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Evgenia Medvedeva


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Jul 3, 2018
"Russian figure skater Ilya Averbukh visited a new winter sports school that opened in the capital of the Stavropol Territory. Honored Master of Sports of Russia spoke about the nearest plans.​
The athlete explained that the territory is being improved now. And in September they want to hold a gala concert on ice in the new arena.
“These are demonstration performances with a large constellation of champions, where everyone demonstrates their number,” says Ilya Averbukh.
The skater told the Pobeda26 correspondent that there was no such large-scale event in the Stavropol Territory, he expects a good reaction from the audience.
It is noted that the Olympic champions will take part in the ice show: Alexei Yagudin, Roman Kostomarov, Maxim Marinin, Evgenia Medvedeva."


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Jul 3, 2018
Choreographer Artem Fedorchenko about Zhenya's program "Alegria": "I still hope that we will see this program." Choreographer Artem Fedorchenko spoke about his favorite programs of the 2020/2021 season. - Name a couple of programs from last season that you remember, not necessarily victorious.really liked the program "Cirque du Soleil" by Zhenya Medvedeva at the test skates. I liked it for the potential, for the idea. Then I thought: how it will all look beautiful when there will be a clean rental, a dress, an image. I still hope that we will see this program.


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Oct 20, 2017
Choreographer Artem Fedorchenko about Zhenya's program "Alegria": "I still hope that we will see this program." Choreographer Artem Fedorchenko spoke about his favorite programs of the 2020/2021 season. - Name a couple of programs from last season that you remember, not necessarily victorious.really liked the program "Cirque du Soleil" by Zhenya Medvedeva at the test skates. I liked it for the potential, for the idea. Then I thought: how it will all look beautiful when there will be a clean rental, a dress, an image. I still hope that we will see this program.
I agree. I want to see this program so badly. I've watched test skates of it, at least 100 times.


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Feb 2, 2019
If you can't wait for English subs, here is the gist of the video interview written down by sport24 (machine translated):

Two-time silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang Evgenia Medvedeva gave a great interview to the Youtube channel FAMETIME TV and answered almost all the most popular questions. Sport24 collected the most important thing.

About the Olympics and the rivalry with Alina Zagitova​

⁃ You and Alina were together at the Olympics. Alina somehow suddenly appeared on the horizon and also became a participant. But you trained together all the time. And when you watch two programs, as experts said, Alina had a program more complex in terms of elements.

⁃ Technically it was difficult. But for some reason, everyone focuses on the free program. Let's remember my points in the free program and its free program. We have the same scores - one hundredth to hundredth.

⁃ Basically, you both see each other's programs because you train together. As I understand it, you were together everywhere, together. Maybe it was also some special story that Eteri Georgievna came up with to motivate you and confront you? So that you look at each other more and work more, show and prove that each of you is stronger? And then you see each other's programs and realize that, for example, if you execute it cleanly and it executes, then it turns out that it still wins, because it has more elements? Or is it? What, why did Alina win, do you think?

⁃ She won the short program. That is, the grades for the short program she surpassed mine for the short program.

⁃ And why did it surpass?

⁃ Technically.

⁃ Technically, did her program have a stronger one?

⁃ Stronger program, yes.

⁃ Why did you have a weaker program?

⁃ First, I was injured. It's a one-time. I trained a lot less. Secondly, at the beginning of the Olympic season, I had a free program, which was technically much stronger than the one I performed directly at the Olympics. That is, there was a different costume, a different music, a different set, the difficulty was different. But then the coaches decided that I needed to perform the old set, which is simpler. Trusted.

⁃ So it was their decision? You could perform another, and in fact, if you performed cleanly...

⁃ I really asked to leave the previous program, which is stronger. But there's trauma, and... that's how it happened.

⁃ They were scared, didn't want to take risks?

⁃ I don't know. That's how it happened.

⁃ Did you understand when you performed that if Alina skated everything clean and you, then you would most likely take second place? Or did you still not understand it, went there for a gold medal?

⁃ Yes, after the short program, I already understood what was happening. And I skated the free program so calmly, it was probably the best and most blissful, meditative moment of my entire career. I'm driving in the middle of the program — I'm not tired of the program at all. I came out so much and my wings grew behind my back that I realized that this is probably the peak of what every athlete wants to experience. I achieved it, it was in the sensations at the competitions. And it happened at the Olympics.

I still often remember that feeling, it was just amazing. That is, I drive in the middle of the program, in the track, and look around, I ask myself: "Olympics! Do you realize you're at the Olympics?" "Yes, I understand that I am at the Olympics." "Are you scared?" No, I'm not scared." And I was skating so consciously, but it was like in a fog, and it was so cool, cool, inspiring and... I don't know, I'm sure that only 1 percent of athletes in their entire careers can experience this in competitions. I'm lucky to have reached this state of Zen. Realistically, I just caught some wave, some vibration, with which I just merged with the situation, merged with the problem. I took the last jump and then woke up. And then I realized that maybe something was going to happen now, maybe something was going to go wrong now. And then I was punched right in the program for some unreal tears. I mean, I went and started howing right away. I'm like, "Oh my God!" I had some kind of jump of emotions.

⁃ Do you understand now why you cried? What were those tears?

⁃ I understand what these tears are. I've always known what 2 tears they are, but I'm not always ready to talk about it. At least not to a large audience. Friends, relatives know and understand perfectly. And I don't want to say that.

⁃ When you sat and when you waited for grades, how did you feel at that moment?

⁃ It's as if the world has collapsed. The grades showed, and I realized that my dream, to which I had been going for many years, had crumbled. Internationally, I had a third season and from juniors I was on my to dream for 5 years.

⁃ Why is the Olympic gold medal so important for athletes? Why this medal?

⁃ It's a stereotype and a prejudice. That is, if you are a high-level figure skater, you must win the Olympics. If you don't win it, you're "well." If you take the same football, the same tennis, even hockey. In hockey, of course, the Olympic medal is valued more than in football, but still it is again a prejudice, the same stereotype. In tennis, the Olympic gold medal is "well," There are much bigger and cooler tournaments for their sport. In football, everything is the same, the World Cup is the most important one. The Olympics are cool, but also so-so. Skaters do.

⁃ It turns out that silver is not a victory, it is like a loss?

⁃ Depending on the context. That is, if, for example, you go out and you are an athlete not of SS rank, but of S rank (4,5,6 place) and suddenly you become the second, it's just wow, dump of the tower. I had it at the second championship of Russia, when I went there just to show myself, and in the end came the third. And it was just, "What?" I was skating in juniors and I was so very beginner, very green. I performed well and became the third. And they're like, "I mean? Wow, cool." And when you're the favorite to go there and become the second, it's a different context already.

⁃ So it was still a loss for you?

⁃ For me, it was a defeat, of course.

⁃ So you didn't expect this to happen?

⁃ I was ready for anything, but at the moment when you roll back both programs perfectly, 110 percent. I have all the printout for the maximum score, for +3 everything was. I could give something even more, but it would not work, because nothing is purely physical, physiological, emotional. That's it. Of course, you expect good results.

⁃ And with Alina you have now what kind of relationship?

⁃ Neutral, normal. That is, we say hello, we say goodbye, but we are not friends.

⁃ Why have you been artificially pushed with your foreheads in the media all the time?

⁃ Because it's interesting, I guess. Jizhuha, some excitement.

⁃ Did it bother you that they were doing it? Did it really heat up the relationship between you?

⁃ I don't like to be with people in a bad way. I don't particularly like it when I'm attracted to the fact that I'm insulting someone. Because I know I didn't. Perhaps someone thought something. Maybe I was in a bad mood. This also happens. Maybe I was angry. And this also happens, I am a person who sometimes, sometimes, I am aster. But I know for sure that I have never offended a person, even the intention of this was not. When I am credited with insulting someone there, humiliating, and in general I am such a scumbag, who will like it?

⁃ Did anyone say that about you?

⁃ There was a case. Well, no one in particular, it's these ones (shows someone typing on a keyboard).

⁃ And the fact that after the Olympics you were constantly confronted by fans?

⁃ Ours, in fact, the big problem of modern society is that journalists and the media for some reason listen to these here (again shows how someone typees on the keyboard). That is, they come to my page, see comments from blank pages, where 0 subscribers, 0 subscriptions, some comment, and they are like: "Article! Let's make the headline now!" And for some reason, some sports media, some journalists really make a cult out of it. These creatures (again shows someone typing on a keyboard) use it. Like, "Oh! They listen to us! Someone listened to us! We need to do more." And that's how a snowball rolls up. And we're sitting there looking at it.

⁃ Did you and Alina discuss this once after the Olympics?

⁃ I had this kind of conversation. Against all this background, we, in my opinion, and each other from friends removed, unsubscribed, then signed back, again. And I kind of walked up and said, "Maybe let's do something..." Relations are normal, we are standing, communicating, why? We laugh, we joke. Well, somehow this topic somehow came to naught, nothing has changed. I think, okay. The main thing is that I am clean in front of myself, that I did not offend a person in any way.

On the consequences of the Olympics​

⁃ As the years go by, do you still analyze, do you understand why this happened?

⁃ I was very much steamed, very worried. The first two years were for me the moral hell of what I was going through in my head. Condemnation from the masses also played a role. I also had personal problems. In general, two years after the Olympics, I had some kind of mess in my head. It was very hard. And I think only one of my best friends knows about it, and that's it. That is, I even tried not to tell my mother, because I knew that it would pass. I decided not to load the person close to me.

Now, after all these years, I understand that this silver medal is my blessing. And very often I sit and think, "Lord, thank you for not letting me win." A lot of aspects of my life and probably the desire for personal growth in general are fueled by the fact that perhaps I am missing something. Sometimes you don't even realize what's missing. You sit and thirst for knowledge, thirst to try new things, thirst to improve here, there. Go to courses, do more sports, press swing, eat right, read books. And then you sit down and think, why am I doing this? You sit, you think, you meditate to understand, and you realize that this is due to the fact that something is missing inside. Missing are these and a half points that were at the Olympics. And that's the force, the tremendous force that moves me forward. And, you know, I look at Ilya Averbukh, he's an Olympic silver medalist. And he misses.

⁃ Zhenya Medvedeva before the Olympics and Zhenya Medvedeva now - what is their main difference?

⁃ I'm a smart aunt now. There's Eugene, and now Eugene. I think that another 10-15 years will pass, I will have a family, children - I will already become Evgenia Armanova.

On leaving Eteri Tutberidze​

⁃ Your departure from Eteri Georgievna came a couple of months after you won silver at the Olympics. Everyone started writing and thinking that it was really because you took silver instead of gold. And that, probably, it was a kind of betrayal on the part of Eteri Georgievna, that she, together with you, raised Alina and did not hold her, did not give you the opportunity to actually win this gold. Can my words be true?

⁃ I'll tell you this: we're both good, both are good. I also do not remove responsibility from myself, that is, I do not try to make myself a dandelion of God, which: "I have nothing to do with it. I'm so cool, fair, I've never made a mistake. But everyone throws themself at me." I never even had the desire to make myself a ladybug and condemn everyone around me, because I know my character, I know who brought up this character in me. So we're both good.

Most importantly, everything is fine now. We communicate normally, keep in touch, I ride in the same "Crystal", in which I prepared for the Olympic Games, and for the two World and European Championships, which we won together. We try not to look back. We have forgotn to talk about the past, because why? The past is the past.

⁃ I think you're just on emotions, probably...

⁃ If this past could be changed, maybe we would talk. And now no.

⁃ So there wasn't even a conversation, right? You walked away from her without talking to her, right? At least that's what the media wrote. She said she found out from the media that you had left another coach.

⁃ As harmful as it may seem, but this is not true. What is not true is that she learned about it from the media. She learned about it from the federation. That is, I went to the federation, talked about my intentions. I wanted to speak in person, but I realized that everything was so bubbling, so all this was boiling, that it is better to do it either through a third person or just silently. And I was right that it was the best solution. Because if we had started talking then, I don't know how it would have ended. Maybe it would have been a lot worse than it was.

⁃ Why did you choose Canada?

⁃ Change everything. It's all over again. I just sat down and thought where a freshly baked Olympic silver medalist could go. And I realized that, probably, to the coach of the two-time Olympic champion (to Brian Orser).

⁃ He, you said, has a completely different approach to training. They, like our coaches, don't force.

⁃ Yes. Firstly, this is a completely different part of the world, there is a completely different mentality and approach to work. It is ok. In Japan, one approach, in Canada and America another, in Russia - the third, in China - the fourth. This is normal, the difference of cultures always plays a role.

About returning to Russia​

⁃ You, apparently, closer to ours, Russian, because you then eventually returned to your homeland anyway, do I understand correctly?

⁃ First, the pandemic. Secondly, I was in Japan, and Russia was the first to open, that is, I flew immediately to Russia. Canada, mind you, is still not open. That is, if it had not happened last fall that I got to Russia, I would still be sitting either in Japan or would still return to Russia. Because Canada is closed.

⁃ If you had to get there straight there, train, wouldn't you be given a trip there somehow?

⁃ Not at all. It's a tough time for athletes, really.

⁃ So one of the reasons was the pandemic?

⁃ One of the reasons. There were a lot of aspects that all pointed to the fact that I should have stayed in Russia.

⁃ What is the key turning point that put an end?

⁃ Probably two key ones. These are the circumstances with the pandemic, and the second circumstance is, of course, to finally find a common language, to accept each other and what was. In the silent agreement to accept that there were some mistakes that we are both willing to accept, forget and just live on.

⁃ And how did this first step happen? Did you write the message?

⁃ I honestly don't want to talk about it, because it's not just my story, there are a lot of people involved, I don't think I have the right to just disclose.

⁃ After you met, talked, agreed (this is my hypothesis, assumption) and you returned to Sambo-70...

⁃ I actually didn't go anywhere from Sambo-70, at all. As it was in Sambo-70, and remained, even when in Canada skated.

⁃ Yeah, I've even seen, there's a picture of Brian in that vest...

⁃ Yes.

⁃ As a sign. How did you put it on?

⁃ He is happy. Moreover, it was very cold at the rink, I brought a jacket, he put on: "Hooray!". Let's take a picture?" Come on."

About personal life in sports​

⁃ Is there any time of personal life in the process of competitions, training? Do you, the athletes, have a personal life?

⁃ We have a very young sport, the peak of the girl's career falls on 15, 16, 17 years. And this in sports, especially in figure skating, is considered early. I mean, "I mean, boys? Which boys? You're what."

⁃ Lyaysan Utyasheva told me that all the girls should be virgins while they perform and compete, because as soon as you lose your virginity, your body begins to look different.

⁃ Hormonal background has not been canceled.

⁃ Is figure skating the same policy too?

⁃ If you have a boyfriend and a serious relationship, even at the age of 17, 18, 19, no one has the right to dispose of your reproductive system, you decide who you are.

⁃ I mean, your coach says, you're preparing for the Olympics, and you have a boyfriend and you have a personal life with him and so on. Somehow suddenly your body begins to change...

⁃ Eteri Georgievna is absolutely calm about this.

⁃ So there is no ban on privacy?

⁃ We do not sign any contracts to live without a relationship. There's more of a psychological factor here that you're preparing for the Olympics — what guys, revelers? You need to think about sports, not that your boyfriend abandoned you. That's the way it is: don't be distracted. There is not a taboo, but such a persistent, recommendatory form, an urgent one: let's somehow without a relationship, because it distracts. There is, yes.

⁃ In fact, you have girls who participate in competitions as long as these competitions are, you do not start a relationship?

⁃ I didn't. Like other girls, I don't know. We don't talk about that. If a person copes with competitions, and with training, and still combines with relationships and personal life - this is generally super, cool. Because relationships, that sport is a lot of work. A lot of work on yourself, the expenditure of energy, effort, time. If a person, a girl, can withstand both life and another, combines it, in both lives she has success - this is cool, then only white envy can be envied that she has enough strength for all this.

⁃ Did you want to have a personal life, relationships, fall in love?

⁃ I wanted to. I'm not saying I wasn't in love.

⁃ Did you fall in love just from a distance and not date?

⁃ I fell in love more than once. And it helped me emotionally. That is, no one started any serious relationship, because, firstly, I always believed that it was too early for me. And rightly so. At some conscious age, I realized that in order to start some kind of relationship, I first had to grow my brain, my head. I have to understand, take this seriously. Not just walking around with someone, "We're dating!" and then broke up a week later. If you make a relationship, then put a foundation and put a house on this foundation, work out. Somehow I always had such a mouth in my head: no one forbids falling in love, but falling in love and relationships are completely different things.

⁃ Did you have a serious relationship?

⁃ I didn't have a serious relationship. I didn't have the kind to live with a person already, to move in or to introduce my parents. That wasn't the case.

⁃ Are you ready? If tomorrow there will be such a person.

⁃ Possibly. I think I'm pretty adult lady. 21 years old, youth, counts. I think that I have experienced so much lately that, probably, I will have enough experience.

⁃ Why then do you still live with your mother and grandmother, why don't you move and live separately?

⁃ Because we bought a big beautiful house, it is very spacious, a lot of square meters, and I have a lot of free space personal. I'm already fine. The most important thing is that I can survive alone. I can wash my panties there, wash my socks myself, I can cook my own meal, and everything will be neat, beautifully arranged in order. Also, the flowers will stand beautifully as the interior. I've been a wild glove girl all my childhood. And I realized that at least until I learn to keep order constantly, until I have completely always washed dishes will not be, while I have washed things dry, will not hang and until I learn to turn on the dishwasher and washing machine, then what kind of relationship. First, you need to learn to live, and then with someone.

⁃ You've learned now.

⁃ Now I have thank God, yes. Some points are in the development process, but I think I already have a 90 percent upload to a solo individual life.

About father​

You never talk about dad in interviews. You don't talk to your dad?

- No, dad is, we communicate with dad. I have a strange attitude to talking about my father, I can't say that I know him well. Somehow it so happened that our communication was built in periods, not on a permanent basis. Mostly it probably depends on me.

There's not much I can say. But if the question is whether there is a dad or not - there is, everything is fine with him, we communicate, we are in touch.

Did you miss your dad as a child?

- You know, I guess I had everything great. I didn't have this: "Mom, where is Daddy?", "Mom, let's give brother, sister." In this regard, I'm probably selfish, brother, sister - no, I feel good myself (laughs).

Does Dad have another family? Or did he never get married?

- I think I'd rather not speak, it's his story, his life.

Did he congratulate you after the Olympics?

- Naturally, we are in touch, communicate. Just not so often.

What do you think are your qualities of character from Dad?

- Stubbornness - both in a good way, and sometimes not in a very good way.

"And from my mother?"

- When you fall into some kind of stressful state, yes, you rush, you are nervous, but at the same time you immediately think over a plan in your head - that's what my mother has. If something happens, you immediately begin to twitch and think what to do, figure out what to do, and immediately run to do - more fire can be avoided.

About earnings​

— Now you are happy with how you earn?

- I'm satisfied. I believe that I have exceeded my own expectations and 200 200 200s of my family.

— For you, money in general plays a big role in life?

You know, I'd like to say no, but the older you get, the more you realize that money is opportunity. And you want to have opportunities. Unfortunately, they meet on clothes, clothes would also like to have. I would like to have a good education, which also costs a lot of money. I would like to see turquoise water and white sand in the Maldives, which also costs a lot of money.

- Barter?

- Maldives - barter?.. Well, I don't know, maybe.

- I noticed that many athletes do not use bonuses, but they pay for everything.

- I think it's up to each person to decide for himself. Someone thinks that this is begging: "Zdrasthe, I will fill you up here on Instagram, and you will give me this."

- You don't seem to be able to ask at all?

- I know how to ask for help. When it's bad, when it's hard, I know how to ask for help. I believe that everyone should be able to do this. And so, it is to ask for the type of "well, buy me a handbag" - no, I do not know how.

- Do you continue to train with Eteri Georgievna - do you pay her yourself, or does the federation pay for her?

- These are personal arrangements.

But did you pay for Brian Orser yourself?

- Brian I paid for it myself, no matter what anyone said. There were articles that I was allocated 6 million rubles a month for Brian - I would very much like, it would greatly simplify my life. In general, I just sat and thought: "Where is my 6 million a month, and, can you, please?" (Smiles.) No, it's all myself.

- Did Brian take dearly?

- Brian has a standard price, for each athlete he has one price. I mean, $100 an hour, that $100 an hour is unchanged, that's all he takes. He takes on his job, period.

- Does it usually work differently here?

- Everything varies depending on the coach, the organization and how exactly it goes. Brian is, as far as I know, different things in Canada, depending on the conditions.

What makes Medvedeva happy​

⁃ Recently I realized for myself that the slow pace of life makes me happy. I can wake up, stretch, cuddle with the dog, go drink tea, read a book, then get ready and go about business. For the things you like. And in order to get such a rhythm of life and those things that you like, you need to work hard.

What Medvedeva fears​

⁃ I am not afraid of anything, I am afraid of death. The death of his, relatives, friends. All.

What Medvedeva Dreams Of​

⁃ My dreams and goals are completely different things. That is, goals are goals that are material and to which I aspire, I can achieve them. And dreams... Probably, my dream is a family, two children and that my children live well, so that neither my husband nor I have to work two jobs to provide for the children. But if necessary, we will.

About my own mission​

⁃ I believe that every person has some kind of purpose or mission on earth. What do you think is yours?

⁃ Do for beauty. Going out on the ice and doing it beautifully is my mission.

⁃ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

⁃ In the sports field for sure. Not in the sports competition, but in the figure skating field of art. Where exactly it will lead, I do not know, but I know exactly what I will do, it will be related to figure skating.

⁃ What superpower do you think you have?

⁃ Bones fuse quickly.

What would I say to myself little​

⁃ What would you say to young children who look at you and want to be like you? What advice would you give them?

⁃ Don't think it's that simple.

⁃ What would you say to little Zhenya?

⁃ Little Zhenya I would say that there is a lot to come, but it is worth it.