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Aug 25, 2017
Kaori Sakamoto (坂本花織) is a Ladies' figure skater who represents Japan. She was born on 9 April 2000 in Kobe, Japan.

She is the 2022, 2023 and 2024 World Champion, the 2022 Winter Olympic bronze medalist in the individual event and the team event, 2021-22 Japanese champion, the 2018 Four Continents champion, the 2022 Skate America champion, the 2020 NHK Trophy champion, a two-time Skate America silver medalist (2017, 2018), the 2018 Grand Prix of Helsinki bronze medalist, the 2019 Japanese national champion, and the 2018 and 2021 Japanese national silver medalist. She placed 6th at the 2018 Winter Olympics and 5th at the 2019 World Championships. Earlier in her career, Sakamoto won bronze medals at the 2017 World Junior Championships and the 2016 Junior Grand Prix Final.

She is coached by Sonoko Nakano and Mitsuko Graham and is choreographed by Benoit Richaud. She trains in Hyogo but considers Kobe her hometown. Kaori started skating in 2004 and likes swimming and making origami when she is not skating.

Biographical information

ISU bio:

Wikipedia page:

Olympic profile:

Rinkresults.com entry:

Golden Skate media profile:

Personal Best Total Score233.132022 Winter Olympics
Personal Best Score Short Program79.842022 Winter Olympics
Personal Best Score Free Skating153.292022 Winter Olympics

Personal Best Total Score214.21ISU Four Continents Championships 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program73.18XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018
Personal Best Score Free Skating142.87ISU Four Continents Championships 2018

Programs and Videos
SP: “Baby, God Bless You," by Shin'ya Kiyozuka
FS: "Wild is the Wind" by Lauryn Hill; "Feeling Good" performed by Lauryn Hill; choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle; Marie France Dubreuil

SP: "Rock With U" by Janet Jackson; choreo by Rohene Ward
FS: "Elastic Heart" by Sia; choreo by Marie-France Dubreuil

SP: "Now We Are Free" (from "Gladiator") by Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer arranged by Cedric Tour; choreo by Benoit Richaud
FS: "No More Fight Left In Me" by Imany, Armand Amar; "Tris" by Elilie Goulding, Junkie XL; choreo by Benoit Richaud

2021-22 Japanese Nationals
SP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ISylK2fSWH4
FS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mF6diSbRIvw

2021 NHK Trophy
FS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5pkx_6fVLsU

2021 Skate America
SP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VRFX82xpU8E
FS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D6oScsBZtsU
EX: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BPLSnc9mCBg

2021 Asian Open
SP: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w563j20tySo

SP: Concerto En Re Mineur, BWV 974: ll. Adagio by Johann Sebastian Bach perf. by Alexandre Tharaud, Bach A La Jazz by Matt Herskowitz and Mary Kerr; choreo by Benoit Richaud
FS: Main Title Trinity Infinity from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Don Davis, Clubbed To Death from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Rob Dougan, Chateau Vol.2 from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Rob Dougan; choreo by Benoit Richaud

2021 World Championships
SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhzaZxm8pYI
FS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQlCjXdyO1g

2021 Japanese Nationals
SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAKGedk3Scc
FS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cizqdIDqdDM

2020 NHK Trophy
SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iIo_kDtr48
FS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM--8-IBocg

SP: "No Roots" by Alice Merton; choreo by Shae-Lynn Bourne
FS: "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix) (from “The Matrix” soundtrack) by Rob Dougan; "Only for Hacker" by Fawkesakes; "Chateau" (from “The Matrix Reloaded” soundtrack) by Rob Dougan; choreo by Benoit Richaud

2020 Four Continent

2020 Japanese Championships

2019 Internationaux de France

2019 Skate America

2019 Nepala Trophy

SP: "From My First Moment" by Charlotte Church
FS: "The Piano" soundtrack ("The Embrace" / "The Scent of Love" / "Deep Into The Forest") by Michael Nyman / "Tree of Life Suite: Wild Side" by Roberto Cacciapaglia; choreo. by Benoît Richaud
Ex1: "Don't Tell Mama" (from "Cabaret") by John Kander & Fred Ebb performed by The West End Orchestra & Singers
Ex2: "I Will Follow Him" ("Sister Act") by W. Goldberg

2019 World Team Trophy
SP: No video founded​

2019 World Championships
Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yP349IXrhY ("I Will Follow Him")​

2019 Four Continents Championships

2019 Japan National Championships

2018/19 GP Final Vancouver

2018 GP Helsinki

2018 GP Skate America

2018 Japan Open

2018 CS Lombardia Trophy

SP: "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig Van Beethoven; choreo. by Benoît Richaud
FS: "Amélie" OST ("La Valse d'Amélie" (Orchestral version) / "On The Wire" / "The Drowned Girl") by Yann Tiersen; choreo. by Benoît Richaud
Ex1: "Primavera Porteña" by Ástor Piazzolla performed by Kazuma Miura
Ex2: "Amélie" by Yann Tiersen; choreo. by Benoît Richaud
Ex3: "The Color Purple" by Quincy Jones; choreo. by Massimo Scali
Ex4: James Bond 007 medley: "Diamonds Are Forever" (Main Title) performed by Shirley Bassey / "The Name's Bond... James Bond" by Nicholas Dodd

2018 Coupe du Printemps

XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018

2018 Four Continents Championships

2018 Japan National Championships

2017 ISU GP Skate America

2017 GP Rostelecom Cup

2017 CS US International Classic

2017 Asian Open Trophy

SP: "The Artist" by Ludovic Bource; choreo. by Massimo Scali
FS: "The Color Purple" by Quincy Jones; choreo. by Massimo Scali
Ex: "Primavera Porteña" by Ástor Piazzolla performed by Kazuma Miura

World Junior Championship 2017

2016/17 Japan National Championships

2016/17 JGP Final Marseille

2016 JGP Yokohama

2016 JGP St.Gervais

SP: "Malagueña" by Ernesto Lecuona; choreo. by Masashiro Kawagoe
FS: "The Color Purple" by Quincy Jones; choreo. by Massimo Scali

2016 Youth Olympic Games Lilehammer

2015 JGP Torun, Poland

2015 JGP Riga Cup

2015 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy
SP: no video found​

SP: "Dark Eyes" by Florian Hermann; choreo. by Masashiro Kawagoe, Sonoko Nakano, Yukina Ota
FS: "Ouverture" (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky; choreo. by Masashiro Kawagoe, Sonoko Nakano, Yukina Ota

2015 World Junior Championship

2014 JGP Nagoya TV Cup

SP: "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter; choreo. by Masashiro Kawagoe
FS: "Aladdin" by Alan Menken; choreo. by Masashiro Kawagoe

2013 JGP Czech Republic

2013 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy
SP: no video found​

Competitive History

2024 World ChampionshipsSenior1
2024 Challenge CupSenior1
2023 Japanese NationalsSenior1
2023-24 Grand Prix FinalSenior1
2023 Grand Prix EspooSenior1
2023 Skate CanadaSenior1
2023 Autumn ClassicSenior1
2023 World ChampionshipsSenior1
2023 Challenge CupSenior1
2023 UniversiadeSenior2
2022 Japanese NationalsSenior1
2022-23 Grand Prix FinalSenior5
2022 NHK TrophySenior2
2022 Skate AmericaSenior1
2022 World ChampionshipsSenior1
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)Senior3
2022 Winter Olympics (Team Event)Senior3
2021-22 Japanese NationalsSenior1
2021 NHK TrophySenior1
2021 Skate AmericaSenior4
2021 Asian Open TrophySenior2
2021 Kinki Regional TrophySenior1
2021 Japan OpenSenior4
2021 World ChampionshipsSenior6
2021 Japanese NationalsSenior2
2020 NHK TrophySenior1
2020 Four ContinentsSenior5
Japanese Championships 2019Senior6
Internationaux de France 2019Senior4
Skate America 2019Senior4
27th Ondrej Nepela TrophySenior2
2019 World Team Trophy (individual / team)Senior3 / 2
2019 World ChampionshipSenior5
2019 Four Continents ChampionshipsSenior4
2018/19 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior1
2018/19 GP Final VancouverSenior4
2018 GP HelsinkiSenior3
2018 GP Skate AmericaSenior2
2018 Japan OpenSenior
2018 CS Lombardia TrophySenior4
2018 Coupe du PrintempsSenior2
XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018Senior6
2018 Four Continents ChampionshipsSenior1
2017/18 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior2
2017 GP Skate AmericaSenior2
2017 Western Section ChampionshipsSenior1
2017 GP Rostelecom CupSenior5
2017 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsSenior1
2017 CS U.S. International Figure Skating ClassicSenior4
2017 Asian Open Figure Skating TrophySenior1
World Junior Championship 2017Junior3
2016/17 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior7
2016/17 GP FinalJunior3
2016/17 Japanese Junior National ChampionshipsJunior1
2016 Western Section ChampionshipsJunior1
2016 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsJunior3
2016 JGP YokohamaJunior1
2016 JGP St.GervaisJunior2
2016 Youth OlympicsJunior6
2015/16 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior13
2015/16 Japan Junior National ChampionshipsJunior5
2015 JGP Torun, PolandJunior4
2015 JGP Riga CupJunior2
2015 Asian Open Figure Skating TrophySenior3
2015 World Junior ChampionshipJunior6
2014/15 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior6
2014/15 Japan Junior National ChampionshipsJunior2
2014 Western Section ChampionshipsJunior5
2014 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsJunior1
2014 JGP Nagoya TV CupJunior7
2014 Challenge CupJunior1
2013/14 Japan National ChampionshipsSenior15
2013/14 Japan Junior National ChampionshipsJunior6
2013 Western Section ChampionshipsJunior1
2013 JGP Czech SkateJunior6
2013 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsJunior1
2013 Asian Open Figure Skating TrophyJunior1
22nd Triglav Trophy 2013Advanced novice2
2012/13 Japan Junior National ChampionshipsJunior9
2012/13 Japan Novice National ChampionshipsAdvanced novice
2012 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsAdvanced novice
2011/12 Japan Novice National ChampionshipsAdvanced novice
2011 Kinki Regional ChampionshipsAdvanced novice


October 2019 - 迅 by 月詠-TSUKUYOMI

August 2019 -The Ice- "No Roots"

September 2018 - The Ice 2018 (Aichi) - Alina Zagitova & Kaori Sakamoto "The Battle" -

August 2018 - The Ice 2018 - "From My First Moment" by Charlotte Church

July 2018 - DOI 2018 - The Piano soundtrack by Roger Woodward

May 2018 - Stars On Ice 2018 - "Primavera porteña" and interview -

May 2018 - PIW - "Primavera porteña"

April 2018 - Stars On Ice 2018 - "The Artist" -

March 2018 - The Legends - "The Color Purple" -

July 2017 - Dreams On Ice 2017 - Amélie soundtrack

MOI (Medalist On ice) 2016 - "Primavera porteña"

2016 DOI - "The Artist"

Articles and Interviews

23 December 2018 - GS article "Sakamoto shakes it up at Japanese Nationals; win’s first title" -

16 October 2018 - Cheerful Personality Helps Kaori Sakamoto Shine on Ice"

26 January 2018 - GS article "Sakamoto leads ladies to Japanese sweep at Four Continents" by Paula Slater -

18 October 2016 - GS article "Kaori Sakamoto: “I need to work harder” by Wei Xiong -
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Match Penalty
Dec 24, 2015
she improved a lot this season.
she looks to have more power, stable and skating skills is nice. :yay:


All Hail the Queen
Record Breaker
Oct 31, 2014
Congratulations on winning the Junior National title for the first time!

Her jumps are so so so huge with great speed and power. I'm looking forward to see Kaori at Junior Grand Prix Final!


"Efforts tell lies, but it will not be in vain."
Record Breaker
Feb 10, 2015
I want to revive this thread, congratulations to Kaori for JWC bronze and outstanding programs . Her jumps are to die for and she improved so much this season. :luv17:
Good luck in Seniors next year!


Team Gorgeous Cacti!
Record Breaker
May 2, 2015
Congrats to Kaori! :yahoo: I was more happy for her than other medalists :) Me too, I really love the way she jumps! :love:


Record Breaker
Nov 14, 2007
Many many congrats to Kaori for winning the bronze medal at JWC! :hb: Very solid two clean skates, esp. not breaking down on pressure to skate the dead last in the Free! :clap:

I echo every comments above; her jumps and speed are to die for! :rock: What I do love more, however, is she's improved in the area of presentation and skating itself so much every time I saw her at competitions. :yes: Mai Mihara in this regard, too. Just amaging and a joy to watch skaters from Team Kobe this season. :cool: Kudos to skaters and their coaches Sonoko Nakano and Mitsuko Graham! :clap:


Record Breaker
Aug 31, 2014
Kaori was one of my favourites this season. Her explosive jumps, incredible speed, good energy, and her smile are all things to fall in love with. I'm so excited to see her next season.


Match Penalty
Jan 29, 2017
Congrats Kaori for bronze medal! :clapper:
She was flying over the ice with those big jumps, great performance. :clap:


Final Flight
Apr 27, 2011
She has jumps that many senior men would die for. She's said many times that Akiko Suzuki is her inspiration. I'm sure her presentation will continue to improve. I look forward to seeing her in the senior circuit next season.

She is also a very funny and charming girl off the ice. :luv17:


Record Breaker
Sep 28, 2013
Kaori's new SP filmed by @boredjdc on Twitter (reposted with permission) - https://twitter.com/boredjdc/status/893427401291579392

I absolutely love it, they've found music that suits her down to the ground, and the 2A on the music is my absolute favourite!!

Score: 36.70 + 27.00 = 63.70 - rank 1 after SP (Yuna Shiraiwa is just over 1 point behind).
Totally agree - great choice of music and choreography for her, and I see what you mean about that 2A right on the music...!

Wow. An instant favourite.