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Madison Chock & Evan Bates


Mar 12, 2007
They grew that FD so much throughout the season! I liked it okay at the start, but loved it more each outing. And I always liked the cool hypnotic quality of the RD -- but it, too, improved over the season. Hate that the fall may mar their feelings about the Worlds outing a bit, but overall the FD performance (and the RD) remained exceptional and mesmerizing for me.

I liked that the FD didn't have an obvious narrative structure, as did Snake Charmer or Alien/Astronaut. While I love those programs, this FD showed Madi and Evan have versatility and can create wonderful, artistic, impactful programs even without an obvious narrative component to create and drive the emotion.

Wonder if they will retire? From their podcasts, I got a strong impression they absolutely love their life structure and setup as competitive and artistic international athletes, but at a certain point, you've said all you need to say on competitive ice and can move on. Is it that time for them?


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Jun 21, 2003
Podcast key points
  • They won worlds
  • Still processing
  • Not as easy as they thought
  • Maddy spent most of the morning on bathroom floor before RD
  • She was great next day in RD
  • Next day Evan got the same “bug” before FD
  • They were last to skate in the warm up, so they had time to both go to the bathroom before their skate
  • The day of the Gala, Maddy ate her first full plate of food
  • Were thrilled to be able to do well despite this
  • Getting ready to do SOI in Japan which will feature all world champions, including Hanyu
  • Reflect on the 2023-24 season
  • SA didn’t go great – they felt the least prepared there; still developing the program at the time
  • NHK – missed flight due to pre-flight online forms; missed a day of practice; submitted wrong music (had made some changes); they believed in their new FD, despite naysayers.
  • Had a six-week gap between GPF and US Nats; they changed the trajectory of the season and worked hard during their training
  • So ready for the US Nats; felt like they could enjoy the performance; spent 10 days in Colorado Springs before 4CCs
  • Talk about fatigue during the first day/shock to the system; overall was not as bad as they thought it would be
  • Returned to Montreal for five weeks to prepare for worlds; Bates started to feel the stress a bit
  • Discuss how all their experience and training led up to their win at worlds; they did enough over the years to get the job done
  • It’s been a fulfilling journey; grateful for all adversities as they helped and were learning experiences, making the medal even more special
  • They have nine shows over the next two weeks on SOI
  • WTT next; going to be fun
  • Will try to do more podcasts moving forward


Feb 18, 2014
Based on @gsk8's podcast summary, it sounds like Maddie & Evan were both sick to some extent before the ID events at Worlds. :eek2:
IMO that makes Maddie's fall more understandable; kudos to them for hanging in!

ETA: I mean, imagine trying to do twizzles when your stomach is doing flip-flops… 🤢
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Jan 3, 2007
Good thing they were so well trained. Talk about being ready for anything. I loved how they talked about managing anything that was thrown at them this season in order to work towards their goals. A season of perseverance.

I love that we got to see them as just Madi and Evan - a couple that loves David Bowie and ballroom dance and who probably dreamt up their free dance theme on a beach by a fire watching the sun go down while celebrating their engagement.

I continue to really enjoy and rewatch both programs a lot and not just because they won.

Someone just asked me about my avatar - it is Chock & Bates doing a tango gala from 2017-2018 season. That was the year of the injured foot for her, the fall at Olympics and foot surgery at the end of the season.
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