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Kiira Korpi


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Jan 11, 2014
Kiira skates as a stunt woman for Ine Wilmann in a Norwegian movie about Sonja Henie (in ten skating scenes). She had to skate like they skated in those times and it was different and not at so easy as she had first thought. They even made her skates that more resemble the skates Henie used at her time. The movie is about to be released in December 2018.


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Oct 20, 2015
Belated Happy Birthday to Kiira :luv17::thank:
Kiira was 30 on the 26th - 30! so hard to believe...

Interview: she talks about her autobiography just being published (if I understand correctly - could someone fluent in Finnish to confirm please?!)

Yes There has been published book of Kiira.
Free translate of book title is unbroken broken or something.
It's wery hard to translate that title eaven with google translate.
Still waiting to get get that book and read it.
But i has follow Kiira's careers since she was young talent 17 y old skater so that book is most read for me.


Jan 24, 2006
Although retired since 2015, I've decided to update Kiira's OP. She's a three-time Euros medalist and deserved a comprehensive summary of her career :) I've added the results table, the programs info, GS articles, some galas and as many videos as I could find. Enjoy :)

BTW, I've always liked her. She was such a beautiful and elegant skater. And she could be a twin sister of my future sister-in-law :) The resemblance is awesome.


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Jun 18, 2008
"Created and produced by Kaitlyn Weaver, Open Ice: Visionaries features on and off-ice exclusive footage and words from Scott Hamilton, Adam Rippon, Kiira Korpi, and Elladj Baldé that brings the global figure skating community together in a way never seen before. This year, the evolved program shed new light on four of skating’s Visionaries—past and present—who have changed the sport and the world for the better."