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Mark Kondratiuk


Thanks for skating, Lyosha!
Record Breaker
Feb 2, 2019
Lol, it's almost exactly one year ago that I created this fanfest for Mark. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would update the OP one year later to say he is the 2022 Olympic Champion in the team event.
Congrats Mark!!! :yahoo::cheer::points:


On the Ice
Feb 11, 2018
Lol, it's almost exactly one year ago that I created this fanfest for Mark. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would update the OP one year later to say he is the 2022 Olympic Champion in the team event.
Congrats Mark!!! :yahoo::cheer::points:

I love when I see skaters I supported from early on (when maybe no one has heard of them lol) get a glow up like this, so congrats to Mark of course but also @CrazyKittenLady :biggrin:


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Interview with Mark after the individual SP.

Google translation:

Mark Kondratyuk after the rental:

"Who killed Mark (quote from Oksimiron)? Let's talk about it the day after tomorrow. I'm not happy. The performance was not terrible, with mistakes. It's not very good.

There was absolutely no strength last night. I had to look for them in order to get out at all.

How did you endure until the evening? Did I have a choice?

How to morally collect yourself in a personal, when you have already done the main thing at the Olympics? This is no reason to relax. Yesterday we won, but this does not mean that today I can go out and skate badly because of this. Morally difficult? Yes. Internal desolation. Pleasant.

Have you noted? No. I got up at 5 am today. Before that short (in team) I got up at 4. It was easy to fall asleep, because I didn’t think about the fact that we won yesterday. How not to think? I don't know, just take it and don't think. I can't explain it.

Will I go to the awards? I think this is a must. But even if I had a choice, I would certainly go. And I'll go."


Record Breaker
Feb 10, 2018
Mark will be a team captain, Anna will be a rival :)


Alex Fedorov

Nov 12, 2021
Small interview:

– Mark, “The Olympics is…”?

– Positive emotions and unique experience.

- Do you remember when you first thought about participating in the Olympic tournament?

-I definitely didn’t thinked awards shows as a child. I thought about the fact that I could perform at the Olympics in February last year at the First Channel Cup. I took the “bronze” at the Russian Championship in Chelyabinsk as an accident, even a pleasant one. At the team tournament organized by the FFKKR, I saw that I could compete on equal terms with the best Russian figure skaters. I realized that there is a chance to compete for a ticket to Beijing.

-In Oberstdorf, where you defended the third quota for the Russian team, did you have the feeling that you were trying for yourself?

- Rather, I kept in mind that a successful performance increases my chances of performing at the Olympics. In any case, this was the third quota for the Russian team, and not personally for Mark Kondratyuk.

- At a press conference after winning the Russian Championship in St. Petersburg, you said that you do not consider yourself the leader of the national team. Did the “gold” of the European Championship make you feel confident in your abilities?

- At the moment when I stood on the top step of the podium in Tallinn, yes. But you cannot to feel yourself the leader of the team for the old merits. The European Championship has passed, the Olympics has passed - everything starts all over again. We need to prove everything again.

- How did you feel in the role of the one on whom everything depends during the team tournament?

- Everyone supported me: teammates, coaches, heads of the federation and even figure skaters from other countries. I just had to go out and skate. Perhaps that is why he did not feel any transcendental pressure.

- Did no one remind you of the responsibility to the country?

- Not. Our team was very friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed. I realized that everything depends only on me.

- When you turned on the phone, from whom was the first congratulation on the Olympic "gold", and from whom - the most memorable?

-I managed to turn on the phone about an hour after the end of the competition. This device has already become hot, and it is even difficult to remember whose congratulation was the first. The main thing is that all close people wrote to me. It's the most important!

- This season is the first for you at the senior level. How did you feel in the company of Nathan Chen and other figure skating stars during training?

- Before the start of the competition, I was simply amazed by Chen. We were in the same warm-up in the short program and trained together accordingly. One of the training sessions was scheduled for the early morning. I thought that I would go out, calmly skate without any complicated elements. And then Chen comes out and at six in the morning he performs his short program with a quadruple lutz and a flip! He skates clean and easy, like it's the perfect time to practice. When I saw this, I was just ashamed to leave the ice without completing quadruple jumps.

- Did you feel the same way in the company of Yuzuru Hanyu?

- When you find yourself on the same ice with Hanyu and Chen, Shoma Uno and Yuma Kagiyama, you involuntarily want to peep something. And skating on the same ice with Yuzuru was my dream. It came true in Beijing.

- Do you expect that soon one of the skaters will tell about the dream come true to train on ice with Mark Kondratyuk?

-I don’t consider myself an outstanding athlete, and even more so I don’t want to be compared with the great ones. There is still a lot of work to be done to reach the level of Chen and Hanyu.

- In the individual tournament you were not so successful. All forces and emotions were given in team competition?

- I don’t want to look for excuses for unsuccessful performances. Not only at the Olympics, at any competition. Of course, the focus in Beijing was on the team tournament, but that's no reason to take 15th place. Returning to the first question, I repeat: the Olympics are a unique experience. To perform at such a competition four times is a great honor! Albeit with varying degrees of success.

- What impression did the Olympic village make on you?

-I have heard and read a lot of negative reviews. Someone did not like the living conditions and food. I liked everything. In the current difficult conditions, it was impossible to organize better.

-Were there any unusual encounters?

- Communicated mainly with skaters. I haven't seen anyone for a long time, and it was a pleasant meeting. I managed to watch short track and hockey out of the corner of my eye. I followed the competitions in skiing and biathlon a little. There were plans to go somewhere as a fan, but they failed to materialize. Postponed such trips to Milan.

- Did you manage to see something outside the Olympic village?

- A glimpse of the bus window. I really wanted to see what Beijing looks like, and in the early days I sat on the bus on the left, then on the right. Although I had some idea of China. As a child, I came with his parents as a tourist. Now the guys and I have agreed that we will return to Beijing when everything is fine in the world. Let's take a walk and see.

- Did the Olympics give the artist Kondratyuk some kind of impetus for creativity?

- During the competition, me is completely focused on figure skating. Everything else falls into the background. Now, when there is more free time, I have conceived one project. I can’t say that it is completely connected with the Olympics, but this competition could not pass me by.