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Elizaveta Berestovskaia


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Interview with Elizaveta Berestovskaya, which talks about quads and also her try-outs at Sambo 70 and Angels of Plushenko.

Google translation below:

Elizaveta Berestovskaya spoke about the failed transitions to "Crystal" and "Angels Plushenko", quadruple jumps and relationship with coach Sergei Davydov.

“It didn't go very well. Not the way I wanted. I did a bad cascade, I twisted it on the lutz and immediately inserted the toe loop. Everything else is good, but we must strive for the best. There is very strong competition here. Especially between our Russian athletes. I hope the quad will help me fight for medals tomorrow."

- Have you already dealt with the mistake with the coach?
- Yes, he explained to me. I bend over strongly and twist my arm. But we are working on it. I am good at making a lutz-toe loop, but today it didn't work out. We are going to make it 10 out of 10.

- In the meantime, nine out of 10?
- Well, yes. You also need to understand how to keep the body straight.

- Will you perform a quadruple toe loop tomorrow?
- Yes one.

- This is not your maximum?
- Yes, not the maximum. This February I jumped a quadruple salchow and two toe loops in the program, I completed my triple axel. But at the Russian championship here I performed without a toe loop, because there was an injury, and two weeks later I jumped a triple axel. But this season I am planning to develop this content.

- In the offseason, they wrote that you tried to train at Khrustalny and Angels of Plushenko. How did this happen?
- It was after the championship of Russia. Maybe 10 days have passed. We did not have very good circumstances at CSKA, there was a misunderstanding. I tried to go to the group of Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze, but they didn’t take me. They said, "She's a very good girl, but there is no room." There is also the Olympic season.

There is no place at all in the senior group, since there is still an adult couple Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov training. Then I was invited to one training session with Evgeny Viktorovich Plushenko, but there we did not agree to cooperate. In general, we decided to return. We met with Sergei Dmitrievich, discussed everything. Now I am in his group again.

- Did you not cooperate with Plushenko because it is inconvenient to travel?
- Well ... Probably yes. Because of this.

-Sergey Davydov reacted to all this normally?
- Yes, with understanding.


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
An interview with Davydov about Elizaveta, who has been plagued by injury and pain all season, it seems.

Google translate:

Coach Sergei Davydov spoke about the state of the Russian figure skater Elizaveta Berestovskaya.

“Lisa has something right one after the other. She broke her leg on the stairs, walked from the warm-up and somehow managed to twist it. It was at the end of last season, when she already went to Eteri Georgievna (Tutberidze) and came back. The last day of training, already its necessary to go on vacation - and now, she got a fracture.

Then they seem to have recovered. We performed well at the test skates, went to Krasnoyarsk to the stage of the Junior Grand Prix, and skated there well. And then there were problems again, now with the leg, now with the back ... Her growth is associated with pain, unfortunately. Many either do not feel it or tolerate it.

Now we are waiting for Liza to heal her back, she will not be at the Russian championship. Until the end of the season, there is also the final of the Russian Cup and other competitions. Will have time to recover - we will perform at them. If not, it's okay, we will prepare for the next season," Davydov said.


Record Breaker
Feb 10, 2018
Liza is facing health problems "not related to figure skating".



Jan 12, 2018
Liza is facing health problems "not related to figure skating".

Great to read she plans to continue! :pray:🌷