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Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage

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Feb 27, 2012
7 years of work and couldn't be prouder of the great athletes and incredible individuals they have become! I'm very thankful to have been a part in their journey. Hoping you both the best, I will miss you. 😊🤗👊 (Aug 10)​

I confess I'm pretty flabbergasted. Clearly something happened in the last three weeks to take them from happily discussing their new programs to breaking up right at the beginning of the season. I mean, I wish them both well, I do, but... right now I'm just pretty shocked.

I did not see this decision coming either. I will miss the partnership and selfishly am very sad -- but I hope that it was the best decision for both Maddie and Max.

They both seem like great people, so I think all we can do is -- as you already did :agree: -- wish them both well.
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Jan 11, 2014
Shocked and saddened by this news. It sounds kind of like Maddie needs to step away and clear her head while figuring out what to do next. I hope she (and Max as well of course) are ok and that they can both find happiness in their next steps.

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Feb 27, 2012

Noticed today that Max Settlage has updated his website. works as the URL.

It automatically redirects to
(Slightly different now from the link in the OP, which does not work.)

As a neutral observation, I will say that Maddie's name does not appear anywhere on Max's updated site, and she no longer is seen in any photos.
My as-positive-as-possible interpretation is that Max understandably is seizing the day in making a fresh start.

I had never gotten around to posting the link to this IN video (viewable without a subscription):
Aaron & Settlage's 2016 U.S. Champs SP
00:05:27 (Hymne a L'amour)​

I have not rewatched it (and the picture quality is poor), but IIRC, in John Coughlin's commentary, he praised their attention to detail.

So it was bittersweet to see today's tweet from ‏@JohnCoughlinUSA:
Sending my best to @MaddieAaron25 & @Max_Settlage as they begin new chapters. Their attention to detail was respected by all who saw them.
8:19 AM - 11 Aug 2016

:sad4: Still feeling very sad at the end of Maddie and Max's partnership. :sad4:
Sending both of them lots of love.