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Elizaveta Berestovskaia


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Feb 27, 2014
Well, the judges will then base her ratings on the Eteri scale. But if there is an injury here, going to TT doesn't seem like a good idea to me. You can get to Pairs faster than expected, as the past has shown. But who knows, maybe the training load at Davydov is no different today than at TT, from a health point of view it is jacket and pants in the end. Good luck to the lovely Liza.
The training loads are similar of course. Same quads the same triple axels the similar amount of hours on the ice.

Liza has an amazing personality on Ice and that's rare in figure skating. I will wish her much success at TT. Now Eteri has another threesome of girls these are 13.

I just don't know how Eteri and Dudakov are going to coach all these girls and boys in an olympic season. The focus will have to be on Anna KV and now maybe Aliona as well as Maya Dasha and perhaps evgenia if she can get healthy.. that 6 girls for three spots for the Olympic team. Really it's only two spots because I don't see Sasha being left off the Olympic team with the way she can score internationally even with a fall or two.


Oct 14, 2020
At the beginning of this interview, Davydov talks a lot about Liza's departure:


I'll just put some Google translate stuff here (only obvious corrections):

- But it so happened that in this off-season the lines crossed: Liza Berestovskaya chose to go to "Crystal" to work with Eteri Georgievna. Was it a surprise or shock to you, or were you ready for it?
- No, of course, we are always ready for such transitions, because the result there is now better.

- But the competition is even higher there.
- Competition is the result. Where there is competition, there is a result. This is the choice of Liza and her parents, here I cannot say anything, how they look at it, how they see it.

- Is it Liza's choice? Or her parents?
- I can not tell. Most likely, while they are children, parents choose for them. This is still not an adult, this is still a teenager.

- Have you tried to persuade her to stay?
- What for? If a person has decided, if she already has this decision in her subconscious, if she wants to move, then it is better for her to move, because it's not going to work.

- But you can give some arguments, justify. You have invested quite a lot in it. She came with what, double jumps, right? You have brought it to a certain level.
- Many people think that they have outgrown their coach, that they need to go further, this is the main opinion.

- Did you break up normally?
- If I may say so - yes. Absolutely no abuse.

- Did the parents or Liza put this fact in front of you? Who said?
- Well, in general, we found out earlier.

- It is not the most beautiful situation if you learned from the outside, and not from them.
- The world of figure skating is such that if you only went beyond the threshold, everyone already knows that you went beyond the threshold. Moreover, both Liza and her mother understood perfectly well that as soon as they appeared at school No. 37, we already know about it. So they just broke up.

- How to save Sofa?
- No way. Work. Do not try to save - Sofa is an athlete, she comes, works, works. We need to build relationships. I cannot say that Liza and I had a bad relationship. We treat everyone equally, be it Liza or Sofa.

- It's just that if in the situation with Liza this is an athlete's initiative, then, for example, Sofa may find herself in a situation where the initiative will come from any other coach who will take a step forward and offer better conditions than at CSKA.
- Why are conditions in CSKA bad? Everything is just fine in CSKA.

- No, the conditions are excellent, but you can offer better. You can offer a mansion on Rublevka.
- Let's start with the fact that if anyone can suggest, it is "Crystal". Now going somewhere else than there is a step back. Probably a step back, or at least a huge risk, so to speak. I do not presume to judge, maybe not a step back, but a big, global risk, because it turns out that you are going where they have not done anything yet, and it is not known whether they will. Accordingly, there is only one move - to where they have done and do it from year to year, and do it well. Therefore, she is unlikely to be offered a mansion there, and in CSKA she has everything in order to win, take first places, insert quads into the program, and skate well. Absolutely all conditions.


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Jan 12, 2014
I don't really understand the part about mansion offer, or the mansion angle. Which skater got a mansion?! Or is mansion a euphemism for something else altogether? :scratch2:


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Mar 16, 2019
I don't really understand the part about mansion offer, or the mansion angle. Which skater got a mansion?! Or is mansion a euphemism for something else altogether? :scratch2:
They were exaggerating, it isn’t meant to be taken literally. The journalist was asking what happens if Sofia S. does not want to switch herself, but gets offered certain conditions from the outside. Davydov said that conditions at CSKA school are great (probably meaning ice time, facilities etc.)
Then the journalist rephrased the question that better conditions he was talking about mean $$$, and I think mentioning a mansion on Rublevka was just an example of that (this is an area near Moscow, where mainly extremely rich people live, Plushenko also lives there)
So it seems like the journalist wanted to ask, if someone goes „headhunting“ Sofia offering her certain things, what would Davydov do, how will he try to persuade Sofia to stay.


Nov 24, 2006
I don't really understand the part about mansion offer, or the mansion angle. Which skater got a mansion?! Or is mansion a euphemism for something else altogether? :scratch2:
I interpreted it like saying someone could offer her the moon to leave CSKA. It was not meant to be literal, but figuratively speaking. Sorta how Plush enticed Sasha and Aliona to leave from TT.


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Oct 5, 2019
I am very disappointed. I am not sure if anyone in the Eteri group helped her to be aware of the need to be proactive in her own training, like the case with Alina one time? There were a lot of shows recently and she probably didn't get much attention? (I am not blaming anyone)