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Evgenia Medvedeva

Jul 30, 2012
Fantastic to see Evgenia doing so well! I really look forward to seeing her skate again soon.
At SrNats she had 72.57, TES 40.09 in SP.
At JGP Final SP 67.09 TES 39.29.

Her PCS in Russia is higher (it is always so at national level in all the countries), but TES - practically the same as ISU competitions.


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Feb 21, 2014
Thanks a lot for the link Roman09. Fine performance. What is this competition for? Is it a qualification for something?
No, it is the separate competitions which are carried out among pupils of the Russian educational institutions. But in general the term "Spartakiad" is much wider, the foundation was laid to it during mutual boycotts of the Olympic Games in the 80th years of the last century. There is an article in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartakiad
Of course, the prestige of these competitions in Russia is low today, but athletes use them as preparation for the main starts
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Feb 21, 2014
The Commitment
The story of Evgenia Medvedeva who since the childhood knows what she wants and who understands how to achieve it
The Russian Nationals in Sochi which drew a line under the first half of season 2014/15, they still discuss. Basically everyone worries, of course, about Yulia Lipnitskaya which unexpectedly appeared on the ninth place and who remained without the European championship. It almost didn't affect productivity of the coach Eteri Tutberidzе. One more her student is Evgenia Medvedeva who won a bronze medal. She, however, remained without the European departure too, because she isn’t illegible by the age. In November Zhenia was 15 years, by the rules ISU she is still a child. Though actually her childhood ended long ago. Zhenia was three and a half years old when parents decided that it is time for her to find some occupation and brought her on a skating rink.
When Evgenia tells about her childhood, it is almost impossible to catch habitual stories in such cases about pranks and pastimes, but "a lutz" and "an axel" occur in every second offer.
"From the age of five I well remember myself on ice. The brightest reminiscence from the childhood? Probably, it's about how we together with the coach studied a spinning top. It is an element such, not the most difficult, usual rotation on the bent foot. But for me it was impossible to execute it for some reason for a long time. And the girl who was much younger made everything nearly from the first attempt. I then was upset very much. So I such worried so I even didn't want to work out"
But it was not the only complexity which Zhenia faced. In CSKA where she was brought by parents, trainers started changing much. In five incomplete years she replaced three groups. It was difficult to achieve result in such conditions, and Evgenia was transferred to other school, to Eteri Tutberidze’s group.
"On the first practice at Eteri Georgiyevna it became clear that I am not able anything really. I did an axel, a salchow incorrectly. I began to study everything from the beginning. But it even was pleasant to me. Eteri Georgiyevna helped to understand that figure skating is seriously and for a long time for me. In the life we have warm relations. On ice she is more exacting and she keeps track very much closely of everything that can affect my form in anyway. It’s good. When business concerns work, there shouldn’t be personal relations and sympathies"
Such approach was effective. In the age of 11 years Zhenia took part at the adult Championship of Russia for the first time, she successfully skated a long program and took a final 8th place.
"I understood that I’m already capable to compete with other athletes on equal terms. Technically it isn't heavy to carry out adult programs to me. Here the main thing to begin to jump all triple jumps. It’s monotonous work to jump until you bring it all automatically. It’s more difficult about expression. Heroines of my programs are more senior than me, many of them faced with such feelings which I know nothing about so I even not always understand how to play them. Choreographers help, explain with what emotions I must go to ice. However, sometimes it seems to me that the children's worldview even helps me. Any program looks purer, touching".
About herself "I am a human being of mood. Sometimes I’m very quiet, and sometimes I can't remain sitting on a place for a minute. In some sense this season free skating is just about me. In the first part it’s the history of such quiet, accurate girl, in the second part impudence, even aggression appears. But the light part always wins. Here and I can always gather and calm down too".
About friends "The most part of time I, of course, communicate with girls from figure skating. I can't allocate someone. I perceive all as friends. But it doesn't prevent me to compete with them on ice at all"
About school "I come to school one time a week when it’s day off on the skating rink. Pass exams, tests, and at the end of a trimester they put down me a mark"
About hobby "I spend all free evenings with my dog. I have a French bulldog Gerry. A girl. That’s already second dog. We have a Toy Terrier, who is 17 years old yet. We were looking for a partner to it and came across a heap of responses that the French bulldogs very kind and playful"
About movies "I don't like movies. I’m a fan of series. The most favorite series is "Doctor Who", " The Big Bang theory ", "Supernatural". I really like fantastic plots. All that is outside of consciousness "
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