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Nov 30, 2014
Grace Elizabeth Gold, born August 17, 1995, known as Gracie Gold, is an American figure skater.
Gold is the 2014 and 2016 US Ladies Champion.

Gracie Gold pronounces her name (video by sabinfire)

Biography & Skating style by Alex D:

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Gracie picked up the skating boots at the age of eight, when she began training with Amy Vorhaben and Max Liu before switching to work with Alexia Griffin. Over the years she was coached by the likes of Susan Liss, Toni Hickey and until August 2013 Alex Ourashiev. After being trained by Marina Zueva and Oleg Epstein for a short time, Gold started working with a new permanent coach, Frank Carroll, who already helped Michelle Kwan to four World Championships and a silver medal at the Olympics in Nagano.

Gracie who first competed in pairs with Sean Hickey, is capable of landing all triples, except the Axel. Said element, however, seems to be back on schedule, after already being practiced and landed in 2011, back then however, with the help of a pole harness.

Throughout the years, Gracie impressed with her speed, the positive attitude and graceful spins, but also her huge heart. The Bronze medalist of Sochi in the team event, won the US National title in 2014 with a new Short Program record of 72.12 and combined total of 211.69, something no other US lady had ever done before.

Besides also winning the Grand Prix at NHK later that year and scoring good results at Worlds, Gold has to face a lot of negativity and pressure in her home country, where only the gold medal seems to count. Gracie, however, also shines when she doesn't win, her gracious attitude on and off the ice is a real gift to the Figure Skating Community and surely a great motivation to all the kids out there.

Quick Facts:

ISU Profile:

Icenetwork bio (archived June 2018) profile




ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score174.09ISU GP Skate America 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program64.18ISU GP Skate America 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating109.91ISU GP Skate America 2022

Personal Best Total Score211.29ISU World Championships 2016
Personal Best Score Short Program76.43ISU World Championships 2016
Personal Best Score Free Skating137.41ISU GP Skate America 2015

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  • East of Eden (soundtrack) by Lee Holdridge, London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Charles Gerhardt
  • Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninoff, London Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Ashkenazy
  • Piano Concertos No.2 in C Minor Op.18 by Sergei Rachmaninoff- London Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Ashkenaz
  • Survivor
    (from Tomb Raider)
    by Destiny's Child
    performed by 2WEI
    choreo. by Jeremy Abbott
  • War in My Mind
    by Beth Hart
    choreo. by Jeremy Abbott

  • I Put a Spell On You
    by Jay Hawkins
    covered by Annie Lennox
    choreo. by Jeremy Abbott
  • She Used to Be Mine
    by Sara Bareilles
    choreo. by Jeremy Abbott
  • "Assassin's Tango"
    (from Mr. & Mrs. Smith) by John Powell; choreo. by Lori Nichol
  • "Daphnis et Chloé" by Maurice Ravel; choreo. by Lori Nichol
  • "Golden" by Ruth B

  • "Best Mistake" by Ariana Grande featuringBig Sean
  • "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande; choreo. by Misha Ge





Competition Results
2022/23 Season
2023 US Nationals5 (67.44)11 (106.54)8 (173.98)
2022 CS IceChallenge7 (55.00)12 (99.22)9 (154.22)
2022 Skate America5 (64.18)6 (109.91)6 (174.09)
2022 Nebelhorn Trophy15 (45.08)12 (93.81)12 (138.89)
2021/22 Season
2022 US Nationals6 (67.61)12 (104.31)10 (171.92)
U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series 2021 - Alpharetta1 (67.49)1 (108.27)1 (175.76)
U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series 2021 - Leesburg3 (60.77)5 (102.85)4 (163.62)
2021 Cranberry Cup International15 (44.94)12 (93.75)13 (138.69)
2020/21 Season
2021 US Nationals12 (53.88)13 (95.17)13 (149.05)
2020 Skate America12 (46.36)12 (81.46)12 (127.82)
2019/20 Season
2020 U.S. Championships13 (54.51)12 (107.24)12 (161.75)
2020 Eastern Sectionals2 (63.55)4 (109.90)3 (173.45)
2020 South Atlantic Regionals3 (51.21)4 (84.18)3 (135.39)
2018/19 Season
2018 Rostelecom Cup10 (37.51)WDWD
2016/17 Season
2017 U.S. Championships5 (64.85)9 (114.77)6 (179.62)
2016 Golden Spin of Zagreb8 (54.04)5 (104.98)6 (159.02)
2016 Trophée de France10 (54.87)8 (111.02)8 (165.89)
2016 Skate America3 (64.87)5 (119.35)5 (184.22)
2016 Japan Open6 (108.24)3Team
Season 2015-2016
2016 Team Challenge Cup2T/3P (71.34)1T/4P (142.00)1T/4P (213.34)
2016 World Championships1 (76.43)6/(134.86)4 (211.29)
2016 Four Continents Championships935 (178.39)
2016 US National Championships211 (210.46)
2015-16 Grand Prix Final555 (194.79)
2015 Trophée Eric Bompard1Cancelled1 (73.32)
2015 Skate America212 (202.80)
2015 Japan Open/66 (114.53)
Season 2014-2015​
2015 World Team Trophy153(195.55)
2015 World Championships824(188.96)
2015 Four Continents254(176.58)
2015 US Championships222(205.54)
2014 NHK Trophy111(191.16)
2014 Skate America333(179.38)
2014 Nebelhorn Trophy323(182.31)
Season 2013-2014
2014 World Championships575 (194.58)
2014 Olympic Winter Games454 (205.53)
2014 Olympic Winter Games -- Team Event-23 (Team)
2014 U.S. National Championships121 (211.69)
2013 NHK Trophy434 (177.81)
2013 Skate Canada133 (186.65)
2013 U.S. International Classic132 (164.68)
Season 2012-2013
2013 World Team Trophy331 (Team)
2013 World Championships956 (184.25)
2013 Four Continents Championships566 (166.66)
2013 U.S. National Championships912 (186.57)
2012 Rostelecom Cup122 (175.03)
2012 Skate Canada967 (151.57)
2012 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic212 (171.15)
Season 2011-2012
2012 World Team Trophy452 (Team)
2012 World Junior Championships222 (171.85)
2012 U.S. Junior National Championships111 (178.92)
2012 U.S. Midwestern Junior Sectionals111 (174.90)
2011 Tallinn Cup [JGP]111 (172.69)
Season 2010-2011
2011 U.S. Midwestern Junior Sectionals666 (116.07)
2011 U.S. Upper Great Lakes Junior Regionals111 (140.81)
Season 2009-2010
2010 U.S. Novice National Championships644 (123.61)
2010 U.S. Midwestern Novice Sectionals211 (128.43)
2010 U.S. Upper Great Lakes Novice Regionals111 (109.96)

Interview by Runglobalmedia after 2016 Nationals
Interview by Pierick Gould on Career Day
TSL - October 2015
Fox Sports, By Jill Painter Lopez - March 2015 (Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold 'can't wait to go back to the Games)
CBS New York, On The Couch - March 2014
Trans World Sport - February 2014
World News, Gracie Gold Olympic Skater - February 2014 (portrait of Gracie)
Fox Sports, By Michelle Kwan - January 2014
FS Skating - April 2013 (First Senior Season and Olympic goals)

Icenetwork, Amy Rosewater - October 2015 (Living legend: Carroll still leading skating's best)
Examiner, Michelle Kennedy - October 2015 (Gracie Gold prepares for Skate America)
Goldenskate, Alex D - September 2014 (Graceful Days at Oberstdorf)
Icenetwork, Mickey Brown - February 2014 (Cold-blooded Gold stares adversity in the face)
NY Times, Jeré Longman - February 2014 (For Gold, Perfection Is Overrated)
NY Daily-News, Filip Bondy - February 2014(Figure skater Gracie Gold promoted as face of America for Winter Olympics in Sochi)
Bufallo News, - January 2014 (Road To Sochi)
USA Today, Kelly Whiteside - March 2013 (Gracie in awe of Yuna Kim)

Videos Official:


Gracie LP Practice Run Through - September 2015, by TSL
Gracie´s SP 2015 - Glacier Falls, by TSL

2015 Sun Valley on Ice EX by David Butterfield Diamond Sun Productions


Juniors SP - US Nationals 2012 by, US Figure Skating

Juniors LP - ISU JGP 2011 Tallinn, by ISU Junior Grand Prix
Juniors SP - ISU JGP 2011 Tallinn, by ISU Junior Grand Prix

Gracie's triple Axel 2011, by Carly Gold

Videos unofficial: (uptime not guaranteed)


2021 U.S. Championships Alpharetta

2021 Cranberry Cup

2021 Philadelphia Summer Championships



2016 US Nationals SP by NBC
2016 US Nationals FS by Ab Ramz


2017 US Nationals SP by shintora sports
2017 US Nationals FS by shintora sports

2016 Tropheé de France SP by shintora sports
2016 Tropheé de France FS by sabinfire

2016 Skate America SP by penpitstopsskatingvideos
2016 Skate America FS by penpitstopsskatingvideos


2016 Worlds SP by NBC
2016 Worlds FS by Mr Maqus

2016 Four Continents SP by iceberg up
2016 Four Continents FS by iceberg up
2016 Four Continents Gala, "Maybe This Time" by 0316seisato

2016 US Nationals FS by sabinfire
2016 US Nationals SP by 0316seisato
Press Conference after SP by Runglobalmedia
2016 US Nationals Gala, " Maybe This Time" by candy2001
2015-16 Grand Prix Final SP by figure skating 2014
2015-16 Grand Prix Final FS by jbskatingvideos

2015 TEB SP by sabinfire
FD cancelled

2015 Skate America SP by iceberg up
2015 Skate America FS by sabinfire
2016 Skate America Gala by 1tvDance

Practice - Sun Valley, October 2015, by Wordsup

FS - Japan Open 2015, by iceberg up

2015 Glacier Falls SP by The Skating Lesson
2015 Glacier Falls FS by Stephanie M

2015 World Team Trophy FS by sabinfire
2015 World Team Trophy SP by Tanya Suhorukova

2015 Worlds FS by penpitstopskatingvideos
Gala 2015 World Championships, by GutsuFan

2015 US Nationals SP by 0316seisato
2015 US Nationals FS by Brau Avitia
Gala "Shake It Off" 2015 US Nationals by WordsUp

2014 NHK FS by frida340


2014 US Nationals SP by uzd fs
2014 US Nationals FS, by McKaylaPerfect10
Gala 2014 US Nationals, by uzd fs

2013 NHK SP by frida340
2013 NHK FS by frida340

2013 Skate Canada SP by sk8ing25
2013 Skate Canada FS by frida340


2013 World Team Trophy SP by suzuki jirou
2013 World Team Trophy FS by suzuki jirou

2013 Worlds SP by suzuki jirou
2013 Worlds FS by Meejung Hwang

2013 US Nationals SP by Meejung Hwang
2013 US Nationals FS FS by Figure Skating Stars

2012 Cup of Russia SP by frida340
2012 Cup of Russia FS by suzuki jirou

2012 Skate Canada SP by RiservalsuGP
2012 Skate Canada FS by myskatechannel1000


2012 World Team Trophy SP by Hitadely Hitadely
2012 World Team Trophy FS by ice888ice

2012 Junior Worlds FS by spiral9509
Gala 2012 Junior Worlds by ChiChnCheta

2012 US Nationals SP Junior by macerface
2012 US Nationals FS Junior by DateWBruno


Juniors FS - Broadmoor 2010, by cthoaa
Juniors SP - Broadmoor 2010, by cthoaa


Wagonwheel 2009 Novice LP by GoldyLocks118


2006 Upper Great Lakes Regionals, Juveniles, by mnpetite

Original Post by Forever Fish

I've been rooting for this girl for a good while, and now that she has her foot firmly planted in the Olympic door, I think that she deserves some GS lovin'.

So, fire away. :biggrin:
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Final Flight
Jan 6, 2013
Ah, I thought she already had a thread here:biggrin:

Zijun and Gracie, so far, are the only skaters that I'm actually looking forward to watch after Sochi(or 2013-2014 season). Now, if Gracie becomes more artistic and consistent, she's most likely to be dominating the next quad:)


Aug 21, 2012
Ah, I thought she already had a thread here:biggrin:

Zijun and Gracie, so far, are the only skaters that I'm actually looking forward to watch after Sochi(or 2013-2014 season). Now, if Gracie becomes more artistic and consistent, she's most likely to be dominating the next quad:)

Does she? I've been looking for one, but was befuddled when I couldn't find anything.

I agree that the next quad is Gracie's to win (or lose, depending on how she handles it). Technically, she's too strong for any of the current younger ladies to surpass. All she needs is a greater connection to the music, and she's the US' most complete skater since Michelle. Gracie Gold for 2014 US champion! :yay: It would certainly give her a reputation boost headed into Sochi...


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Gracie has had several huge threads on the Edge, but no one had started a fan page.


Aug 21, 2012


Record Breaker
Aug 1, 2013
In the spirit of Champs Camp, I'm bringing this thread back into the spotlight!

Both Lynn Rutherford and the USFSA have posted backstage pictures of Gracie at the event. Her SP dress is really gorgeous -- a mostly black number with a sparkly, irregular white pattern over one shoulder.

She looks to be in excellent shape.


a bit like Yuna's bond black dress...


Aug 21, 2012
^Other than in color, not really. Yuna's dress had a collar, was covered in shiny geometric patterns, and was much sexier, IMO, than what Gracie is going for with Gershwin (jazzy and fun).


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
I liked the little barrett or whatever it was, engineered to match the SP dress :love: A lovely performance, but I really miss the power of her jumps where they seemed to go half way across the rink. (But I do prefer she land them; Frank is doing a good job.)


Nov 7, 2013
I'm checking in and joining the Gracie Gold bandwagon. I became a Gold fan watching her compete the 2013 US Nats.
She is all around good and has a bit of "it factor". and yes, easy on the eyes. :cool: Glad to see I'm not the only one.:)



Gold for the Winter Prince!
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Jan 23, 2004
Congrats to Gracie on her First National Title. Both of her programs were fabulous!

I will have to watch Jay Leno tonight. Thanks for the heads up.


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Nov 20, 2011
All things Gracie Gold

Gracie is probably the most featured skater in the news and media for the 2014 Olympics, even more so than D&W who are seasoned veterans already
and it has gotten even bigger since Lindsay Vonn's withdrawal from the games and it seems Gracie is now America's sweetheart for the Winter Olympics

figure skating has always been viewed as a feminine sport in north america so ladies will always get the bigger share
you think about the news and media features Gracie has had, she is even touted as a Gold medal contender
from magazine covers, news and media articles, endorsements, is Gracie the most marketable female US skater ?
she could be a perfect face for the CoP for the viewers to follow and better understand figure skating
speed, power, big jumps, ideal body type and having a hollywood like beauty doesn't hurt too

right now she is one of the elites with Mao and Yuna who are huge superstars in their respective countries
to get a considerable amount of features and news for a figure skater leading to the Olympics