Elizaveta Tuktamysheva


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Feb 13, 2018
I loved both programs for her, can’t wait to see them clean and polished later in the season! Costumes were everything [emoji7][emoji7]

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Jun 27, 2012

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“The preparatory period, despite the virus, went quite well,” says Alexey Mishin. - For the entire existence of our group this year we have got some of the most interesting programs.

If we talk about Liza, we showed at the box office a version of one short program, but at the same time we are thinking about the second - diametrically opposite in style.

The new free program was born in an extraordinary way in this area of ​​sports activity - via video communication. My great friend, an outstanding dancer and choreographer Yuri Smekalov responded to our request, took the steering wheel in his hands and, together with Lisa, created an online version of a wonderful program based on Japanese motives.

If we talk about content, Lisa is already doing a triple axel, but unstable. However, to a greater extent this season, we focused on making Lisa a new one. In my opinion, it worked to a certain extent.

It should be emphasized that if we consider the motor structure of movement according to the program, then much comes not only from the statement, but also from the athlete's own understanding of his tasks. It can be simplified, or it can be made more difficult. In this regard, Lisa herself took a step forward, overcame herself, abandoning what was habitual for her. The fact that her program will look more complex in terms of the motional outline is a merit not only of our team, but also of the athlete. Yura Smekalova, the ballet star, can hardly be called “skating”. However, the picture of movements, the motor structure of an arbitrary program, we got quite intricate.

This year our former student Nikita Mikhailov helped a lot by staging the programs for Sonia Samodurova and Nastya Gulyakova. Unfortunately, due to injury, Nastya could not show them at the rental in Moscow.

Roman Kostomarov became another choreographic discovery for the world of figure skating. He made a short program, very uncharacteristic for Sonya. And in this "uncharacteristic" we find a positive. I hope that Sonya's period of "stabilization" will be successfully completed.


May 30, 2016
Does anyone know what Liza studies at university? I saw a post on fsu that says she attends the same university as Alina which I thought was great and I was just curious as to what she studies.


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Oct 25, 2012

I saw it! :) Kaitlyn Weaver (I believe?) commented that she wanted one and Liza replied mentioning that they will be on sale at some point. I totally want one too, how cool does it look? :biggrin:

It's not just a T-shirt that she's bringing out - it's a whole fashion range! Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Liza modelling them:

I hope they will not just be available as female-fit, but will also be available as male-fit / unisex. Because I really fancy the black version of the T-shirt she is wearing in the post Vemvane linked to. ;) :biggrin:



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Sep 15, 2017
I really like her program and dress .. if we could unite mishin and eteri in the same technical team .. that would be perfect .. what is missing in liza is getting the points that the eteri's girls get in the steps and spins.


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Nov 11, 2019
Video of Liza's FP:

She's so enjoyable to watch - she has a lot of personality on the ice. I was also really impressed by her jumping, as I have finally watched enough figure skating to start being able to notice differences in jump technique, and Liza has so much power in her legs - her upper body is very much an afterthought. It did make me think of what Plushenko said about Alexandra Trusova needing to get into a tighter rotation position faster for her quads, as Liza seems much more open with her arms in the air than the other girls. Also, hooray for her getting a level 4 on one of her spins!