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Feb 27, 2015
On Thursday, November 5 at the "Lighthouse" will be a live broadcast from the Junior World Championship in the women's figure skating Evgenia Medvedeva.

Recall that in this season the schoolgirl Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakov debut at senior level and won his first stage of the Grand Prix series, "Skate America". About vystulenii the ocean and many other Eugene tell during transmission. In addition, fans will be able to ask questions skater on these phones in the studio.



Final Flight
Feb 21, 2014
"I have no need any chocolate medals"
Evgenia Medvedeva about figure skating, haters, the sports childhood and the Internet

The rising star of the Russian figure skating Evgenia Medvedeva won the first senior stage of the Grand Prix in the USA and has every chance to become the brightest debutant of the current season. "Gazeta.Ru" met the 15-year-old athlete and asked her about figure skating and other things.

Evgenia Medvedeva will celebrate 16-years-birthday at 19th of November just before starting of the Moscow GP stage. Sometimes she seems so serious for her age.

– Zhenya when have you realized what do you want from the sport and figure skating?
– When I came to ET group. I was years 9-10 years old likely.

– Did such accidents happen at you in the childhood: you’re climbing on a box or on a bed — and you’re representing yourself standing on a pedestal?
– No-o-o! I always wanted to be standing on a real pedestal. What some box for? I also remember a story. Once I took the fourth place at competitions and they presented me a chocolate medal. This was offensive! I have since realized that I don't want any chocolate medals, I want the metal ones.

– Have you ever thought that the big-time sports took away from you the childhood?
– Here they are, my childhood and my life. I chose it by myself and I don't worry. Actually, I am online enough time and I walk with the friends. Simply not so often as those children who study at usual school.

– Your mother was a figure skater too. Does she give the professional assessment to your performances and does she direct you somehow in your career?
– She doesn't try to play a role of a coach. Mother for me, first of all, mother. And she just always supports me.

– Your first adult stage of the Grand Prix in Milwaukee left impression that you prepared the debut at the senior level consciously. To make the maximum impression among the senior company immediately.
– Everyone prepares in a such way. Not to a concrete event, but to a season in general. This period lasts about four-five months. You work-out your physical state, psychological and all elements.

– Last season you started doing the maximum quantity of jumps with the raised hand, and to transfer jumping elements to the second part of the short program – to receive additional bonuses in scores.
– As for a hand, I tried to execute jumps in this way because it was interesting – something brand new! And it’s gone! About the transfer of jumps in the second part as you told — it’s for the sake of multiplication of coefficient.

– The question of excitement is not too original, but nevertheless: you looked fantastically quiet at Skate America.
– It may sound strangely, there was less excitement than at the Junior GP stages. There are gathered a lot of people in the stands in Milwaukee. In such circumstances, you always feel support, after all spectators came to look at you. It helps.

– There are athletes which a large number of public and the general stress of competition are not encouraging, but rather depressing. They say about such kind of people: "minus a competition" [or "a negative start" - I don't quite understand what the reporter meant - in Russian it sounds the same].
– It always cheered me. When the audience is sitting five or six people, it’s even offensive somehow. You don't know whom you skate for.

– And if the standings are rooting not for you, but for competitors? In Milwaukee, for example, they supported Gracie Gold completely.
- But I do understand why it’s in this way, and I take it easy. Still, she performed at home. When we’ll skate on the Russian GP stage we’ll also gather the applause (is laughing).

– By the way, there Elena Radionova and Adelina Sotnikova will wait for you. Is it something special for competing with other Russian skaters?
– We on ice and we in life – these are two different stories. In the first case we're competitors, who are pushing each other. But off the ice we are girls who say what’s supposed to say to girls. We have good relations and conflicts don’t happen.

- Would you like to be not just an athlete with titles, but a star, a celebrity? This is not the same thing after all.
- I would have you corrected: not a star, but a human being they know whom. At this case you realize whom you do all this for, you feel support and the job becomes much easier.

- Are you not afraid that there will be many journalists around, you will be discussed in the Internet etc?
-Yes, I’m not. I consider myself as a pretty outgoing person. When I see how much I have subscribers in Instagram, I sometimes think: where from? I known by 10 thousand people, I’m interesting to them. If you imagine all of them in one place – it's crazy the number of people.

- But someone has millions of subscribers.
-Yes! Kylie Jenner (the American model and reality show star – note by Gazeta.ru), for example, has 28 millions. The same as two Moscow cities!

- How do you decide what deserves to be posted on social networks, and what doesn’t?
- I like to post pictures expressing positive emotions. My drawings, my dog, which I love so much. After the competition a lot of congratulations comes to, and it is impossible to reply to all. But I wanna. So I post photos and write thanks for the support underneath.

– Had you ever to face criticism on the Internet? People not only can support, but sometimes write: "Your dress is ugly". Or something else in this spirit.
– Anyone writes something similar quite often, but I treat it quietly. The person has the right to express the opinion. Not for nothing speak: " Every man to his own taste, tastes differ ". It seems to me, if there are the people whom you like to, so all of you do is correctly. It is impossible to be good for all. If there are no so-called “haters”, it means something is wrong.

– In Milwaukee you suddenly began to sign pics in Instagram in English.
– I simply noticed that the most part of congratulations was in English. I try to learn the language, I want to communicate with other people. In the comments they wrote: "So she probably uses a translator". Thus, I don't use an Internet translator! All this by myself! (Laughs)

– Is it true that for the sake of studying of English you watch the favourite TV shows with subtitles?
– When I can't wait to watch new episodes, I can even watch with no subtitles. But usually I wait for the translation because there is a wish to understand the sense up to the end. In general I love foreign series. I watched all the seasons of "Dr. Who", the first seasons of " The Big Bang Theory", "Breaking Bad", "Flash". I wait for new episodes very much. Also I watch any animated cartoons and I love license toys in the form of their characters. At the Chicago airport I had chosen none of the clothes, that I like much too. But a toyshop I had devastated seemingly – all is for myself and for gifts.

– If you like clothes, you’re also probably interested in fashion?
– I'm interested not in fashion, but in style. Of course, you need to keep up with the times. But sometimes fashion crosses borders, and it is not always beautiful. Two directions are the closest to me: more strict and sports. I choose according to the mood. I can wear sneakers, jeans, a tank top, gather hair in a bun and go with a sports bag and headphones to the gym. But also I can wear a strict skirt-pencil, to make packing and to take a bag on the elbow.

– Figure skating is the very beautiful sport in many ways. Of course, here sneakers and training suits are worn. But in many cases skaters choose other things. Did it affect your relation to clothes?
– I was given to understand what is the style by my coach, Eteri Georgievna. She always dresses tastefully and looks amazing. She taught me how to do make-up and how to behave.

– Who else does give you advices on how to stay in public?
- Olga Ermolina (a press-the attache of the Russian Federation of figure skating – the note by Gazeta.ru) prompted me several times. When they ask some an unexpected question, it is possible to fall into a stupor. But I don’t want to low and to wing what will be inconvenient then for. I remember when I was videointerviewed for the first time, it was just awful.

– After that you became to understand that you need to learn to speak, did you?
– Of course! After all, you need to learn behaving not only on ice, but also outside it.

- Once you identified yourself as a music lover and have dropped that you listen even heavy metal.
-It is true. I love Metallica, Green day, even a couple of songs of Marilyn Manson. Also I listen to many popular artists such as Beyonce, Snoop Dog, the foreign rock. I have a few favorite songs which I can put, for example, in the morning, when I hardly want to wake up and go for training.

- In this case try to explain why do skaters like a variety of music, but they do anyway skate with "Swan Lake", "the Phantom of the Opera" and other classics?
- Try to imagine if a girl like me starts skating to the heavy metal.

-It could be exotic.
-It seems to me that it would be weird. Music is selected music is selected towards the image of the skater, towards his internal state. Someone is closer to classic, someone – to blues.

-Who does choose you costumes?
-Coach, tailors and painters. For me the appearance is very important. But we have no disputes we have, also as conflicts. Unless a joke.

- Is there some an opportunity to be prepared in advance for the difficulties of awkward age and maturation?
- I think, there isn’t. You just have to overcome it, like everybody else. Now I don’t keep any diets, but I watch my food and I try to limit myself in the sweet. Overeating and being with a full stomach - it's not good. I don’t like cakes, pastries, but I like sushi. The weight difficulty consist that you need to jump with it. Try to imagine that you have amassed 500 grams. If you take a dumbbell in your hand - it is clear immediately that this is quite a lot. When the weight is distributed on the body - it is not felt, but nonetheless the jump trajectory is changing.

– Do you perceive figure skating as work?
– Yes, it is also my life and my work. If I was confused by this thought, I wouldn't be here now.

– What do you dream about in the sport and not only?
– Out of the sport I dream to receive the astronomical education as a second higher one. I love stars, space. When you imagine these sizes and distances, compared to which the Earth is just a grain of sand, it’s fascinating you.

– Have you a telescope in the house?
– No. It would be desirable, of course. However, anyway I have no time to look in it. Also I want to learn drawing well. Now I prefer the "animation" style, manga and anime. I can easily draw any character from an animated film. I have no purpose to paint any portraits.

– Have you ever wondered, how many years do you want to carry out in figure skating?
– No. Also I don't want to wonder.


P.S. Evgenia is at Mayak radiostation:
They have been talked much, but about this - later
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Dec 21, 2011
Once again, MANY thanks for the interview and especially for also taking time to translate!!! :love:


Feb 22, 2014
- Once you identified yourself as a music lover and have dropped that you listen even heavy metal.
-It is true. I love Metallica, Green day, even a couple of songs of Marilyn Manson. Also I listen to many popular artists such as Beyonce, Snoop Dog, the foreign rock. I have a few favorite songs which I can put, for example, in the morning, when I hardly want to wake up and go for training.

- In this case try to explain why do skaters like a variety of music, but they do anyway skate with "Swan Lake", "the Phantom of the Opera" and other classics?
- Try to imagine if a girl like me starts skating to the heavy metal.

Okay! :p


Final Flight
Feb 21, 2014
As for the radio interview subject – I have omitted some insignificant moments, repeated questions which already sounded in other interviews and also some standard answers not having special semantic loading. I cite here only a few fragments of the conversation which I found interesting.

After greetings where Zhenya was represented as a rising star of FS, but then the presenter made a reservation "she is still a small asterisk, but very talented and with good ambitions", the conversation about the first senior season has started.

Presenter: Why the transition from junior competitions to the senior ones paid so much attention? Seemingly, it’s the same ice, the same programs – why everybody fear of it?
Zhenya: I didn’t ever have any fear to pass somewhere, it is simply the following step, you raise a level, you try to achieve the objects and to go further. Simply at the senior circuit you have more attention, more serious, eminent athletes participate in the competitions and you have to treat the job more seriously. When I came to the ice – there was to many people sitting in the stands, all of them supported athletes, even I heard Russian "Zhenya, dah-vah-y!" (Zhenya, come on!)

Presenter: Anna Pogorilaya told somehow it was very heavy to her to skate to native stands. Representatives of other sports also tell about it is harder to perform in your native country because the expectations of the public are higher…
Zhenya: I didn’t skate at such serious competitions in the homeland yet – so I’ll try (smiling). It’s interesting to me.

Presenter: Zhenya, you came to FS at the age of 3,5 years – it is obviously not your choice, but mother’s. Why has she made such a choice?
Zhenya: No, it is a choice of mine. I was sitting in front of TV, watching figure skating.

Presenter: Being 3 years old?!
Zhenya: Yes, I remember well that interval of time when, having seen FS on the screen, I told my mother "I want to skate!" [it is rather doubtful that it’s possible to remember something at such a tender age, but let it go at that ;)]. Thus, I wasn't going to be like someone, I simply spoke: "I want to skate!" And when I was asked in the childhood what do I want to become when I grow up, I answered: "I want to become a coach"

Presenter at 9:28: Something’s clicking here. Zhenya, it's something you've got there. Aw, it’s a bottle probably.
Zhenya: Probably (smiling)

Presenter: How is painless the process of liberation from last season programs?
Zhenya: Of course, when you get used to the image, when you understand what you skate exactly and what history you need to express – it’s rather hard to switch from one image to another. But to leave the program is not hard as there is an understanding – your following program will be surely better

Presenter: You and Sasha (the second presenter) so remarkably discussed the Metallica off-screen. Why don’t you say Eteri: I will skate to it! They have some slow songs.
Zhenya: I heard one acoustic version of their song Nothing Else Matters (estimate the pronunciation at 10:47). Such a beautiful melody – I tried to skate to it, but I don't think that it can be used for the direction of a program because all understand perfectly – it’s the rock music and on ice it would be look weird

Presenter: But it seems to me that it would be such a novelty which could shoot.
Zhenya: I heard that some figure skaters tried to skate with this composition at the internal Russian competitions. I wouldn't say that the public can’t accept it somehow, just imagine – a fragile girl skates to hard rock music

Presenter: Aw, I have understood. There is necessary a mohawk on the head.
Zhenya: Yes, Green!

Presenter: What distinction is between Alexander Zhulin’s and Ilya Averbukh's work on staging of programs?
Zhenya: They have different approaches to staging. Alexander acts with a trial and error method – he feels what fits me and what doesn't. Ilya is more reserved, he represents an image and then he puts everything in order

Presenter: That’s Ilya tries to correspond to his idea of an image more, as far as Alexander tries to discuss it with you and to pick up the most optimum option just for you?
Zhenya: Yes, it is possible to speak like this

Presenter: They say, you were helped by the choreographer from a teleproject. How easy is it to get started working with new people, whether is there any thought that nothing’s going to come out or you won’t be able to work well together?
Zhenya: No, I relate easily to new people, especially when I see that the person accommodates me and wants to help. I haven’t such accidents that I couldn't work well together with someone at all. Our job consists of two components – sport and creativity. And as there is a creativity – it’s necessary to open the nature and to benefit from it all the positive. We select certain emotions to each part of the program, some acting skills have to be present here. We take a program and discuss what emotions I have to express in it and how I should do it exactly

Presenter (after a long story about her son which doesn’t like the widespread use of cosmetics by female athletes): Do you like having a lot of make-up on your face or you prefer to use it on a minimum? And why do the female athletes – in particular figure skaters and artistic gymnasts - use make-up so much in sport?
Zhenya: I like the make-up subject (smiling). I like to do make-up and to experiment with my looks. I consider that at a presentation the make-up has to be much because you perform at a big arena and from the first places it can seem that you have too much of everything, but the hall is big and there is a lot of audience who’s sitting above and the facial features have to be visible for them too because you express emotions. I don't speak about to disguise the face completely - it has to be just a make-up, but rather bright that features were noticeable

Presenter: Do you prepare yourself to presentations or someone helps you – mother, Eteri?
Zhenya: I prepare myself for competitions independently – as hair and makeup, and costumes

Question to the studio: Zhenya, I like your free skating very much – give thanks to Ilya for it. The only thing is the sharp movements of straight arms confuse. Is it conceived or you just worry and think of difficult jumps, but not of hands?
Zhenya: All the program is conceived to the last detail

Presenter: When you already skate a program – does it go automatically or still doesn’t?
Zhenya: When some moments need to be corrected, of course still you are engaged because you’re doing everything as before, but when you wheel in the program, it starts being executed automatically

Presenter: And does happen such a thing “Bach, I’ve forgotten something!”? So you start improvising with might and main.
Zhenya: No, it doesn't

Question to the studio: What purposes do you set for the season?
Zhenya: To be selected in the GPF and to perform successfully at the CoR

Presenter: How successfully?
Zhenya: To get into the top three and to be selected in the main events.

Presenter: Is there a sense upon the transition from the junior level to senior to aspire to medal places at once? Can’t it shoot down?
Zhenya: No, I temporary set a purpose to myself to skate clean because the way you skate – such places you have

Presenter: Does to skate clean mean to come nearer to the points which you planned?
Zhenya: No, it means to execute all the elements and to show all you are capable

Presenter: To execute elements - is it a concept question? That’s you don't think about places, you just made a certain concept with the choreographer, the trainer and your main task is to demonstrate it
Zhenya: Yes, if you know your possibility you need to try show all this

Presenter: Let's remember the Skate America, there were difficult and rather ambitious competitors there – Satoko Miyakhara, Gracie Gold… she declared much there (a remark from the second presenter "she generally likes to talk") was it difficult or you don't pay attention to competitors at all?
Zhenya: The competitions wich I don't participate in, I surely watch – because it’s my life, it’s my sport. But if I participate, I don't look at any information racks, at a board and other – because I'm preparing to the presentation.

Presenter: How long ago was able to develop this habit?
Zhenya: I has developed this habit since the childhood and coaches taught me that

Presenter: A question about complexity. Today all the female skaters have the approximately identical technical set (if not to count the 3A), that’s at competitions all depends on whose nerves are stronger, who copes with the program better?
Zhenya: To some extent yes, because when the person worries he becomes more unpredictable than when he’s quiet

Presenter: By the way, a question from a listener: "Zhenya, how are you fighting against excitement before the start?"
Zhenya: Before the performance I’m listening to music all the time – I dress earphones.

Presenter: To Metallica…
Zhenya: I am a music lover, I listen to all – the music in earphones plays according my mood. I have couple of songs which are setting me to the necessary harmony before competitions, one of them – by group Skillet – Hero, second is also by Skillet – Comatose (estimate the pronunciation at 27:24)

Question to the studio: Zhenya, judging by how are you relaxed in the airn – you are absolutely sociable person, you're doing great. A question is; here are Lipnitskaya, Sotnikova – we have many strong girls in figure skating as used in tennis - how can we save them all for the team?
Presenter: I concretize the question – there is a big competition today in the female FS, whether will the girls start changing their sports nationality and supporting other national teams?
Zhenya: Well I don't know what others plan – I personally don't intend to change sports nationality, I am a patriot [next do watch an interesting reaction of Zhenya to this her answer at 29:25 :)]

Presenter: Zhenya, tell us how does fold your working day?
Zhenya: The trainings start in a hall – General physical training, choreography – at 12.10 pm. I wake up at 9 am to get to the skating rink, then we have an ice training

Presenter: How about breakfast?
Zhenya: Of course, I have breakfast (smiling)

Presenter: What is your breakfest?
Zhenya: I always have a tea for breakfast, something dairy and fried eggs or fish.

Presenter: And does your mother go on feats and gets up together with Zhenya?
Zhenya: Well Zhenya gets up not so early and her mother needs to go to work (smiling)

Presenter: Does the road to ice borrow much?
Zhenya: About an hour

Presenter: After all you are engaged on the skating rink Khrustalny. Are you okay there, comfortably?
Zhenya: Yes, we have very warm and amicable atmosphere. Especially it was pleasant to me when I was met at the airport when I arrived from America – with gifts, flags, congratulations

Presenter: You seem surprised by this?
Zhenya: Yeah, for me it was a surprise. I didn't expect it, frankly speaking it was very pleasant. All of us on the skating rink as one big family

Presenter: Now again to the schedule. When does the training begin?
Zhenya: Around the noon. It’s the practice in a hall, General physical training, we warm up before ice – all this is somewhere hour. Then during the filling we put on, then we come to ice and we have a training around 1,5 hours, then a break about 2-3 hours and then the same. We finish all this at a half past 8 pm and approximately at 10 pm we are at hone

Presenter: As for the season – your next competition is Cup of Russia. How will the preparation for it?
Zhenya: Just the same as to other competitions because each event in a season is important in its own way and we need to be adjusted always seriously

Presenter: All of us here at the Mayak FM-station will be rooting for you, Zhenya. Good luck to you
Zhenya: Thanks

Zhenya is in the studio
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Final Flight
Feb 21, 2014
One more reporting about Zhenia
Chief presenter: Kirill, have you heard about the main innovation in the Russian figure skating? The 15-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva in the October started performing on the senior circuit. The youngest particioant of the first stage of Grand Prix, she went to the American Outback, the State of Wisconsin with the coach Eteri Tutberidze – the same coach who helped Julia Lipnitskaia to take gold in team competitions at the Sochi Olympic Games .
Kirill: They skate together at one skating rink – Yulia and Zhenia, but the returning from Milwaukee with this huge bear - a gift to the US Gran-Prix winner - was carried out by just Zhenia Medvedeva, the girl who dreams about astronomy, but for now delights millions of fans worldwide.
Chief presenter: Just for sports fun our correspondent Ekaterina Vedmed had a walk across night Moscow with Zhenia who has spoiled all game to favourites of the season. By the way, the dog of the young skater has almost mastered a jump in two turns already.
E.Vedmed: In this usual Moscow yard she appears when the light of the neighboring houses' windows already went out. A walk before going to bed with a favourite dog. Zhenia is only 15 years old. The dog is already 1 years old.
Zhenia to the dog: Look what I got, I'm not giving it
E.Vedmed: The 9th class of school, the 1st quarter, the ordinary teenager Zhenia Medvedeva with a bulldog Jerry are heartily frolicking in a football box – in winter there is a domestic skating rink here.
Zhenia: They play hockey here, beat the sides all the time.
Zhenia to Jerry: Come on, stop, stop. Well done
E.Vedmed: However, she doesn't skate here for some years – what for, when your life is ice as it is, and for quite some time now this ice became the most responsible, the most slippery and the most adult in the world. " Who was that girl and what did she sing?" - rushed on the Sochi tribunes which haven't depart yet from the Olympic Games 2014 – then Zhenia became a bronze prize-winner of Russian Nationals. This year she has the first senior competitions in the world level. After the US Grand Prix stage not to muffle, not to appease her song.
Zhenia: You go out, the light is put out, the ray of light falls on you and you suddenly feel that way "I am here" - and you at once lighten mood, you want to move and you really holds apart.
E.Vedmed: Two weeks ago she took the American dream away from Gracie Gold, the star of the world figure skating. On the native ice the gold American has only silver – the gap is convincing, nearly 5 points. But when we congratulate Zhenia on the victory, she doesn't even think to speak about her star success – what stars can be on ice? Stars are only in the sky
Zhenia: I like planets very much – just imagine the size of gas giants and the distance between them.
E.Vedmed: On her own planet being in the age of 15 years old she is not a star yet – she’s only an asterisk, Zhenia becomes engrossed in reading of books on astronomy, draws and dreams of Japan – surely, to dance to Michael Jackson there. [?]
Zhenia (delightfully): I have been always liked how this person presents himself, he always gives all the best on the full. I wanted to be similar to him earlier and now I want it too
E.Vedmed: There is the king of pop in her playlist, there is a collection of teddy bears in her Instagram wich are from fans. After the first victory she have already a small army of them.
Zhenia: I have 10 000 followers in the Instagram now . I just imagine – 10 000 people whom I am interesting to, who know me, who’s coming to my page from time to time and watching my photos.
E.Vedmed: On the video from the home archive Zhenya always dances, and not only on ice – as well as now she's always in motion – but here she stops in a flash and that’s all - little Zhenia is no longer, now with us Evgenia speaks.
Zhenia: Of course it is heavy, any sport is heavy. I remember, how many people worry about me, that I have a family, that I have the second family – my coach's structure, when I understand that there are many people who stand for me most firmly – surely then there is a wish to go out and justify all this.
E.Vedmed: In the sport she was accepted not from the first time – she was then only three years old that is too early start even for figure skating. Also for now she is the youngest in the Russian national team – in 2008 she came to the trainer Eteri Tutberidze, and that’s all – the childhood has ended and the sport has started. But no matter how many broken knees in blood she had, Zhenia never regretted herself, and doesn't advise it to others.
Zhenia: I wanted to be engaged in this sport all my life, this is my favourite job.
E.Vedmed: She intentionally doesn't look at rivals before her presentation – what for, when she’s excited by only her own result. At the Skate America she performed with a long program which was choreographed for Yulia Lipnitskaya – the OGM is only a year more senior than Medvedeva.
I. Averbukh: Of course, Zhenia should pass the very difficult stage - a maturation when her anthropometrical data will change, she will grow up. But she has a nature of champion. Probably, it was the most interesting work among all my works in female single skating.
E.Vedmed: After the triumph daily trainings and returning home to midnight take place again. When at the end of November a thin ice layer will come here and children will jump out with skates and buns, Zhenia Medvedeva will come to ice confidently again to fight for a victory, but now at the home arena – in Russia on the senior way she didn't win yet.
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Final Flight
Feb 21, 2014
It seems that Zhenya doesn't feel as a star at all. Just a lovely chatter
her actual height is 157cm, weight is 40kg (by her words)
also she told that she was invited to comment some of broadcastings from CoR
Q: Why had you a fall on the axel?
Zhenya: I'm not a machine for figure skating!

Three wonderful fanvideos by James Tey!

1. Evgenia & John Travolta fell in d.i.s.c.o feVer to Stayin' Alive

2. Evgenia's "Mute Music" with Original Soundtrack

3. Evgenia's victorius "Summer Night's Dream" with Original Soundtrack

working moments
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On the Ice
Apr 13, 2015
I have to say it: choreography in her new programs is unbelievable. She's always in motion, in beautiful motion at that. I salute her and her team. Her first adult season and two of the best programs in history right away.

With that in mind, Gracie Gold definitely received way too much for her SP at TEB. She had a stable performance which is a rare event for her, but that's it. And she received 73.32, that's 8 points more than she received at Cup of China (65.39) and 2 points more than Medvedeva at the same event (70.92). And at both events, Gracie received much more for choreography than Zhenya, unbelievable. I like Gracie, I like her program, music and dress, but her choreo is nowhere near Medvedeva's, even though it did improve from last year, people said this before.

There is your judging. Just my 2 dollars.