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Final Flight
Feb 27, 2012
Loena Hendrickx is a Belgian figure skater.

She was born on 5 November 1999 in Turnhout, Belgium.

Loena is the 2022 World silver medalist, the 2024 European champion and the 2023 European silver medalist, the 2023-24 GPF silver medalist, the 2022-23 GPF bronze medalist, the 2020 Budapest Trophy champion, 2018 Nebelhorn Trophy bronze medalist, 2017 and 2021 International Challenge Cup champion, 2016 International Cup of Nice silver medalist, 2016 NRW Trophy silver medalist, and a three-time (2017-2019) Belgian national champion.

Loena is the younger sister of three time Belgian men's champion, Jorik Hendrickx, who announced his retirement from competition on 8 August 2019.
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Personal Best Total Score221.28ISU GP Skate America 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program76.982024 World Championships
Personal Best Score Free Skating145.53ISU GP Gran Premio D'Italia 2021

Personal Best Total Score192.31ISU World Championships 2018
Personal Best Score Short Program64.07ISU World Championships 2018
Personal Best Score Free Skating128.24ISU World Championships 2018

Programs and Videos
SP: Deep House mixed by Hugo Chouinard: Living For Love" by Madonna, "Im Nin’alu" from Mor Avrahimidrix
FS: "Break My Soul" by Beyoncé; "Vogue" by Madonna; Edited by Hugo Chouinard

SP: Si Mama by Inna; Mi Gente by J. Balvin, Willy William & Beyonce
FS: "Heaven" and "Fallen Angel" by Karl Hugo

SP: "Caruso" by Lucio Dalla, performed by Lara Fabian
FS: "Andromeda (Psytrance)" by Dj Mistrionsx, "Spirits" by Chronis Taxidis, "Lost Dessert" by Armand Franquelli, Ezequiel Asencio, "Mizmar vs Violin" by Hamada Enani, "Arabian Night" by Zwirek, Piotr Zwirko

SP: "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion; choreo by Adam Solya
FS: "Fever" by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, performed by Beyonce; choreo by Adam Solya

2020 Budapest Trophy
SP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgmn1ac-HlQ
FS: No video found

SP: "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" by Celine Dion
FS: "Differente" by Gotan Project
Ex: "Into You" by Ariana Grande

2019 World Championships
No video found​
2019 Belgian National Championships
SP: no video found​
FS: no video found​
2018 GP Helsinki
2018 GP Skate America
SP: no video found​
2018 CS Nebelhorn Trophy
FS: no video found​

SP: "Frozen" by Madonna
FS: "Differente" by Gotan Project
Ex: "New Rules" by Dua Lipa

2018 World Championships
SP: no video found​
FS: no video found​
XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018
2018 European Championships
FS: no video found​
11[SUP]th[/SUP] Santa Claus Cup 2017 Zagreb
SP: no video found​
2017 JGP Cup of Austria
FS: no video found​

SP: "The Prayer" performed by Celine Dion, Josh Groban; choreo. by Adam Solya
FS: "Adagio" performed by Lara Fabian; choreo. by Sandy Suy

2017 World Championships
SP: no video found​
2017 Challenge Cup
SP: no video found​
2017 European Championships
2016 NRW Trophy
2016 Cup of Nice
SP: no video found​
2016 CS Finlandia Trophy
FS: no video found​

SP: "Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane'" by Jacob Gade / "Gabriel's Oboe" (from "The Mission") by Ennio Morricone / "Jalousie 'Tango Tzigane'" by Jacob Gade; choreo. by Sandy Suy
FS: "Adagio" performed by Lara Fabian; choreo. by Sandy Suy

2015 JGP Logrono, Spain
2015 JGP Riga Cup

SP: "Soapdish" by Alan Silvestri
FS: "The Prince of Egypt" by Hans Zimmer

2014 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter Dresden, Germany

SP: "Soapdish" by Alan Silvestri
FS: "Malagueña" by Ernesto Lecuona

2013 NRW Trophy

SP: "He's A Pirate" (Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack) performed by David Garrett by Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli, Klaus Badelt
FS: "Malagueña" by Ernesto Lecuona

2012 NRW Trophy

Competitive History

2023-2024 Season
2024 World Championships4 (200.25)
2024 European Championships1 (213.25)
2023-24 Grand Prix Final2 (203.36)
2023 Skate America1 (221.28)
2023 Cup of China3 (201.49)
2022-2023 Season
2023 World Championships3 (210.42)
2023 European Championships2 (193.48)
2022-23 Grand Prix Final3 (196.35)
2022 Grand Prix Espoo2 (203.91)
2022 Belgian Nationals1 (223.50

2022 Grand Prix de France
1 (216.34)
2022 Nebelhorn Trophy1 (208.05)
2021-2022 Season
2022 World Championships2 (217.70)
2022 Winter Olympics (Individual Event)8 (206.79)
2022 European Championships4 (207.97)
Cup of Russia 20215 (203.69)
Belgian Championships 20221 (221.04)
Gran Premio d Italia 20213 (219.05)
7-10 October 20212021 Finlandia Trophy4 (212.07)
2020-2021 Season
22-28 March 20212021 World Championships5 (208.44)
25-28 February 20212021 Challenge Cup1 (204.68)
15-17 October 20202020 CS Budapest Trophy1 (198.87)
Season 2018/2019
18-24 March 20192019 World Championships12 (186.29)
21-27 January 20192019 European Championships
16-17 November 20182019 Belgian National Championships1 (183.96)
26 November - 2 December 20182018 CS Tallin Trophy
2-4 November 20182018 GP Helsinki5 (191.22)
19-24 October 20182018 GP Skate America
26-29 September 20182018 CS Nebelhorn Trophy3 (204.16)
Season 2017/2018
19-25 March 20182018 World Championships9 (192.31)
9-25 February 20182018 Winter Olympic Games16 (171.88)
15-21 January 20182018 European Championships5 (176.91)
1-2 December 20172018 Belgian National Championships1 (171.62)
4-10 December 20172017 Santa Claus Cup2 (160.60)
30 August - 2 September 20172017 JGP Cup of Austria9 (135.54)
Season 2016-2017
27.03.2017 - 02.04.20172017 World Championships15 (172.82)
23.02.2017 - 26.02.20172017 Challenge Cup1 (177.94)
25.01.2017 - 29.01.20172017 European Championships7 (172.71)
30.11.2016 - 04.12.20162016 NRW Trophy2 (160.08)
18.11.2016 - 19.11.2016Belgian National Championships 2016-20171 (177.19)
19.10.2016 - 23.10.20162016 Cup of Nice2 (167.07)
06.10.2016 - 09.10.20162016 CS Finlandia Trophy7 (148.16)
22.09.2016 - 24.09.20162016 CS Nebelhorn Trophy7 (139.43)
Season 2015-2016
14.10.2015 - 18.10.20152015 Cup of Nice7 (130.10)
30.09.2015 - 03.10.20152015 JGP Logrono, Spain11 (138.39)
26.08.2015 - 26.08.20152015 JGP Riga Cup14 (124.43)
Season 2014-2015
13.03.2015 - 15.03.20152015 Coupe de Printemps3 (117.72)
19.02.2015 - 22.02.20152015 Challenge Cup3 (119.31)
25.01.2015 - 30.01.20152015 EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival)16 (98.55)
21.11.2014 - 22.11.20142015 Belgian National Championships1 (106.70)
01.10.2014 - 04.10.20142014 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter17 (101.23)
Season 2013-2014
14.03.2014 - 16.03.20142014 Coupe du Printemps6 (101.48)
04.12.2013 - 08.12.20132013 NRW Trophy10 (76.03)
22.11.2013 - 23.11.20132013/2014 Belgian National Championships1 (107.42)
Season 2012-2013
25.04.2013 - 28.04.20132013 Rooster Cup5 (79.40)
22.03.2013 - 24.03.20132013 Coupe du Printemps10 (75.34)
04.12.2012 - 09.12.20122012 NRW Trophy7 (84.60)
23.11.2012 - 23.11.20122012/2013 Belgian National Championships1 (78.91)

Other Videos

Articles and Interviews

20 March 2019 - ISU Interview

1 February 2019 - Loena Hendrickx Exclusive Interview by John Wilson Blade - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INU32t0-Sl8
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Record Breaker
Dec 21, 2011
Yay, glad someone made a thread for her :cheer: I was really impressed with her today and hope we'll see more of her soon!


Record Breaker
Jun 2, 2014
What a debut! She must be very pleased. So happy for her. Talent certainly runs in their family.


Final Flight
Feb 27, 2012
Loena Hendrickx, the younger sister of men's competitor Jorik Hendrickx, was seventh (172.71) in her first Europeans. Despite battling pain in her foot, the 17-year-old was able to show a solid program, but she missed a triple flip in the long.

"I have even worse pain in my heel than after the short program," revealed the 2017 Belgian national champion. "It is just amazing that I managed my performance so well despite this complication. I am so happy for that, even if there were some small mistakes in the first and second part. I was very motivated."

Hendrickx also thanked her brother who competed earlier this morning, placing fifth.

"I was watching his performance and will support him tomorrow again," she said. "I can say my first European championship was a success. I have never seen so many people on the stands and such amazing atmosphere."

The skater went on to explain that she does not get much financial support. "The travelling is very complicated for me; my parents could not come here with us as it was too expensive. I had to pay all the expenses by myself and it will be the same at the world championships. For example, I got an invitation for the Grand Prix in Russia, but I could not go. It was just too expensive. I hope this will change."

I'm sad to learn about the lack of financial support :( :( I hope her success at Euros will change her situation.


Record Breaker
Dec 21, 2011

I'm sad to learn about the lack of financial support :( :( I hope her success at Euros will change her situation.

Oh that's just crazy!

I thought for GPs, Euros, and Worlds, though, the host federation pays most expenses? Or did I make that up? I know for Senior Bs it's the skater's fed that pays (or evidently the skater if they fed refuses) but I didn't think that was true of bigger competitions.


On the Ice
Mar 26, 2012
Good fluidity on the ice and good attitude! I can see from her statistics that she is more of a long program skater than a short. ( Like Ashley Wagner for example). If she could improve her short by 10 points, she could be a contender in the future.


Final Flight
Feb 27, 2012
More information about the lack of financial support in Belgium:

Hendrickx emphasis artistic approach to skating
Belgian champion enjoys artistry of sport, working with sister Loena

Icenetwork: Your younger sister, Loena, began her first senior season with very good results, including a seventh-place finish in Ostrava. Does she gather inspiration from her brother?

Hendrickx: Normally, we would have skated together at Euros last year, but Loena got a major injury on her spine and was out for six months. We weren't sure she would come back to skating at all. Talents in Belgian figure skating don't get any support, so we had to support everything by ourselves, including the training and all things related to preparation and participation at the 2017 Europeans. I took care of funds, tried to find sponsors, organized special meetings and so on.

I think it's a very positive thing that we can train together. Skating in Belgium is very lonely, so it doesn't hurt to have company on the ice. We take care of each other very much.

Icenetwork: As the older brother, you most likely give her some suggestions and advice. How has that been received?

Hendrickx: When she was younger, I tried to be very involved. Now I'm less involved, as I have to focus on myself once we take the ice. Besides being her "manager," I try to help her out with technical problems or her mental preparation. She is now more mature and deals better with my feedback than in the past.

Icenetwork: You said that in Belgium there is no support for skating talents. How do athletes deal with this issue?

Hendrickx: Our federation doesn't have operational resources from the government. Volunteers keep our federation alive. Therefore, Belgian figure skaters don't receive any financial support. Only when you reach the Olympic level will you receive funds from the government, but just as an individual.

As I already said, until now my sister, Loena, financed everything on her own. A lot of Belgian talent disappears because of this. It's very hard to develop Belgian figure skating in general, but some individuals will survive and stand out like my sister and I. We took action, started crowdfunding and other similar activities, and worked really hard on the ice. A lot of skaters on our level in the world don't have to worry about money, but we do.


Final Flight
Feb 27, 2012
Congratulations to Loena on her first international gold medal!! :clap: :hap10: :yay:

Loena Hendrickx
I'm so happy with my first international gold medal! 🥇

Both gold! 🥇
#onedream #onegoal #proud

Here is a video of her FS at Challenge Cup 2017:

Here are some more videos:
Medal Ceremony
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Record Breaker
Feb 16, 2014
It's a huge relief to see her get some decent (and non-warhorse) music this season, and I like her choreo a lot! I noticed she's been training with Yvett Toth in Courchevel - 2 great unconventional European ladies :)


Apr 5, 2017
Seems that she and her brother took today to relax as both their Instagrams have stories about going to the Efteling, which is an amusement park in the south of the Netherlands. It's quite a special amusement park, as the focus is not just on roller coasters and the like, but fairy tales and has a nice atmosphere.

I really like her choice for SP and that sneakpeak we got. Frozen has always been one of my favourite Madonna songs.


On the Ice
Dec 5, 2016
OMG after Europeans I am now her biggest fan *points to new avatar*. Frozen is my favorite Madonna song and she is just so fierce it's awesome. Her rippon lutz is amazing.
Sep 18, 2015
Yes, she's fab. I also loved her performance and that free is great.

Does anyone know if she's got any more difficult combinations in her arsenal? But, even without a 3-3 she's done pretty well!


Record Breaker
Mar 17, 2015
I can't wait to see her again at worlds. She is the lady i'm the most excited about!!