed to the skies:rolleye:)

maybe he should have taken off his personal cross off his chest as well not to offend the sensitive public.:palmf:

Well, I bet if it would be sign of other religion it would be great. So tolerant :scratch2:


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Feb 19, 2015
the 'funny' thing it was only the costume & it was by world wide famous EURO author:laugh:
it wasnt something Dima or Rukavitsyn invented on their own It just fits the theme of his prog:laugh:

yeah lets ban all crosses cause obv cross=religion:cool2:

haha really sorry for OT but as a christian I find it odd. Are you supposed to be ashamed of it or what????:scratch2:

Btw Skate America label with this type of star I can think of many meanings & I bet some people may complain too:scratch2:

he was very gracious Congratulated his rivals. But said that there werent any surprises, he knew other boys from other comps. He knew what his rivals are capable of
+That he lost b/c of 3A.
- What did your coach say?
- That he's gonna beat me up:laugh:

He talked about the cross too. Said that at Worlds he wont be forced to harm his costume. & that the medal is heavy ))))
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Feb 16, 2014
The way I see it, if the costume conforms to ISU rules, he should not be forced to change it. Weird...