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Dec 21, 2011
Mao Asada (浅田 真央 Asada Mao) is a Japanese figure skater. She was born on Sep 25, 1990 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

Mao Asada pronounces her name here: thanks to cathlen for finding the video and to sabinfire for making the clip:

Nationals 2016 and GPF 2015 Info.added March 2016

Fall 2015 Update by tulosai- thank you very much to gotoschool for her time and help with this as well

Brief Career Summary

Mao is the 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist, three-time World Champion, four-time Grand Prix Final Champion, and three-time Four Continents Champion. She has won 5 World Championships medals over the course of her career. She is also the 2005 Junior Worlds Champion.

Biographical Information

ISU Biography
Ice Network Biography
Wikipedia Page entry

Personal Best Total Score216.69ISU World Championships 2014
Personal Best Score Short Program78.66ISU World Championships 2014
Personal Best Score Free Skating142.71XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014

Competitive History

2015-16 Japanese National Championships523 (193.75)
2015-16 Grand Prix Final
366 (194.32)
2015 NHK Trophy423 (182.99)
2015 Cup of China131 (197.48)
2014 World Championships111 (216.69)
2014 Olympic Winter Games1636 (198.22)
2014 Olympic Winter Games -- Team Event3-5 (Team)
2014 Japanese National Championships133 (199.50)
2014 Grand Prix Final111 (204.02)
2013 NHK Trophy111 (207.59)
2013 Skate America111 (204.55)
2013 Japan Open-11 (Team)
2013 World Team Trophy553 (Team)
2013 World Championships623 (196.47)
2013 Four Continents Championships111 (205.45)
2013 Japanese National Championships211 (193.56)
2013 Grand Prix Final111 (196.80)
2012 NHK Trophy121 (185.27)
2012 Cup of China211 (181.76)
2012 World Championships466 (164.52)
2012 Four Continents Championships122 (188.62)
2012 Japanese National Championships221 (184.07)
2011 Rostelecom Cup111 (183.25)
2011 NHK Trophy312 (184.19)
2011 World Championships766 (172.79)
2011 Four Continents Championships222 (196.30)
2011 Japanese National Championships122 (193.69)
2010 Trophée Eric Bompard755 (148.02)
2010 NHK Trophy888 (133.40)
2010 World Championships221 (197.58)
2010 Winter Olympic Games232 (205.50)
2010 Four Continents Championships311 (183.96)
2010 Japanese National Championships111 (204.62)
2009 Rostelecom Cup655 (150.28)
2009 Trophée Eric Bompard322 (173.99)
2009 Japan Open-33 (Team)
2009 World Team Trophy113 (Team)
2009 World Championships344 (188.09)
2009 Four Continents Championships613 (176.52)
2009 Japanese National Championships221 (182.45)
2009 Grand Prix Final211 (188.55)
2008 NHK Trophy111 (191.13)
2008 Trophée Eric Bompard222 (167.59)
2008 World Championships221 (185.56)
2008 Four Continents Championships111 (193.25)
2008 Japanese National Championships121 (205.33)
2008 Grand Prix Final612 (191.59)
2007 Trophée Eric Bompard111 (179.80)
2007 Skate Canada311 (177.66)
2007 International Counter Match12 (Team)
2007 Japan Open-41 (Team)
2007 World Championships512 (194.45)
2007 Japanese National Championships111 (211.76)
2007 Grand Prix Final142 (172.52)
2006 NHK Trophy111 (199.52)
2006 Skate America143 (171.23)
2006 Campbell's CupN/A11 (Team)
2006 World Junior Championships222 (153.35)
2006 Japanese National Championships332 (188.10)
2006 Grand Prix Final111 (189.62)
2005 Trophée Eric Bompard111 (182.42)
2005 Cup of China232 (176.60)
2005 World Junior Championships111 (179.24)
2005 Japanese National Championships422 (166.82)
2005 Junior Grand Prix Final111 (172.83)
2005 Japanese Junior National Championships111 (172.13)
2004 Ukrainian Souvenir [JGP]111 (142.99)
2004 Skate Long Beach [JGP]111 (138.02)
2004 Japanese National Championships688
2004 Japanese Junior National Championships444
2003 Japanese National Championships977
2003 Japanese Junior National Championships866

Competitive Programs

2015-2016 Season
SP: Bei Mir Bistu Shein by Sholom Secunda, choreo. by Lori Nichol
LP: Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2015-16 Japanese Nationals SP
2015-16 Japanese Nationals LP

2015-16 Grand Prix Final SP
2015-16 Grand Prix Final LP

2015 Cup of China SP
2015 Cup of China LP

2015 Japan Open LP

2013-2014 Season
SP: Nocturne No.2 Op. 9–2 in E flat major by Frédéric Chopin, choreo. by Lori Nichol
LP: Piano Concerto No. 2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova

2014 World Championships SP
2014 World Championships LP

2014 Olympics LP
2014 Olympics LP Full Screen HD
2104 Olympics LP and Full Last Group of Skaters HD
2014 Olympics Fan Cam LP

2013 Grand Prix Final SP
2013 Grand Prix Final LP

2013 NHK Trophy SP
2013 NHK Trophy LP

2013 Skate America SP
2013 Skate America LP

2012-2013 Season
SP: I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin, choreo. by Lori Nichol
LP: Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova

2013 World Championships SP
2013 World Championships LP

2013 4CCs SP
2013 4CCs LP

2012 Grand Prix Final SP
2012 Grand Prix Final LP

2012 NHK Trophy SP
2012 NHK Trophy LP

2012 Cup of China SP
2012 Cup of China LP

2011-2012 Season
SP: Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova
LP: Liebesträume by Franz Liszt, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2012 World Championships SP
2012 World Championships LP

2012 4CCs SP
2012 4CCs LP

2011 NHK Trophy SP
2011 NHK Trophy LP

2011 Rostelecom SP
2011 Rostelecom LP

2010-2011 Season
SP: Tango (from Agony) by Alfred Schnittke, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova
LP: Liebesträume by Franz Liszt, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2011 Worlds SP
2011 Worlds LP

2011 4CCs SP
2011 4CCs LP

2010 NKH Trophy SP
2010 NHK Trophy LP

2010 Trophee Eric Bompard SP
2010 Trophee Eric Bompard LP

2009-2010 Season
SP:Waltz from Masquerade Suite by Aram Khachaturian, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova
LP: Bells of Moscow by Sergei Rachmaninov, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova

2010 World Championships SP
2010 World Championships LP

2010 Olympics SP
2010 Olympics LP

2010 4CCs SP
2010 4CCs LP

2009 Rostelecom SP
2009 Rostelecom LP

2009 Trophee Eric Bompard SP
2009 Trophee Eric Bompard LP

2008-2009 Season
SP: Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy, choreo. by Lori Nichol
LP: Waltz from Masquerade Suite by Aram Khachaturian, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova

2009 World Team Trophy SP

2009 World Championships SP
2009 World Championships LP

2009 4CCs SP
2009 4CCs LP

2008 Grand Prix Final SP
2008 Grand Prix Final LP

2008 NHK Trophy SP
2008 NHK Trophy LP

2008 Trophee Eric Bompard SP
2008 Trophee Eric Bompard LP

2007-2008 Season
SP: Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra (from Ladies in Lavender) by Jean-Claude Petit, performed by Joshua Bell, choreo. by Tatiana Tarasova
LP: Fantaisie-Impromptu by Frédéric Chopin, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2008 World Championships SP
2008 World Championships LP

2008 4CCs SP
2008 4CCs LP

2008 Nationals SP
2008 Nationals LP

2007 Grand Prix Final SP
2007 Grand Prix Final LP

2007 Trophee Eric Bompard SP
2007 Trophee Eric Bompard LP

2007 Skate Canada SP
2007 Skate Canada LP

2006-2007 Season
SP: Nocturne No.2 Op. 9–2 in E flat major by Frédéric Chopin, choreo. by Lori Nichol
LP: Csárdás by Vittorio Monti, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2007 World Championships SP
2007 World Championships LP

2006 Grand Prix Final SP
2006 Grand Prix Final LP

2006 NHK Trophy SP
2006 NHK Trophy LP

2006 Skate America SP
2006 Skate America LP

2005- 2006 Season
SP: Carmen by Georges Bizet, choreo. by Machiko Yamada, Mihoko Higuchi
LP: The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, choreo. by Lori Nichol

2005 Grand Prix Final SP
2005 Grand Prix Final LP

2005 Trophee Eric Bompard SP
2005 Trophee Eric Bompard LP

2005 Cup of China SP
2005 Cup of China LP

2004-2005 Season
SP: Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen, choreo. by Lea Ann Miller
LP: La Boutique Fantastique by Gioachino Rossini, Ottorino Respighi, choreo. by Lea Ann Miller

2005 Junior Worlds SP
2005 Junior Worlds LP

2004 JGP Final SP
2004 JGP Final LP

Pre-2004-2005 Season (Early Career)

2003 Nationals SP

2002 Nationals LP

Exhibition Programs

Waltz Masquerade
Waltz Masquerade 2
Por Una Cabeza
Por Una Cabeza 2
So Deep Is The Night
So Deep Is the Night 2
Ballade Astana

Articles and Interviews

General Collection of Interviews

November 8 2015 Interview and translation at post #403 here
2014 Post-Sochi Interview
December 2012 Happy New Year from Mao
November 2012 Mao and Hanyu Interview and English Translation
February 2010- Mao Asada Fights Back
March 2009 Interview
June 2008 Interview

Post-Competition Interviews

2015 Post-Cup of China FS Interview
2014 Post-Worlds LP interview
2013 Post-Skate America FS interview
2012 Post-Worlds SP Interview
2011 Post-Rostelecom Cup Interview
2008 Post-Grand Prix Final Interview
2008 Post-Worlds FS Interview
2008 Post-Worlds SP Interview
2007 Post-Grand Prix Final Interview
2006 Post-Skate America Interview
2005 Post-Grand Prix Final Interview
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Aug 16, 2009
Has anyone seen her new Swan Lake video? It's linked to in the relevant thread in The Edge. It's lovely, and she looks as if she's well on her way to a good season.


Gold for the Winter Prince!
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Jan 23, 2004
Thanks for starting the Mao thread. Her Swan is just breathtaking. Her footwork is so airy and light as if she is floating across the ice and
her jumps are so much better. Love it!!!!


Final Flight
Nov 20, 2011
thaanks soo much for starting this thread, I loved her swan program and especially loved how everything is woven together in that program, makes one forget the elements and just enjoy it. the footwork is exquisite, i love how fast it is, and how it interpretion in the choreography fits the music so well.

I can't wait to see Mao's sp i have to say the music choice is really unusual, and different from anything Mao has skated to soo far.

by the way another thing i noticed at JO was that Mao looked much healthier, she looked the same as in 2008 and that was really refreshing to see, after seeing Mao soo thin the last two seasons!


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Dec 29, 2011
Oh boy, why didn't I post here already? I'm such a baaaad fan! Huh, so, maybe someone's interested in a very, very short part of what's probably her new SP and looks a little similar to her Mary Poppins Ex?
It seems her layout is going to be 3F-2Lo, 3Lo and 2A. Given that this is her first outing, I'm really happy about it.

And I'm already in deep, deep love with this SP! If you add the beautiful free skate (which I've already watched like... 6 or 7 times and which looks more and more lovely to me everytime I rewatch it) this might just become a great season for Mao!
Time to get the luck charms out and start praying for her, it would be so amazing to see her back at her full potential :)


Final Flight
Nov 20, 2011
i was also really surprised when i watched the clip, since the steps reminded me of a bit of MP ex, I think Mao looks great in the new clip, I am really excited to see her debut her sp and watch her fs again. hpefully there will be more practice clips that will be posted!

If someone finds any links that will show ladies sp please post it, i really want to see the whole competition live

let`s talk

Match Penalty
Sep 10, 2009
It's Gershwin, some moves are indeed very similar to Poppins (Lori ran out of ideas...?) The SP is super light and optimistic, here you can see almost in full, I don't know why Mao is in her old dreass of 2 years old ...:


Final Flight
Nov 20, 2011


Dec 28, 2009
Just want to update this by saying congrats to Mao on third grand prix final title! :yay:
Aug 16, 2009
I echo that. Especially considering that this was the competition she was called away from last year because of her mother's passing, this victory has resonance. I hope it gives her a sense of peace, and that it strengthens her for the future--and not just for on-ice events.


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Dec 29, 2011
I'm so happy for Mao! She was just lovely out there, and I was so afraid she wouldn't be able to deliver after hearing she was injured and thought about withdrawing. Hopefully she's proud of herself and knows now that she still has it in her. If that's possible at all, I love her even more than before :)


Final Flight
Nov 20, 2011
I really sooo look forward to seeing Mao skate tomorrow, I hope she will have a skate she will be satisfied with, and deliver another treasure for us fans!